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ZD’s birthday

August 18, 2007

Yesterday 17 August 2007 was ZD’s Chinese birthday. My MIL usually celebrates birthdays according to the Chinese calendar. So, it was a celebration to my baby as he has now reached 1 year old.

As usual, for all birthday celebrations, we had KFC (must have lots of Original Recipe drumstick for the kids), cake and red eggs. I do wonder why there could not be anything else as each time a child celebrate a birthday, these food are a must. Yesterday, we also have strawberries and MIL cooked some noodles too.

Each kid(ZM and ZD’s nephew and nieces) was given a party hat each to live up the occasion. No balloons this time as yesterday was a working day and no one to blow them. Once we bought all those goodies (food) home, all kids were nicely dressed and eager to attack the KFC.

Once all food are arranged on a small table, all the kids eyes were focus on the big chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe. Some photos were taken and a birthday song was sung. Then ZD blew the candle on the cake with daddy’s help. After blowing, daddy also helps ZD to cut the cake. After cutting the cake, the kids help themselves with those yummy chicken drumsticks that were displayed on the table. Kids and adults have fun eating those food laid out for them.

I gave ZD a drumstick to eat. His reaction to drumstick is the same as ZM when he had his 1st birthday too. At first, he does not know what to do with eat. But when I said ‘mumm..mummm (food)’, he then promptly put the chicken to his mouth. Normally we eat the fleshy part, but he eats the top (bony) area, but he is cleverer then ZM as later, he manage to bite the fleshy part too. Then I took one red egg and halve it. I gave half to ZM and took the other half’s egg yolk for ZD as ZD needs to be introduced to eggs before his MMR jab due in 2 weeks time.

After everyone has enjoyed themselves with those foods, kids are eager to unwrap those presents that where meant for ZD. It was supposed to be ZD’s presents but other kids were more excited than ZD to see what toys are under those nice wrapping paper. All kids help to unwrap all the presents. ZD got a toy drum from mummy and daddy, a puzzle block, a shape sorter and also an alphabetical caterpillar. All the kids were happy playing with those toys for a while before adults call it a day.

I then bath my sons and get them ready to sleep. ZD must be very tired after the celebration as I notice he did not wake up that often that night. Lucky day for me as usually he wakes up very frequent at night and I need to nurse him back to sleep.

Happy birthday ZD! May you have a happy and healthy days ahead of you! J


Non fussy eater

August 14, 2007

I believe all mothers will be very happy if their kids would finish their home made meals with a happy face. I am one of them. Most mothers like to cook for the kids as home made meals are more nutritious and fewer additives added.

I am a person who practically eats anything so I am not a fussy eater. My mom brought us up to eat anything that we are served. She said if we are not choosy, we can easily adapt to new food culture where ever we go. Moreover, she is a good cook. She can easily cook anything from main meals to cookies, bake cakes, make pastries, bun, pie and all lots of delicacies. So, we as children, we eat everything that she whip up.

 I for myself, seldom go into the kitchen as she is such a good cook. So, now I am a mother myself, I am in deep trouble. I don’t know how to cook! This is so bad and embarrassing. Luckily my mother-in-law cooks, or else, everyday need to tapau (take away).

Although I don’t cook, but each day I will cook porridge for ZD. I try to put a variety of vegetables and ingredient for him. One is for the nutritious value and another point is to get him to taste different types of food. I don’t want him to be a fussy eater. So far he is alright. He eats whatever I put into his porridge. Luckily for me, ZM is also not a fussy eater. He eats whatever I put into his bowl or plate except for some certain moody days which he can reject certain food which he usually takes.

Today for lunch, I have decided to cook a pot of ‘all in one’ soup. I found this simple recipe from the net. Sorry, but I have forgotten where I got it from, or else I can do a link and credit the author. So, I got my hubby to drive me to the nearby market to get a chicken drumstick. Once I have clean and remove the skin, I put it into a slow cooker together with kei chi, dried longan, oysters, scallops, dried black mushroom, ‘yok chok’ and red dates. Later when it is almost done, I just cook some rice to go with.

Well I must say that I put too much dried longan and red dates as the soup is sweet! I also did not put too much salt as the oyster and scallop gave some flavour and saltiness to the soup. What was ZM’s verdict? Well, he likes it so much and laps up every bit that I gave him! He even asked for more soup, mushroom and chicken! He was perspiring throughout his meal as the soup was still piping hot but he did not mind it at all. What a lovely sight to see when your son appreciates what you have cooked.

