6st of June 2006. My younger sister registered her marriage on this day in Thean Hou Temple in KL. Boy, was it a popular day to get registered! There were more than 240 couples dressed so smartly and beautiful in their best attire for this event. The main hall was full with people and there were definitely not enough chairs for everyone. Many relatives were seen standing outside the hall. Even my son and hubby has no place to sit, so we brought our restless son upstairs to the temple. There, he was more happier as there are not many people were around. We prayed and son was so eager to immitate us and kept saying ‘pai pai’ (pray pray). The temple staff also told us that there is a tortoise pond nearby and suggested we bring our son to visit. My son enjoyed watching all the tortoise swimming and waddling in the pond. We did asked him to pat the tortoise but he is too timid to do so. After taking a few pictures, we left the pond and go back to the main hall.

We was just in time to witness the signing ceremony whereby couple by couple will be called upon to go up the stage with their witnesses to sign the registration cert. My elder sister was the photographer in-charge that day, so she was also up on the stage to snap photos. After signing the certificate, each couple was given a small cake and 2 mugs as gifts.

Then, its all done and all of us went for an early lunch. We went to Pudu to eat Lum Mee. After lunch, hubby was in-charge to bring my son home for his afternoon nap while I tag my sister to her bridal house to try her bridal gown. She tried many outfit and at last found all that she needs. Then they drop me off at Komuter Station so that I can go home.

What a tiring day. But all of us sure had fun.


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