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I am sick…..

April 30, 2008

I am down with flu and a mild cough. It’s very annoying whenever I am sick. I don’t like going to see doctors. I wish that we have a magic pill that when a person pops it into its mouth, whatever sickness they have will be gone instantly. How I wish…….


Normally whenever I have such minor sickness, I will just nurse it at home with home remedies such as honey, rub on some Vicks or pop some paracetamol. Usually my sickness will go away on its own. Unless, it drag on for a long period, then only a visit to a doctor is necessary.


I hope I don’t pass on to my kids. ZM has a weaker immune system than ZD. ZM falls sick easily when ZD rarely falls sick. I hope both of them will be always healthy.


Hello….. an update after a very long break

April 29, 2008

Its been ages since I last posted an entry. Yeah, my kids took all my time. It is also because I am still using dial-up instead of broadband. You know how had it is to get to post an entry even with our broadband speed, what more with a dial-up. It really puts me off with their slow tortoise speed.

Today, I had a little bit of time since ZD is napping while ZM is at school. Yeah, my kids have grown since I last blogged. ZM entered school early this year. He cried for the first 3 months when we sent him to school! He had separation enxiety ie. he does not like to be separated with me since he is very close to me. But its all over now. He enjoys his school and looks forward to go to school daily. I am so glad. I like his school. Since second half of last year, I have been searching for a good kindergarten for him. I looked high and low, near and far. To me, a good school is a school that does not burden children with homeworks and exams, have lots of play incorporated, fun-loving teachers, lots of space for kids to run around and proper english speaking teachers. I have found all these with his current school. Before deciding to enrol him in his current school, I have shopped around more than 10 schools for this purpose and I am glad that I have found this school. Most of the other schools burden their kids with lots of homework. I don’t see the need to have homework for 4year old kids. Aren’t they suppose to play at this age? The reason why I enroll him to a kindergarten is because I want him to socialise more as he is very shy and not because I wanted him to learn more academically. I rather let him learn through play.

As for ZD, he is a very naughty boy. He is very different from his brother. While is brother is shy and introvert, ZD is more outspoken and extrovert. He will not hessitate to let you know what he wants and demands his way of doing things. Throwing tantrums are his favourite past time which is very annoying and bad. I have yet to find a way to control his behaviour. He is slow in his language development. Mostly, he will only say a word a time and can only pronunce the last syllable from a word. His pronunciation is out for letter f, s, k and g. I do hope as he grow bigger, he will be able to rectify this problem. Do I need to see a speech therapist? I do not have problems with ZM the last time as he was able to pronunce all letters except letter ‘s’ and he outgrows it at a later stage.

As for myself, I have grown older and fatter. I am so ‘see lai’ nowadays. Sigh……… this is my live.