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Separation Anxiety

May 29, 2007

Recently, after the episod of a piece of plastic stuck in his throat, my baby have became very clingy to me. And I do mean Very Clingy. I can’t be apart from him at all, not even a step away from him.

Going to the washroom, washing his nappy, preparing his porridge are nightmares! He will wail and cry as if I am gone forever! By standing up and walk a step away from him is so difficult! Even his brother could not pacify him. No toys or anything will get his attention and stop crying. Whenever I gives him a toy, he will grab me as if he knows that I will leave him and the toy is to compensate for my loss.

Everyday he cries for so many times for this matter until that I lost count. That is why I could not even log on to the net and post blog. Now, he is asleep and I had just finish my lunch. Any ideas how can I help him?


Acting Weird (Part II)

May 18, 2007

Yesterday, ZD vomitted a few times. It comes with a tiny drop of blood. I am so worried. I continued to offer him my breast and lots of water. I guessed that his blood was due to too much crying and a sore throat.

In the afternoon, as usual I will prepare him porridge. Today’s porridge is with carrot, broccoli and a pinch of anchovies powder. While eating, he vomitted. To my surprise, there was a sheet of clear hard plastic that came out! Now that explains all the weird actions that happenned today and yesterday!

No wonder he was crying and fussing! He must have got hold of that plastic sheet and place it in his mouth. The sheet is too big to be swollowed, so it was stucked in his throat. That is the cause of the blood as it bruised his easophagus. He tried to vommit it out a few times but unsuccessful until the last try.

Now, I am so relieved……… No more crying and fussing. He finished the bowl of porridge and later continue nursing as usual until today.

Next time, I must be more careful and make sure that the floor is clear of such things. Its so dangerous.


May 17, 2007

Yesterday, my baby ZD had his milk feed at 6pm. At around 8.30pm, he was sleepy and I quickly changed him into pajamas and brought him to our bedroom. He started to cry and wail and does not want to nurse. I have tried many ideas to coaz him to nurse, but he refuse to. At last, he cried himself to sleep. I am at lost to what had happenned.

Later at 10.30pm when i brought ZM to sleep. ZD is still sound asleep. After ZM has sleep, I tried to wake ZD up for a feed. Again he wail and cried the same way as if he is so pitiful! He still refuse a feed! I am so stressed up as he has never been like this before. I called hubby as he was still not home yet to tell him. He suggested to let him sleep and wake up himself to feed.

So, at around 12.30am, ZD cried and I was so happy and quickly i grab him up to nurse. Again, he was wailing and crying and reject my intention to feed him! What hapenned to him? I gave him some oilment just in case he has a tummyache and I also checked his temperature. No fever though.

Hubby came back and I told him what happened. Baby is still crying and daddy carried him. He stopped crying and smiled. What a relieved. I have not seen him smile for the last few hours. I told hubby to carry him for a while as I need to expressed my milk. Half way expressing, hubby suggested me to feed ZD. So, I tried to persuade him to nurse. At last, he did nurse a little while! Yippie, how happy I was! At least, he nurse although just a little. After nursing, I still have to express as there are still milk in my breast.

ZD still does not want to sleep. He cried a little and fussing around. Hubby is tired so he went to sleep. I had to entertain this fussing baby until around 3am, he slept while I carried him. Slowly, I put him back to his cot.

He did woke up once in the night, but he does not want a feed. He cried and fall back to sleep himself. Later at around 6.30am, he woke up again and cried. I tried to nurse him, but he rejected me again. I quickly brought him downstairs and prepare cereal for him. He eats his cereal while crying. After his meal, he seems happy although still a cry baby.

During the day, he act so weird. He stuck to me where ever I go. If I leave him, he will wail so loudly as if I am leaving him forever. When I call ZM in a louder tone, he is so afraid and scared! He follows me whereever I go. If I were to give him a toy, he will look at me as if I am going somewhere and gave him a toy to occupy him.What had happened! He rejects a feed again now.

I still do not know what happend to him. I am at lost. He is taking a nap now. I hope he gets better after this nap.

Best of Friends

May 15, 2007

My younger son, ZD is currently 8months plus whiles my elder son, ZM is going to be 3 years old in a few months time. Since ZD were still in my tummy, ZM have shown his tender loving care for his little brother. He likes to place toys and books on my tummy for his brother and kisses my tummy every night.

Since ZD is born, ZM likes to help me to burp him after his feed, takes nappies, cream, towel and handkerchief. Each time after a bath, he will automatically switch off the fan for me as I told him before his brother could catch a cold from the wind from the fan. ZM likes to stroke his brother’s head as a gesture of love. Whenever I need to use the washroom, I will not hesitate to leave ZD alone with ZM without any worries. He will sing some songs and distract his brother as ZD does not like to see me away from him. Now, when ZD is creeping all around, ZM holds on his brother’s hand so that he does not go towards the washroom.

