Last trimester of pregnancy

As I am now in my 8th month of my pregnancy, my movements have been slower and slower. My tummy is so big and bulging that I had to always cover it with my hands when my son come running to me. If not, sure he will hit my tummy first with me shouting Ouch!

Sleeping is a problem to me. At night, I could not sleep comfortably. One, it’s because of the pregnancy thingy when my tummy is so big, it is so difficult to fall asleep. Whenever I sleep, I find that my stomach juice likes to come up to my mouth and I just feel nausea. So, I had to sit up quickly. Sleeping too long on my left side (as advised by many people), will leave me so achy all over. So, sometimes I turn to my right and sleep on my back. But I feel so guilty so I have to quickly switch back to sleeping on my left. The weather nowadays is also so hot and warm that makes me sweat whenever I sleep. I have already turned on the air-con and fan to cool the room but I still sweat.

Secondly, my son always calls me when he sleeps. I don’t know if he is dreaming but he always say ‘mommy lai, lai (mommy come, come) in his sleep. If I ignore him, he will even cry louder. So I had to go to his bed lie down besides him. He will then touches and smell me without opening his eyes. If he is confirms it’s me that is beside him, then he will go back to sleep, but if finds out that it is his dad, he will wail as loud as possible to get me to sleep with him. He does this a few times a night.

My hospital beg is 80% ready with few more items that I have yet to buy. By this weekend, I think I can complete packing and but it into my hubby’s car. Better pack early than late as I am a very careless person.

Doctor’s visit has been more frequent with a consultation once every 2 weeks. So far, doctor said everything should be going smoothly and a normal delivery can be anticipated. I hope everything will go fine.


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