Moon cake festival

Moon cake festival will fall on early October this year. But if you frequent shopping complexes, you can see various restaurant and bakeries have started to set up promotional booths selling moon cakes few weeks back.

I remember when I was small, moon cakes are very cheap and they don’t come in many varieties to choose from. But nowadays, the price of just one piece of moon cake could cost you RM10.00 for those special types and new flavour! The normal ones like red bean paste will cost you at least RM5.00. Isn’t that expensive? Some who prefers the double yolk will have to pay double the price which is approximately RM10.00! Well, at least for comfort, we know that these companies are coming up with new ideas to sell these moon cake with adding more varieties. Now, you can easily find flovours such as chocolate, tiramisu, strawberries, yam, pineapple, berries, cheese and many more. The prices of these new flavours do not come cheap!

I like to eat moon cake although sometimes I find it too sweet. My mom knows how to make jelly moon cake which is quite different from the normal conventional type. This year again, I will not be able to celebrate the moon cake festival as I will be under confinement (did not celebrate 2 years ago as I was also under confinement). Too bad…… how I wish I can eat as much as I can as usually my MIL will prepare a feast during that day. And after dinner, family members will gather and eat moon cakes, fruits and some snacks on our porch. Children will get to play with lanterns and adults will help to light up some candles.

Since moon cakes are sold abundantly now, I think I will grab some and stuff myself now before I deliver. At least it will satisfy my disappointment latter and my baby in my tummy can taste it too! Happy Moon Cake Festival to everyone! 🙂


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