In my bedroom, both of them like to play hide and seek. ZM will hide and call out ‘baby, baby where are you?’ and ZD will start to look around for his brother. When ZM pops up, ZD will scream in delight to see his brother and both of them will start to laugh happily.

Sometimes when ZM is taking his nap, ZD will disturb him and wake him up. ZM never once got angry although he will get angry if other one wakes him up before he gets enough sleep.

I am so blessed to see them having such a good relationship. I do hope that this relationship will last forever as no mothers like to see a fighting sibling. I also hope that when ZD grows up, he will emulate his brother to have such loving and care attitude.

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all mothers in this world!

Holiday at Port Dickson (Part II)

May 12, 2007

Baby was the first to wake up, followed by me, elder son and soon dad follows. After brushing our teeth, I fed baby oats for his breakfast. We then head out for our breakfast at PD town for some noodles.

After breakfast, we went to the ostrich farm which is not too far away. We were among those early birds as there were not many visitors then. At the entrance, we also bought some ostrich feed and some goat feed. My elder son was so eager to feed the goat with some grasses that we have bought. At first he was scared, but after watching me feeding, he was eager to try himself. We also saw a young horse grazing around. There are many ostriches around but are confined in different areas. When we first saw a group of ostriches, we tried to feed them. But according to some visitors before us who are still there, those ostriches will grab your feed voraciously. So, daddy tried to feed those ostriches as I was scared too. True enough, those ostriches grab the whole bowl of feed as if they have not eaten for 10 days! Scary indeed as those ostriches are so big in size! Gone are the RM2 per bowl of feed. Then as we go along, we saw a signboard saying ‘Feeding Zone’. So now we now that this is the area which we can feed ostriches, and not those before which might be wild ostriches which have not been tamed. Wasted our money, I should say.

There is also an area which has an ostrich egg where visitors are encourage stepping on it. Ostrich eggs shells are so hard that could withstand a human being on top of it. As today is Monday, there are no ostrich race to be carried along. Do you know how big an adult ostrich’s brain is? As big as our thumb! We also saw few monkeys around and at that time too, there is a monkey show about to begin. A 6 year old monkey called Abu was introduced to us. According to his trainer, his favourite food is…….. banana of course! But he likes sweets too. He showed us how fast he can climb up a coconut tree to pluck coconuts. After that, visitors are allowed to take photos with him.

Besides all those animals, we also saw rabbits (my son also feed them with rabbit pellets), crocodiles, peacock, turkey, parrot and iguana. Soon, it time to leave. My son was so sad to leave as he likes to see all those animals but it’s getting hotter and we have finish visiting the farm.

We wanted to visit the Mini Zoo nearby but as we approached it, we realized that the zoo is really ‘mini’ indeed. Those animals in the zoo are almost similar to the ostrich farm except for some few animals. So we decided not to go in and went back to our hotel. Baby takes a nap while hubby brought son to fly kite and to the beach to play. Once baby wakes up, we go out for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Afternoon was the time for each of us to laze around. More horse riding for my son, kite flying, snap photos, playing by the beach and a trip around PD. I had wanted to go for a spa but too bad, the time that I wanted was booked by someone else.

Soon, its time for dinner and we ate crabs again at another restaurant and it taste much better this time according to hubby. We showered and rested before going to sleep. The next day, its time for us to head home. We packed and check out after eating breakfast. There was so many cars heading to PD now and we were lucky that we came 2 days ahead as today is Wesak Day.

Along the way, we bought the famous Seremban Siew Pow to bring back home. Kids were sleeping in the car again and it was easy driving too. Overall, it was a good trip as everyone is happy and I do look forward for out next family trip.





Holiday at Port Dickson (Part I)

May 12, 2007

We went for a holiday at Port Dickson (PD) during the Wesak Day and Labour Day stretch.  We drove from our house at 1pm on Sunday 29th April 2007. It was a short drive from KL to PD and both my sons are asleep in the car on the journey. So, it was a nice and easy drive without having to entertain my restless sons. We did stop at a petrol station to get ourself some ice creams as the weather was so hot, but thats about it and we arrive there pretty quickly too.

Hubby suggested not too book any accomodations beforehand and I was abit worried. As it was a long holiday, I do wonder if there are any places to stay. But my worries are not founded as we found a nice place to stay right after we arrive there. We were searching for a good place where we saw some horses resting under some shades in front of a hotel. I instantly told my hubby to drive in and check if there are any rooms for tonight as I know my elder son will be delighted to ride on them. So, hubby drove in and I went to the reception to enquire. There were many people gathered at the reception area and all because that Shell is having a Family Day there too. Lucky us that there are still rooms for us and I quickly book ourself in.

