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Sick Again

July 31, 2006

No, not my son, but myself! After I blog the below entry, I was not feeling well. It must have been the noodle breakfast that I took. At first it was a slight discomfort in my tummy and I took it lightly and went to The Mall (Planete Enfant)with hubby to check out the booster seat for my son. But later it turned nasty and I vomited in the washroom. We went straight home after that as I could no longer walk. I tried to sleep and had some porridge for lunch hoping it would subside, but too bad it was not so simple.

After a nap, I vomited again and this time I am not waiting any longer. Got hubby to drive me to clinic to see a doctor. It was raining that afternoon and moreover the clinic is full of patients. I had to wait for 1 hour before I got to see the doctor. What a long and agony wait. At last the doctor gave me Maxilon and ORS which are the only safe medication that I can take. We then quickly go home and I went straight to bed to get some rest. Hubby was very considerate and distracted my son from disturbing me. He was also able to tuck my son to sleep that night!

I was feeling much better the next morning except that I am weak as I did not take much food yesterday. My son was so glad to see me again in the morning. This is the second time in 3 months that I had food poisoning. I hope it will not disturb my baby that I am carrying. I will be more careful next time.



July 29, 2006

My son was down with fever and a bout of vomiting since Wednesday midnight. It started with a slight fever before going to bed and get worsen during midnight. He also vomited during midnight when he was sleeping. We quickly brought him to his pediatrician the next morning. According to his doctor, there are many children who is having the same problem currently. It seems like a bug is spreading.

My son was in no mood these few days. He does not have any appetite at all and did not eat and drink much. He also had loose stools. He clings on to me like a koala bear. I could not do anything at all except carrying him along where I go. Whenever I let him go, he would wail like no body’s business. No chance at all to log on to the net and update my blog.

Today as I blog this, he has gotten better. His fever has subsided but his appetite is still not good. He still have loose stools but I think he has improved a lot. At least he can smile and play compared to few days ago, he was like a zombie with no smile and sulk and cry a lot. I hope he quickly recover as no mother can stand looking at her son sick.

What does those that are close to me want from me

July 26, 2006

I am inspired by a mommy blogger to write this topic. To me, it is a good reminder to myself of what others that are close to me want from me.

My Hubby
– More relax time
He wants me to play more with my son so that he can relax in front of the tv or read the newspaper
– Less nagging
I should nag less and talk more politely instead of like an old grandmother talking. I know sometimes when I remind of certain things that he had forgotten to do or did wrongly, my intonation is not that cheerful and all men don’t like it.
– Me to be happier and more positive in life
I am a negative person and like to keep thing to myself. My mind is full of negative thoughts that sometimes make me an unhappy person. I should think of the bright side more often and make my life happier so that he can be happy too. He said when I am not happy, he isn’t either.

My Son
– More cuddles, hugs and kisses
He likes to be lavished with cuddles, hugs and kisses. He is the affection type of people who love to give and receive cuddles, hugs and kisses. Frankly speaking, I love to lavish him with these gestures.
– Carry him
He like me to carry him all the time. Luckily I am still able to carry him although I am pregnant, or else, he will scream his lungs out if I am not able to carry him.
– Play with him
He likes to play with me and want me to play with him more often. I should pay more attention to him now before my baby arrives. By then, my attention would have to be divided to two adorable kids.
– Sleep with him
He needs me to accompany him to sleep on his bed and does not want his dad to do it. I should not be unhappy with this as later, I am sure he does not want to let his friend know that he sleeps with his mother. In the middle of the night when he finds me on my own bed, he will climb up the bed and snuggle up to me.

My Parents
– Visit them more often and bring my son along
After having my son, my visiting days and hours have lessened. I should go home more often even though for a short period. They like to see and play with my son and they like to pamper him too. So, I should make it a point to bring my son more often to visit his grandparents.
– Be more independent
My dad always tells me to be more independent and don’t just rely on hubby too much. To him, a woman who relies too much on her husband will suffer if anything happens. I have yet to master this and will try my best.

My Parent In-laws
– Be more lenient to my child
To them, I am too strict on my child but I have my own ways to bring up my child.

Now, after writing these down, I think I should put these words into action. I hope I can do it!


July 24, 2006

The Malaysian Mega Sales is back! Many departmental stores and retail outlets are having the great sale starting 22 July up to September’06 to entice consumers like you and me to spend money!!

Frankly speaking, since I am expecting another child, there are some essential items that I must buy. First on my list is a booster chair for my son. Since he is currently using a baby car seat, but I think he will outgrow it sooner or later and the seat would be passed down to my baby. Although he does not really like using the baby car seat, but I think it is important for small children to be properly strapped while in a car. But it is seldom that I see parents in Malaysia that emphasis the important of buckling up a child when they outgrow their infant car seat. Many of them just ignore the safety of their child and let them sit behind the driver without buckling up or with a booster seat.

I understand, the price is so expensive when it comes to these equipments. So, parents might be hesitant to buy and rather drive more carefully when on the road. But accidents do happen, right? Sometimes when we drive, we are careful, but do other drivers are as careful are we are? We don’t know. So, I think I rather be safe than sorry, or else, I might regret it for the rest of my life.

