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Reading Habit

June 30, 2006

My son has a very short attention span. I have always wanted him to love reading (like I do) since a very young age. But each time I bring out a book for him, he will not concentrate for long. The most is 1 minute. All he does is to flip the book for few pages and he is done. He will gladly put the book back to the proper place and if he is still interested to flip books again, he will grab another book. He seldom sits down and listens to the story that I tell him. The books that I bought for him are from various shapes and colours from hard cover to soft cover, paper type to clothes type, With music emitting from book to none, with buttons to press to none and etc…….

I really envy some parents with kids that love to read. Their kids are seen to be so engrossed in their story land in most bookstores that I went. I would love to see my son react that way. Each time I bring my son to a bookstore, all he does is run around the shop and touch anything that fancy him.

I have dreams to bring my son to public library as soon as he is old enough. I have even checkout some libraries on their entry age for kids. I just can’t wait for the time where I can bring my son to library. You see, when I was small, I remember my dad used to bring us (my sisters and I) to the National Library to borrow books. I would borrow story books and enjoy those times. My dad would gladly drive us without complain whenever we tell him that we had to go to the library. We have to thank him for what he have done for us.

Now, I wonder if my son will have such enthusiasm on reading as me. I hope he does. Any ideas on how to cultivate good reading habit, anyone?



June 26, 2006

My younger sister in-law just gave birth last week to a boy. Congratulations to her! She already have a girl and this baby boy will complete her family just nice.

My in-laws and I visited her yesterday at her home. Along with us were her daughter (which were cared by my mother in-law, elder sister in-law’s daughter and my son. At first, when the kids saw the baby, they were afraid to touch him. Later, after a warm up session, the kids were very excited and tried to stroke to baby’s hair. I can say the kids are very affectionate lot! Of course they were! They were told that few months back that babies will be joining our family soon!!

Among the three kids, it seems that my son were the most passionate about the baby. He sat beside my sister in-law who is breastfeeding the baby and kept stroking the baby’s hair. He likes baby so much. Even before the visit, when I tell him that my baby is in my tummy, he would always kiss my tummy to show his affection for this little baby who is yet to be born. Its so touching to see this. He would also get his toys and put near my tummy for my baby to play. When I tell him that next time he should share his toys and books with his sibling, he instantly nod his head in agreement. I believe he will love his coming baby to bits! I just could not wait until I deliver to see their bonding!

During the visit, the newborn baby reminds me that babies are so small and fragile. I wonder if I still remember how to take care of a newborn. I am a very clumsy person. I do hope that I can handle my baby well. My mother in-law will cook help me while I am in confinement. She will also bath the baby as I dare not do it. I still remember with my son, it took me so long that I first bath my son. It was also because I was force to as my mother in-law will be going away on a holiday! It was sure scary as my son was so fragile and soft. I was so scared that I dare not put so much water in the bathtub.

This time round, I hope to become a better mother with my past experience. And I want to enjoy it too! The last time, I was too nervous and probably did not do a good job. I vow to myself to be better this time.

Doctor’s visit

June 23, 2006

I am due for my routine pregnancy checkup today. The nurse will normally get a sample of my urine and take my blood pressure and weight. Then only my Gynae will attend to me. He will start by asking how am I doing and proceed to do a scan on my belly. After that, if I have no questions, thats the end of the visit. Normally I have 1 or 2 questions to ask but not many. I know many mothers out there do ask many questions. What do you normally ask?

The consultation fees are not cheap and I think I am not fully utilising it. Probably I am the kiamsiap (stingy in hokkien) type or I was previously an economic graduate in uni the last time that made me think that I am not fully benefiting from the consultation. I just do not know what to ask. Hmmmm…… should start craking my brains to think of questions to ask to benefit myself and baby……..

Baby kicks

June 22, 2006

I am in my 28weeks now. I have started to notice my baby’s kick few weeks back. The feeling is kind of weird. Its so difficult to describe it. But, if you are a mother, you will understand. I always look forward for the kicks. I always wanted to feel its kicks and guess whether the baby is using its hands or legs. Whenever I feel the kicks, I will try to feel my bulging tummy. Sometimes the kicks will stop but sometimes it will continue to kick.

My baby is always wide awake at night when I wanted to sleep. Its the same with my first son who is also active at night. Whenever I toss and turn in bed, my baby will move too. If I wake up at night for my toilet trips, sometimes my baby will move too! My baby will sleep in the mid morning and afternoon where I do not get any kick at all! Hmm…… must be night owl next time. Hehehe……


June 21, 2006

I notice this year is full of wedding celebrations. I have already attended 2 relatives’ wedding celebrations and going to attend to another wedding celebration this weekend. I guess this year is a good year to wed as I heard old folks have said that last year was not a good year to wed, as such many couples have postpone their wedding to this year.