Then I quickygo back to our car and wake my elder son and told him of the good news. Once he open his eyes, he saw those horses grazing around, he was so delighted and happy! He quickly requested us to park out car and go straight to the horses. We told him to be patient as we need to unload all our stuffs into our rooms before heading to the horses.

After unloading, we went straight to the area where those horses are resting. He chose a medium size horse and the caretaker took him on a ride as hubby accompanied him. I was with baby hanging out there and chatting with other caretakers and found out that those horses are brought from Malacca for this long holiday. This young caretaker was so kind enough to help me take photos of me and my baby with their horses. He voluntered to snap more photos if those that he had taken are not up to my expectations. When my elder son was back, he help us snap more photos.

After that, we went to explore the hotel. They have swiming pool, playground, kids room, spa (Balines concept), and a back gate to the beach. We took some photos here and there and later head to the beach. Many people are there and playing happily. After a while, I told hubby that baby needs his nap. So, I went back to our room and hubby brought our elder son for a walk and bought a kite to fly.

After a nap, all of us heads out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. Hubby read in a blog somewhere that this particular restaurant serves good crab. So, we ordered buttered crab, vege, beancurd and some chicken. It turn out that the crab was not as good as we expected. Too bad, but the price was cheap, RM38 only.

We then heads back to our hotel as it was around 8pm already. I quickly shower both my sons and get ready baby in his pajamas.


May 10, 2007

In the year 2003 on this day, I were married to my hubby in the accordance of chinese tradition. It was a joyious occasion. I am very lucky indeed to have been married to my hubby. These few years have been very wonderful although we have our differences. Frankly speaking, we don’t usually fight. He listen to me well. Most of the time, it is me that is complaining. He tries to solve the problem for a good ending.

He is a good husband. But he is not the romantic type. No surprises, gift or flowers. But he cares for me and kids so much. You can see it as he protects us well. He does not speak much. So at home, most of the time you can hear me yelling at out kids.

Nope, nothing plan tonight. Budget is tight. I would like to have a candle light dinner with him alone, but this is not possible as my little boys would not allow it. But I have sent his an e-card which I hope he sees it as sometimes, he deletes his emails without looking at them and pass them off as spam.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dear! May both of us have many happy years ahead!! 🙂 

My kids are sick

May 8, 2007

I am bored and sad. My kids are always sick. My elder son has been coughing for a very long time and I really mean looooong time. I think its already more than 6months already. His immune system is so weak. He gets cough very easily. Once his cough has stopped, it will start again in a weeks time. I have been to his doctor for so many times…… Even the nurses there recognise him so well!

My baby is currently coughing too.  Its so worrying when you hear them coughing so badly during their sleep. Its waking him up. I can’t do much except to breastfeed him back to sleep and get him to down his medicine during the day (although he hates it so much)! How I wish I have the magic wand and just wish their sickness away! Sigh……..

I dread to think what will happen to my son when they gets to kindy. As now he is yet to enter one, he is always that sick. What will happen when he really enters one next year? Headache……..


May 7, 2007

In January’07, I have entered a contest in Mother & Baby Magazine which I bought from a newstand. I have forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when someone call me from Gymboree.

The contest was jointly organised by Mother & Baby magazine and Gymboree. The prizes for the winners are ‘scholarship’ to Gymboree classes. When the staff from Gymboree called, I was wondering what was it all about until she reminded me of my entry.

Frankly speaking, deep in my heart I have always wanted to send my kids to Gymboree as it seems so fun. If I were to be in Bangsar Village, I will definitely peek into the glass door to envy those kids that are enjoying themself so much. So, when I saw the contest, I quickly entered myself but I don’t put much hope in winning.

I am so delighted to hear that I am among the lucky winners of this scholarship. This scholarship enables a child of mine to participate in 4 classes of Gymboree lessons. I have decided to let my baby try it out although initially I have entered using my elder son’s name.

Yesterday was the first lesson that we (mothers are supposed to join in) attended. Mothers are required to wear socks (for hygiene purpose) and my baby was required to wear an attire that would expose his knees (easier movement). There are 5 other babies with their parent(s) besides us. I can see everyone were excited and looked forward for the lessons.

The facilitator were friendly and with smiles. Babies were encouraged to explore balls, bubbles, gym equipments, clown and etc. Songs and games were played throughout the session which were 45minutes long. I can see that all the babies with their parent(s) enjoyed it very much.

After the session, my baby fall asleep in the car so easily as he was tired from all the fun. I do look forward for the next class. 🙂

New Home

May 7, 2007

Welcome everyone!!!!

Finally I have made my way to my new home. I have wanted to shift to a new home (wordpress) for some time already but somehow, there are so many things that comes in the way.

At last, here I am, hopefully happier than in my old home. 🙂