So, Saturday and Sunday, we went shopping for a booster seat. With the Mega Sales, I was hopping that these seats will be offered at a good bargain. But to my dismay, the most that they can offer is 20% off the retail price! Some good and sturdy seat that we saw was way beyond our budget. And with just a 20% discount, we still don’t think we can afford it. But we saw one shop in The Curve was having 50% discount on these seats! I think we will go back to the shop and get the seat. I hope they still have them when we go there again maybe this weekend as the salesgirl said it is while stocks last. 🙂

Buffet Dinner

July 20, 2006

Yesterday night, my hubby and I went out for a buffet dinner at Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur. They are currently running a Malacca Food Promotion and with Citibank Berhad credit card, you will get a 50% discount off your bill.This time, we have decided not to bring my son along as normally with him along, we must eat in a hurry and do not enjoy our meals. It is also can be considered as a treat to enjoy before we get all over again the hectic life of caring for a new baby in 2 months time.

We arrived at the hotel at 7pm and I started to tuck into their starter while hubby went straight to the main menu as he does not fancy starters. The food was good and with a variety of spread. Of course, not everything is Malaccan food as you can still find sushi and fruit fondue on the tables. The service is good and fast. They also had a performance from the hotel staff on Malacca traditional dance while all diners are comfortable tucking in their food.

Both of us agreed that we had a pleasant dinner without having to rush and trying to catch hold of our active toddler. It is such a rare occasion that we decided not to bring him along as usually we include every activity we plan with him. I do treasure these moments together with hubby as we both like to eat and now with kids to take care of, we would hove lesser chance of dating again. But nevertheless, life as a family is another joyous blessing that I received.

Pregnant women gets better treatment

July 19, 2006

I notice that some people tend to treat pregnant women nicer and better. We get better treatment even from our own hubby! Hubby will be extra nice and gentle compared to when we are not pregnant.

I have personally experience these encounters. Whenever I get on a commuter when its pack with people, there are some kind souls who would offer their sit to me. There was this once, I was offered a sit by a teenager who was traveling with her younger siblings. After she offered her sit to me, her sister asked her why she offered her sit and she politely told her that I am pregnant with a baby and I need the sit more than her. I was so touch that at least there are some teenagers still have some good moral values instilled in them. When it the train stopped at my station, they too wanted to get down. Again, the teenager saw I was getting ready to go down and let me get down first. I can only say thank you to her for her kind gestures. Deep down in my heart, I hope that we have more of these people around so that this world will be a better place to live.

There was this once when I wanted to get my lunch from an Indian Restaurant. I wanted their mix rice as their food was good. After selecting different types of dishes to go with my rice, I need to get their staff to calculate how much I need to pay. Then the staff asked me: ‘cukup kah, makan untuk dua orang!’ then I told him its enough for me. He then proceed to give me 4 pieces of papadam to accompany with my rice. How nice of him. Normally you would only get one or 2 pieces of papadam, but today, I got 4! How happy I am!

Wherever I go, people will sometimes come up to me and asked about my tummy. Mothers will share their pregnancy stories and others will ask what the gender of my baby is. Some will take a guess what is the gender by looking at my tummy and outlook. Many will offer some advise what should I take and should not take during pregnancy. When I go to my regular places, staff that knows me will definitely stop what they are working and chat with me.

Hubby will be willingly do anything that I asked him to without much complain. If I were to request for some certain food, he will definitely get it for me. But luckily for me (and him), I do not have special cravings that I need to bother my hubby to get it for me. Mostly he is more concern if I were to go out alone or with my son without him. But most of the time, he is confident enough to let me go out on my own. I know one friend whose husband is so protective of her, that he chauffeurs her wherever she goes and follows her everywhere. Probably it’s because she is pretty.

My pregnancy will end in 2 months time. I will sure miss these kind gestures of Malaysian. After pregnancy, then everything will go back to normal. Facing those ‘rude Malaysian’ and not so nice people who shove each other when trying to get on public transport. I sincerely hope everyone will be nice and polite all the time so that everyone will live happily always.


July 18, 2006

Yesterday evening, hubby wanted to look for a client in a nearby housing estate. There is a park (it was a used mining land) with places for jogging, lotus ponds and a playground for kids. So, my son and I have decided to tag along so that while hubby looks for his client, both of us can spend some time in the playground.

When we arrive at the playground, there are many families there enjoying the evening. Some kids brought along their ball and some brought their bicycle. The rest just play with the at the play area. My son was very excited when he saw a cat nearby. He goes up to the cat and kept saying ‘cat come!’ wanting to play with the cat. I urge him to stroke the cat but he was too afraid to do so and kept asking the cat to come. Later, he saw a dog passed by and again, he said ‘dog come, come!’ but the dog was even more shy than my son and ran away when my son run towards it.

