Last indulgence before delivery

Yesterday I had a facial which I think will be the last before I deliver. How nice it felt when you get to pamper yourself once in a while especially during pregnancy when hormones run haywire. But sometimes it is so uncomfortable to lay motionless for 3 hours while having the facial. Nonetheless, I still like to go for facials during pregnancy.

After the facial, I went for shopping spree for my newborn. There are still some small necessary items that I have yet to buy. So, it was another ‘feel good’ activity that I enjoy if I have things to buy. Alone and with ample time, I like to browse around for the best bargain to my liking. I was also able to pick some clothes for my son. Shopping is an activity that I like to do it alone. I do not know about others, but shopping with someone else makes me uncomfortable as I do not like to others to wait for me. I rather take my own time choosing what I like without having the guilt of thinking some people are bored of waiting for me. My hubby is the type that does not mind accompanying me for shopping. But it is me that do not encourage him to shop with me unless my son tags along. Before having my son, I used to shop alone and spare him the agony. If I do not have anything to buy, I don’t usually go window shopping nowadays, I think is so tiring and a waste of time. I would rather stay at home and play with my son.

I think most mothers would agree that having facial and shopping are stress relievers and are activities that everyone enjoy not only for pregnant mothers. Once the baby is born, there are so many other things to do before considering facial and shopping and most of the time, we have to get someone to look after the baby while we indulge in pampering our self. Don’t you agree?


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