These days, the sky looks gloomy. Sometimes, i thought it was going to rain, but it never did. Tall buildings sometimes dissapear or look so blur.

My sister-in-law advised us that don’t bring our children to the park due to haze. She says let them stay indoor would be better. Better be safe than sorry. I bet clinics are reporting higher cases of asthma and breathing problem kids. Since now it is also the school holiday, i bet many kids tend to go to their nearby playground and park for some good fun. Unfortunately this is not a good activity for this holiday.

I wonder why we Malaysians always have haze problem. Everyone should do their part in not practising open burning. Plantation owners should not take the easy way out to burn those crops. It is worse when the weather is hot and humid and the wind bring on those dirty air. All these leads to global warming and affects our lovely earth. Why no body cares?

Since all of us are sharing the earth and most of us have young offspring, i think we all should have some responsibility in keeping our earth healthy.


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