Numbers…..numbers, 123

Recently I have started to introduce numbers to my son. Whenever we go up the stairs, I count the steps; when we have few objects such as toys in our hand, I count to him; during bath time, I count how many bubbles we have and so on…… At first, when he hears me count, he does not reply nor have any reaction. Lately, he knows the number 2 as he has 2 bubbles on both his hands and I taught him he is 2 years old.

These few days, I have heard him mumbling something new that I have not heard before. I tried to listen more carefully as I need to understand what he said. The more I listen, the clearer it becomes! He has started to count! He can count up to 10 although all the numbers are not in sequence. Sometimes he counts the even numbers and sometimes he counts from one but skips a few numbers in between.

I think besides me that introduce these numbers, it was also partly due to the CDs that he watch during the day. He watches a lot of CDs during the day as he has nothing to do and MIL is occupied. I realized he is a TV addict as he likes to watch TV a lot. Surprisingly he likes adult movies rather than children CDs. That is why, after dinner, I usually bring him up to our room to avoid the TV and try to spend more quality time with him.

Back to numbers, I have also bought him books on numbers but he has yet to find the correlation between written numbers and spoken numbers. I point to him this is number 1 or 2 or 3 but he has no interest. But if I were to count to him from 1 to 10, he likes to follow me. I think it is just a matter of time he will learn all these and how to truly count.


3 Responses to “Numbers…..numbers, 123”

  1. Contented Mum Says:

    I teach Qi ning the number song. she can recite 1 to 10 but can’t associate it with the written no yet! Soon your son will be able to recite, little one learn so fast!

  2. cookie Says:

    Yeah, you are right, kids nowadays learn so fast! i can still remember i could not count and recite ABC even when i was in kindergarten! hahaha…. 🙂

  3. yatie'scorner Says:

    sound so cute,
    my son also can count 1 to 10,
    sometimes in sequel when he counting his toys ,

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