I will cherish my son more

Yesterday, we brought our son to see his doctor as he has been coughing for the past one week and it has gotten from bad to worse. As usual, we have to wait for at least 1 hour as there are many patients. Daddy helped to supervise my son while I read magazine to pass time.

Then it was my son’s turn to go into the doctor’s room. This time round, luckily he did not cry as he used to cry each time the doctor check his chest and body. But his face was sulking away as if he does not like what the doctor is doing to him. After completing her check, she asked hubby to play with my son on the bed while she chat with me a while as there are not many patients left outside. She asked where I will be delivering and hopes that I will breastfeed my next child which I definitely will. She is one strong factor that makes me determine to breastfeed my son in the first place. Without her, I don’t think I could manage to breastfeed my son for 17 months.

Then I told her that my son is very attached to me. I was hoping that I could get some advice on how to deal with my son. She told me that this is very normal as he was a breastfed baby and the bonding that we share kept us close together. At this time, it really snapped me in my brain why I was asking such a stupid question! I should cherish this relationship instead of complaining! When my son gets older, I am sure he will not want to be seen snuggling up to his mommy always!. I think I should appreciate my son more and enjoy his closeness with me. I promise myself that I will give him more hugs and kisses and time to him. I think I complained because there are so many people around me that think this attitude of my son is bad. He clings on to me although my MIL spends more time with him than me during the day. Many people were wondering why he behaves this way and blames negatively on breastfeeding but they did not know that this is a very special bond that is positive instead of negative.

Now, from today onwards, I will have a daily mantra of ‘cherish your son’ in my head to remind me that my son is growing up fast. If I don’t cherish these moments, he will slowly drift apart from me and I will regret it for the rest of my life.


One Response to “I will cherish my son more”

  1. Kate Kan Says:

    Hi, great to have found your blogs which are interesting to me! How’s your baby boy and is the second one born?

    Just to introduce myself, I’m a mother of a 1-year old boy and I was about to begin blogging on having post-natal depression. Yeah, sad to tell you that I’m having some symptoms and am dealing with it since my baby was born more than a year ago. I’m not staying with my baby. We only pick him up from my MIL every Friday and send him back Sunday nights. I guess this is one of the reasons I’m still feeling depressed even though I look happy to everyone most of the time. Well, I wonder by talking it out to a stranger would ever cure the depression coz I had been talking verbally to friends and family but they could not seem to help much. Awaiting your reply before I go on and on….also need to learn from you on techniques in bringing-up children.

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