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Loss of appetite

May 31, 2006

Don’t know what went wrong. My son’s appetite has not been good these few weeks. He has been refusing porridge for breakfast, reduce his milk intake during lunch and sometimes rejecting milk in the night just before his sleep. He also eats less during dinner nowadays.

Today, I cooked mee suah (vermicelli)for him for breakfast for a change. I have followed Lilian’s recipe ( throw in some fishballs. My son finish all that I gave him, but I think he like fishball and egg best as he kept chanting ‘ball’ for fishball and ‘egg’. Phew, one day pass but for tomorrow, I don’t know what to cook for him. Any suggestions anyone?

Actually I have tried giving him Oats the other day. But after a couple of spoonful, he said pau pau (tummy is full). I only prepared 2 spoons of oats, a bit of Milo and added raisins before pouring hot water.

Well, he does like bread but he takes bread during his tea time. If I were to give him bread as breakfast, I am afraid he might get bored of bread and reject it.

Hai….. its sure is tough to be a mother. Pening kepala (headache) thinking what to do with this son of mine. 🙂


Watching too much TV

May 30, 2006

The other day during dinner time, my son did something funny out of expectance which I think he got it from the “idiot box”. He has already mastered feeding himself during dinner. So, all I need to do is to put rice and vege (cut untill small pieces) into his bowl and let him have his spoon. He will then sit and enjoy his dinner with some spillage. Back to to topic. That day, while eating dinner, he pull my shirt (to get my attention) when I was still enjoying my dinner. He has a piece of vege in his mouth. I thought he does not want the vege and I asked him to put in onto my spoon instead. He shakes his head and make some argh..argh sound and keep pulling me closer to his mouth. Then out out sudden, I think I’ve got what he wants……. he wants to share the piece of vege with me but I need to eat it from his month! When I did that, he looked pleased and repeat it with a few more pieces of vege. He seems satisfied!! Now, the question is where did he learn it from? Aha…… remember a show from Astro with Eric Tsang and his gang inviting celebraties to play some games?? I think my son must have watch the show or the shows advertising snippets where celebraties were suppose to pass pieces of seaweed by using their mouth only!

Not only that, sometimes when I accompany him to sleep, he will come give me kissess. There was this day when I with him trying to get him to sleep. Instead of closing his eyes, he came close to me and kiss me on my lips a few times!!! I never kiss him on his lips before and nobody does that to him! He must have seen it on TV!!

I know, I must limit his TV shows but I can’t do anything. The TV in my house are switch on from morning untill night! Our TV was put to good use as it was switch on from morning untill the night. My inlaws are addicted to TV. Life without TV is a nightmare for them. And I do notice that my son is addicted to TV as well. He can concentrate on TV more than anything else! I know, this is a bad sign. I have bought many books for him but he seems to have no interest at all. What can I do?

Greatest Gift and Values

May 29, 2006

Its seems that my son always reward me with his best smiles, plant lots of kisses on my cheek and my growing belly (trying to kiss my baby in my womb) and gives lots of hugs more than any other people that he knew. Not even his daddy can match this much affection that he showered to mommy. I really like his way of showing his appreciation to me. But he does not show that much of affection to other people and he is sure is a very shy kid. Sometimes I wonder when he grows up, will he still show his appreciation as much as he is doing right now. So far, I find this the greatest gift that I mother could receive. Everyday could be Mother’s Day when he just like to smile and kiss me. No amount of money in this world can replace such feelings.

I am also trying to instill in him the feeling of empathy. Although he is still very much a small toddler, I still think that kids nowadays lack of such value. I tell him not to hurt animals, gives lots of love to animals, be compassionate to people or animals that suffer and others. I guess he must have learn something from my lectures….. the other day, my thumb was hurt and bleed. I told him not to hold my thumb and tell him mommy was in pain. He quickly blow my thumb and kiss my thumb as if kissing my pain away. How touched, I was at that time. He did also show such affection when he sees me in pain or what-so-ever. I hope that I can continue to educate him such values. Later, I also would like to educate him on money values so that he can understand that money does not grow on trees. I believe financial education should start at an early stage to instill a prudent practise in the future.