In fact, my own younger sister is getting married end of this year. She is now preparing for her wedding. One of my school mate is also getting married end of this year. My son will be the happiest as he gets to dress smartly and eat lots of food! Well, he likes to eat, just like me but he can’t stay up late as he gets sleepy. Previously we have to leave early before the dinner ends as my son will be grumpy and throws tantrums. This time round, we will try to let him nap later than usual and see if he can endure the whole dinner.

Snow Jelly

June 13, 2006

Today, I will make myself Snow Jelly (suet kap in cantonese). Many pregnant mothers will either take this Snow Jelly or Birds Nest. It is suppose to be good for the baby and the mother. Don’t know how true but just fell like taking it. I took Birds Nest for my first pregnancy but this time around, I would like to take Snow Jelly.

I bought it from my friend whose father opens Chinese Medicine Shop. So, she advised me on how to boil this. She said I should take a very small quantity of the Snow Jelly and soak in water for 4 hours. But I must change the water regularly. According to the instruction from the leaflet, the Snow Jelly will grow 30-40 times the original size. How true it is! Then, after 4 hours of soaking, I may start to boil in crockpot for another 4 hours. She said I can add Red dates and a bit of Rock Sugar for taste. Boy, this is a long process, though.

As of now writing, I am still in the soaking process. Hope it turns out good……. Yummm…yum…..

House Warming

June 12, 2006

Yesterday, my hubby, son and I went to my school mate’s house warming party. She and her future husband bought it and just finish renovating it. When we arrived, there were already many of their friends there chit-chating, eating, drinking and some watching Astro through a Plasma TV. My son were very shy and stayed closed to me when he sees so many people around and moreover he is not familiar with any of them. Then, my hubby went to get him some food and he starts to enjoy himself. Then its my turn to grab some food that were served and feed my son. Boy, did he enjoyed himself eating all the food! Once done, he has warmed up and starts to play in the small room which has one huge Winnie the Pooh and another huge bear which he did not dare to tough when he first came into the room. There were other children there too in the room and it seems my son was not shy now to play together.

I got to meet with my other school mates which was there too. It seems that everybody has got married and produce offspring(s). Well, I guess that I have to admit that I am old, seeing my son growing up and friends who have change from the day we were still in our blue uniform. I sure hope that in 10 years time, I can still keep in touch with friends that I got to know since schooling. Friendship is so precious. I have to admit that since I got married, I did not make efforts to keep in contact with my friends. So, I have lost contact with many of my friends. I hope that I can make more effort to retain friendship.


June 8, 2006

6st of June 2006. My younger sister registered her marriage on this day in Thean Hou Temple in KL. Boy, was it a popular day to get registered! There were more than 240 couples dressed so smartly and beautiful in their best attire for this event. The main hall was full with people and there were definitely not enough chairs for everyone. Many relatives were seen standing outside the hall. Even my son and hubby has no place to sit, so we brought our restless son upstairs to the temple. There, he was more happier as there are not many people were around. We prayed and son was so eager to immitate us and kept saying ‘pai pai’ (pray pray). The temple staff also told us that there is a tortoise pond nearby and suggested we bring our son to visit. My son enjoyed watching all the tortoise swimming and waddling in the pond. We did asked him to pat the tortoise but he is too timid to do so. After taking a few pictures, we left the pond and go back to the main hall.

We was just in time to witness the signing ceremony whereby couple by couple will be called upon to go up the stage with their witnesses to sign the registration cert. My elder sister was the photographer in-charge that day, so she was also up on the stage to snap photos. After signing the certificate, each couple was given a small cake and 2 mugs as gifts.

Then, its all done and all of us went for an early lunch. We went to Pudu to eat Lum Mee. After lunch, hubby was in-charge to bring my son home for his afternoon nap while I tag my sister to her bridal house to try her bridal gown. She tried many outfit and at last found all that she needs. Then they drop me off at Komuter Station so that I can go home.

What a tiring day. But all of us sure had fun.


June 1, 2006

Remember yesterday when I wrote about my son on his eating habbit? Well, today, I prepared him bread as breakfast. First of all, I prepared milk for him and add some Milo powder to make it different. Then, instead of serving it in his usual cup, I pour it onto a normal adult cup and serve it to him with a straw. He saw it as something new and quickly finish the milk.

Next, boil 2 hard boil eggs (to be shared among 2 other kids) and make scrambled eggs. My son was so happy when I told him he is going to have eggs for breakfast. He kept chanting egg…egg… everywhere he goes. When the eggs are done, I add butter, a dash of pepper and very little soy souce and mix togetherin a bowl. Then spread thinly 2 slices of wholemeal bread with butter and then only spread the scrambled egg onto it. Then, add a slice of cheese between the bread and head to the microwave. After a minute, take out the bread and cut the bread into 2 and you will get scrambled egg sandwitch nicely done with melted cheese in it.

Guess what, my son loves it!!!!! He could not put down the bread as I know he could not finish 2 slices of bread with lots of filling and moreover he had milk before hand! At last, he told his daddy that he was full and willingly come down from the high chair with a satisfying smile. Phew…… I am very happy with what I have made for him.

Now, what should I prepare for him for his breakfast tomorow?