The equipment at the play area is clean and looks new. My son enjoyed himself very much going up and down the slides, swing and others. There is this girl who is around 10 years old who is also playing at the play area while her dad is jogging nearby. She was near my son up in the playhouse and wanted to hold my son’s hand to urge him to play along. But my son was too shy and did not want to follow her and allow her to take his hand to guide him. I think my son need more exposure with playing with other kids. Sometimes, he will initiate to play with others but sometimes he is just plain reluctant. He is a very shy boy and by exposing him to more people his age would help him to be more confident (I hope). I will try to bring him more to public places to let him socialize more.

I rather bring my son to such places like this park rather than shopping malls. Many parents nowadays rather bring their kids to shopping mall as it is all air-conditioned and piped with soothing music. But I don’t really think this is a good activity for kids. Kids need exercise and sweat it out in open air more than confining them in dirty air in a confined mall. But sometimes I am also guilty, as the weather is just so hot and humid that makes every normal human being wanted to be in a shopping mall. 🙂

Train Trip

July 17, 2006

I have introduced my son to various mode of transport and vehicle since he was small. Now, he can identify car, bus, bicycle, motorbike, truck, garbage truck, train, aeroplane, helicopter, boat and etc. Whenever we go out, he can always point out these vehicles. He can even identify and recognize his daddy and the rest of the family’s car.

Yesterday, I wanted to go back to my mom’s house. Normally hubby would drive me there. But today, I have wanted to travel on Komuter to my mom’s house. Luckily there is a station near my house and a station new my mom’s house. Since he always sees train from afar, I think he would have loved this trip.

When he woke up in the morning, I told him of my plan. He got very excited and looked forward for the trip. All I need to do is just to convince my hubby to let me travel while I am heavily pregnant and have to care for my active toddler while trying to find a seat myself on a crowded train whom mostly made up of young people wanted to go to Mid Valley Mega Mall. After much persuasion, he let me go and made me promise if I could not manage it, I should get out at any station and call him.

Soon after our breakfast, I quickly pack some snack and milk to distract my son in the train. Then, once done, hubby drove us to the station. There, I introduce my son to the ticket counter and bought a one way ticket to Kajang. It cost me RM3.70. Then, we waited for about 5 minutes before the train arrived at the station. In the train, there was hardly a seat left as there are my people. Luckily there is young Malay guy who is kind enough to offer his seat to us.

My son was very quiet and observes his surrounding while I explain to him what was going on and what is happening. Well, to some people, there is not much of an excitement, but to a young toddler, it was a new experience as all along, he was used to traveling in cars only. He did not make a fuss nor asked for drinks or snack throughout the journey. As the journey was quite long (40minutes), he got a bit bored too towards the end of the journey.

At last, the train stopped at Kajang station. We got down and he said bye-bye to the train and I promised that I will bring him to another train trip next time. On the overall, it was a breeze and he likes it very much. My dad came and pick us up and we went back to my mom’s home.


July 14, 2006

Yesterday, my hubby and I went to watch the movie ‘Superman Returns’. I guess this will be the last movie I can watch in cinema before my baby arrives. I wonder when will be the next movie I can watch as I think by having two kids is sure a handful unless bringing them along for a movie! But my kids are too small to enter a cinema and they will not stay throughout the movie.

We went to Cathay Cineplex in Mutiara Damansara as it was new and we have yet to experience the atmosphere there. There are four ticket counters in operations but service is kind of slow. Each ticket caused us RM10. I wanted to try their popcorn, so I bought the regular combo which consists of a Regular Popcorn together with a bottle of mineral water, and I add another bottle of mineral water. This cost me RM8.90, which is the same price as the large combo of one Large Popcorn plus 2 bottles of mineral water. Personally speaking, I still prefer the popcorn by GSC as it tastes better.

Frankly speaking, the seats in the cinema hall are small compared to TGV and GSC. As usual, the movie did not start in time although there were no advertisements. The air-condition is just nice, not too humid nor too cold. There are still many seats empty as I guess most of the people had watch this movie and I do notice that most of the patrons came as families with kids.

On the overall, I do enjoy the movie and I do hope that I won’t need to wait too long for my next movie in cinema. 🙂


July 13, 2006

Out of curiosity, I started to grab a pen that day to start counting my son’s vocabulary or in other words, what he has spoken. The reason why I did this is because I think my son is slow in his speech. I can my nephew who is the same age as my son always so chatty with lots of words coming from her mouth. And she can make a very long sentences but my son could not.

So, there I am sitting on my desk and start to write down all words that I have heard before. Wau! To my surprise, I have counted up to more than 100 individual words! All these words are in English and I have yet to include those in Mandarin! I did not know that he knew that many words! Hmmm….. now I am a bit relieve, at least my son is not that slow I guess. Recently he has manage to combine 2 words such as ‘mummy sleep’, ‘daddy eat’ and ‘boy boy hold’.

Probably before this counting, I was a bit paranoid about my son’s development. But I know each child has its own schedule of development. I just could not help it but sometimes I do compare my son with other kids to see how my son fares. I am not putting a high expectation on him as I know it is not good. I was a stress kid myself, so I understand how my son would feel if I were to push him hard. I do not want him to be as stressful as I was when I was a child. I just hope that he can enjoy his childhood let him be whatever he wants.