I guess this is all a mother wants as we go through our daily chores. It does brighten my day. It is the same satisfaction as how I breastfed him for his first one and half years of life. It’s a good feeling that I can provide him with nutritious food that I can be sure of the quality.

What a beautiful day………… J


August 9, 2007

It is already early August. I have wanted to send my ZM to a kindergarten next year. Sometime I feel that he is not doing anything at home and he might be wasting his time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not those kiasu mom that would want her kids to be a genius. But all I want is my son to be happy. He is a shy boy, so I would like him to make more friends and in the mean time learn some good social skill and other skills that he should have but not necessary academic driven. I would very much like to send him to a kindergarten that could emphasize more on learning through play. I don’t want to pressure my kids to work so hard on true academic lessons. But it seems that majority of the kindergarten here are so academic oriented. I can see those students bags are so big and those poor kids have to hunch their backs! Where can I find such kindergarten that suits my needs? The other day, I have brought ZM, ZD and hubby to a Montessori Kindergarten in Bandar Utama. I wanted to see for myself if a true Montessori school would suit my son. But in the end, I don’t think it is. Although I like Montessori method, but from what I saw, the classes conducted was so chaotic! My son is the quiet type, so he will tend to lose out as those more outspoken kids will get the teacher’s attention while kids like my son will tend to sit quietly at a corner playing with toys. I wanted a school that use Montesorri method but in a more structured manner and without doubt, pay less attention to academic lessons at 4 years old. And if possible, no homework yet. Now I have 4 months before 2008 comes. To certain parents, finding a kindergarten is easy. But to me, it seems difficult. To me, finding a good kindergarten is like helping him to lay a strong foundation for a house. School fees are another matter. I hope the right and suitable kindergarten will not burden my hubby too much. Sigh……. lots of homework to be done!

My dinner at Shogun

August 7, 2007

Last Saturday 4th August 2007, my sisters and my family went for dinner at Shogun at One Utama. It was a Japanese buffet which my elder sister agreed to treat us all. How nice of her. The bill came to RM300.00 for 5 adults (without billing for my kids as they are too small to be charged).

I arrived at One Utama at around 6pm and went straight to MPH bookstore to browse around while my sisters and her hubby were there earlier. Apparently when they arrived, they have gone over to Shogun to book a table for us all. They were lucky as the restaurant was just starting to distribute booking numbers for diners. Our number was 1013 (number 13). When I was still at MPH browsing, my sister called and asked us to be at Shogun before 6.30pm.

When we arrive there, we got a shock. There are so many people outside the restaurant waiting for the restaurant to call their numbers and allowed to be sited. Never have I encounter such a crowd at a restaurant. We then wait and wait for our number to be called.

Once we are allowed in, there are already many people hoarding to get their food. I must say that they do have many variety of food on display. Too bad, from experience I could not enjoy my food whenever I have a baby around. My baby will fidget and will not sit long. Although my hubby is very experience in eating with one hand holding my baby and the other hand scooping food into his mouth, I do not want him to miss out enjoying his food. So, he takes care for the first half and I took care for the second half of the time. We had baby biscuit for ZD, but as usual before he could finish, the biscuit will fall to the floor. So, I took gave him some plain rice to chew on. Hubby then found cherry tomato and dragon fruit and ZD was happily eating away.

As usual, I did not manage to savour and enjoy each type of food. So the first thing that I put on my plate is fresh salmon slices and other sashimi. Then slowly I try other food. There are so many types of food that I did not manage to try. Too bad, I always like to eat crab, but whenever my baby is around, I don’t have the appetite to eat.

ZM is getting bigger and he is not a problem at all. He enjoys everything that we brought for him. He ate quite a lot too. He is easier to manage as he also enjoys food like we do. I hope that ZD will grow up to be like his brother in not being fussy about food and enjoys them.

By the time we are full, it was almost 8.30pm. I was too lazy to walk to nursing room and just nurse ZD there. I don’t normally nurse in public like this but I was hoping that everyone is busy tucking into their meal to notice me nursing. Normally ZD is also very easily distracted and refuse to nurse with the slightest sound but that day I could not care less. My tummy is too full and I am so lazy to walk to Parkson which is quite far away.

After nursing, sister paid the bill and we left.  We went to Mothercare to buy my breast pad before going home. When we arrive home, both my sons are very tired. I quickly get them ready and send them to bed. Both my hubby and I are also very tired. I guess we are getting older as a short trip of a few hours of taking care of our kids can make us so tired. But we do enjoy them.