It is very heart warming to see kids that are unknown to each other play together. I remember once when we were on a trip to Pulau Pangkor few months back, my son was in such situation. We brought him to the beach side to have some water fun and brought along his water toys (spade, bucket, shovel, etc….). After playing for a while, he got bored and walks away and found 3 Malay siblings playing together. My son did not say a word and played along with them. The siblings also did not utter a word and accepted my son to play along with them. All of them just share the toys and since the siblings are older, my son mostly watches and hand over toys to them.

Sometimes when we bring our son to playground during the evenings, you can see the same situation. Kids play together and share the equipments easily make friends. Although they do not talk to each other, but their action shows that they accept new friends without discriminating their race or their age.

But when kids grow up into adulthood, we can see so much discrimination. Some people discriminate the poor, people from another race, disable people and many more. This is a sad fact. I hope I can raise my child to grow up and not to discriminate people. Each individual should be respected and treat with dignity without being discriminated. Then only this world would be a better place to live.


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