My younger sister in-law just gave birth last week to a boy. Congratulations to her! She already have a girl and this baby boy will complete her family just nice.

My in-laws and I visited her yesterday at her home. Along with us were her daughter (which were cared by my mother in-law, elder sister in-law’s daughter and my son. At first, when the kids saw the baby, they were afraid to touch him. Later, after a warm up session, the kids were very excited and tried to stroke to baby’s hair. I can say the kids are very affectionate lot! Of course they were! They were told that few months back that babies will be joining our family soon!!

Among the three kids, it seems that my son were the most passionate about the baby. He sat beside my sister in-law who is breastfeeding the baby and kept stroking the baby’s hair. He likes baby so much. Even before the visit, when I tell him that my baby is in my tummy, he would always kiss my tummy to show his affection for this little baby who is yet to be born. Its so touching to see this. He would also get his toys and put near my tummy for my baby to play. When I tell him that next time he should share his toys and books with his sibling, he instantly nod his head in agreement. I believe he will love his coming baby to bits! I just could not wait until I deliver to see their bonding!

During the visit, the newborn baby reminds me that babies are so small and fragile. I wonder if I still remember how to take care of a newborn. I am a very clumsy person. I do hope that I can handle my baby well. My mother in-law will cook help me while I am in confinement. She will also bath the baby as I dare not do it. I still remember with my son, it took me so long that I first bath my son. It was also because I was force to as my mother in-law will be going away on a holiday! It was sure scary as my son was so fragile and soft. I was so scared that I dare not put so much water in the bathtub.

This time round, I hope to become a better mother with my past experience. And I want to enjoy it too! The last time, I was too nervous and probably did not do a good job. I vow to myself to be better this time.


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