Approaches parent made when it comes to a sick child

Whenever my son is sick, I would tend to bring him to see a doctor immediately. The reason? Definitely to cure his ailment and also not to spread to other children at home. I thought this is the reaction each parents will take when they face this problem. But recently I found out that other parents have different approaches than what I practice.

I know of one parent that would bring her kid to see a doctor. That’s good, right? But the funny thing is that after visiting the doctor and gets the necessary medicine, she does not feed her child the medicine! My question is why in the world would you visit the doctor and later don’t feed your child the medicine? Then, when the ailment does not go away after a few days, she sees the doctor again. And again, the medicine is not taken. Later, if the ailment still persists, she change doctor and again the medicine is not taken! doctor is the point? After such action and her child is not cured, she will resort to give her child some traditional medicine. I really do not understand what is the rational behind such action.

There is another couple who strongly believe in organic food. They mostly try to consume more organic food including vegetables, rice, fruits and daily supplements. Whenever their child is sick, they will not go to see a doctor. Their reason? Human body will build a defense system and fight the disease on its own and should not rely on medicine to cure. So, whenever their child is sick, they will not bring their child to see a doctor and let it be. The parent will then give some organic supplements to the child to fend off their child’s problem. Is this approach right? If it is, why do so many people is taking up medicine course? Do you know, sometimes a simple cough and cold could spread to other children that are playing with the child? I think this couple is very selfish.

Why on earth these parents practice such methods? Aren’t doctors trained to help sick people? They are the professional in this area right? I do not know about these parents. But when it comes to my child, I would want the best for them. That is why I find a good doctor and trust her when she prescribes medicine for my child. What do you think?


2 Responses to “Approaches parent made when it comes to a sick child”

  1. mumsgather Says:

    Usually I do not bring to the doctor right away. First I will monitor especially if its a fever to make sure its not too high. Sometimes its just a cold and the child gets well pretty quickly without medication but if I see their discomfort increasing then I will take them to the doctor to make them feel better and nip it in the bud like you say before it passes on to others. Also, I always keep extra fever medicine from my doctor in the fridge and won’t give my child antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

  2. cookie Says:

    Yeah MG, that is what normally a parent would do. I also keep extra fever medicine as doctor said it could be kept in the fridge for 6 months. I am just curious if other parents have other approaches when their child is sick.

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