Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was a day to remember for my son. My MIL has decided to celebrate his Chinese birthday earlier by a few days as it also coincides on a Sunday whereby everyone is at home. Although it is just a small affair with only our family members were present, it made the birthday boy a happy one.

The Sunday started as usual where the whole family goes for breakfast. After breakfast, all went home and relax. Later, my son takes his usual afternoon nap while the rest of the family goes out shopping for his birthday present. Hubby then goes out to Taman Megah in PJ just to buy a Chocolate Cake from La Manila and got a bucket of KFC before heading home. My son woke up as his father comes home as if he knew his daddy is bringing back goodies for him. Moreover, the rest of the family members are also back from their shopping spree.

When he woke up, I told him that today it is his birthday and he will be getting lots of surprises and gets to blow up candles on a big birthday cake. I can see his eyes are sparkling with excitement unlike his usual daze look after waking up. Quickly MIL gave him a new shirt and pants to put on. Then, everyone started to help out to prepare the celebration: put out the table, bring out the cake and KFC, snap pictures of the cake and children, presents came from everyone (MIL, SILs, nephews ,nieces and of course daddy and mommy). Balloons are blown up and party hats are distributed among the kids to liven the atmosphere and birthday song is sung to the birthday boy while everyone is clapping their hand. The birthday boy is sure a happy boy!

After the song, candles are blown and cake cutting ceremony takes center stage. The birthday boy had the honour to do the cutting and I think he felt proud and a sense of achievement of getting to cut the cake. His face was beaming with proudness. Then all the kids (3 of them) got to eat their KFC drumstick which is their favourite during such occasion while adults also indulge in their KFC too. After the chicken meal, paper plates area distributed to enjoy the cake. Mmmm………. Yum, yum, the cake was good. Birthday boy was enjoying the cake by helping himself to the cake.

After having a satisfying meal, its time for presents! His ‘che-che’ (SIL’s daughter) was the one who took charge of ripping off the presents on behalf of the birthday boy. Although his mother disapproves, she happily tore away the wrappers as if it is her birthday. Among the birthday presents are 2 toy cars, a book, a ABC and 123 puzzle, Mega Blocks and Thomas and Friends train set. The kids then started to play with the new toys as soon it is out of the box.

That’s how the whole party is and it ended with adults cleaning up while the kids have fun with the toys. How nice it is to be a child. They can have all the fun and no worries. Birthdays are celebrated by so many people with presents and food. Now, how I wish I can be a child again…….. 🙂


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