Bak Chang (Dumpling Festival)

May 27, 2006

Yum….Yum….. Today my mother-in-law is making lots of bak chang (dumplings). Its a Chinese tradition which falls on 5th day of the 5th month (Chinese calender). Normally I can eat one or two (if I am hungry) at one go. Most people will only eat one as it consist of glutinous rice which is very filling if consume too much. You can see many people selling bak chang in markets and night markets during this time. Its quite costly too, depending on the ingredient and size.

Hmm…. start drooling……. go get one yourself, yeah!

Sleep Routine

May 23, 2006

Yesterday night, I wanted to take a break from accompanying my son to sleep. So, I casually tell him that tonight daddy will accompany him to sleep. He said ‘ok’. How happy i am! So, i when the time comes, daddy and I went to bedroom with my son. Then daddy took his position by sleeping besides my son. Wah………..mummy, mummy, mummy……………………..! He protested! He quickly gets up and pushed daddy away. He wants me to sleep besides him. I said ‘no’ as I need to pick up all his toys since he did not pick it up. He protested and keep shouting. I went out of bedroom and head dowstairs. Not even few seconds later, hubby was heard asking me to come up. There is no way he could get my son to sleep. Once I was in the bedroom, my son came over to me and pull me to his bed and ask me to sleep with him. Hubby then goes out of the room leaving me with my son. Then the noumal routine starts. I sleep besides him and my arm extended to become his pillow. Before long, he is in slumberland. There goes my plan to watch astro.

But the actual reason is that I wanted my son to stop relying and being so attached to me. I wanted him to be attached to hubby more so that later when second baby comes, hubby can take care of him while I attend to baby. Moreover, during delivery, I will be in hospital for at least a night, so I would not like to see my son unable to sleep without me.

Well, I guess i have to continue with this routine of accompanying my son to sleep and see how it goes. Any suggestions anyone?

Too Hot

May 22, 2006

Nowadays i feel very hot. Not sure if its the weather or its just one of those pregnancy things. I always have this urge to eat ice creams or indulge in cold drinks. Old folks will sure knock my head if they hear what I say here! Hehehe…..

What is worst is that my son is very attached to me. He always want me to carry him. Imagine in this stuffy weather and I had to carry him where ever I go. But sometimes I love to carry him. I like the feeling when his head rest on my shoulder as if I am everything to him! So peaceful feeling……

But, when he goes to sleep at night, he needs me most. Normally I will put him in his bed with his head on his pillow and his bolster will be by his side. I will then accompany him to sleep beside him. But he will definitely get up from this position and sleep besides me. My hand will act as his pillow and before then only he can sleep peacefully. If I were to remove my hand before he goes into deep sleep, then he will grumble and request that I position back my arm for him. Imagine how hot this is. I forget to mention that the room’s fan and air-con are switch on. And yet I can still sweat! Tell me, am I hot!

Visit to Doctor

May 19, 2006

Today I went for my usual checkup with my ob-gynae. He said everything was fine and told me the good news that I do not suffer from Placenta Praevia compared to my first pregnancy. How relief I was when i heard his words!!!!! You see, when I was pregnant with my first born, I was diagnosed with Placenta Praevia and I was so sad and depressed. I did not enjoy my pregnancy at all. So, when I got to know that I was pregnant this time, the first question on my mind when I visit my Ob-gynae is whether I will suffer again. Luckily, this time round, I did not have to worry.

Today I also know the gender of my baby. I’m not going to tell you to heat up the suspense. Hehehehe……. make a guess! Hubby called me just after I had my checkup and the first question was to asked what is the gender! Anxious daddy!

Hmmmm…… how to celebrate this good news? Any ideas anybody?

First Time Blogging

May 17, 2006

Hello, i have just join the latest fad, ie: blogging. Probably it could be boring to whom ever reading my blog. But hey, i am just begining, yeah! 🙂 I will most probably blog about my son and pregnancy. Pretty typical stuff, huh?

Ok, i’ve got a big problem. My son, who is now 20mths old is very attached to me. Its a very serious separation enxiety. He wants me to carry him all the time. I can’t even go to the washroom, eat, shower or do anything at all! He cries for me and only me. Not even his dad can replace me. He cries all day long as i need to do house chores, go to work and etc…… Help…… anybody can help me??