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Kids say the darnest thing

May 25, 2008

Yesterday, we were having dinner in the everning. My MIL and 2 other sister in law were around also together with my family. The restaurant were preparing for a wedding dinner which is happening in another hour or so. One of my SIL’s daughter is always the vain type was facinated with the restaurant’s preparation. Suddenly my MIL ask her if she wanted to get married. She smiled sheepishly and answered yes. MIL asked her to whom she is going to get married to. I suggest she get someone from her school. MIL asked if she wanted to get married to my ZM. She smiled again and said yes.

Then I asked ZM if he is willing to marry her. Thank God he said no and the topic is closed. After getting home and helping ZM shower, I brought out the topic again. I asked him again does he want to marry his cousin. Again he said no and below is our conversation:

Me: Do you want to marry PX (his cousin)?

ZM: No.

Me: Why not?

ZM: Because I am still a child. A child cannot get married. Only adults get married.

Me: Good, you understood that a child cannot get married and only adults get married. If you are an adult, do you want to marry her?

ZM: No, I am only a child.

Me: I mean, only if you are an adult. What if you are an adult now, would you marry her?

ZM: No. I like you. I want to marry you! Only you!

Me: Ooo………..

I am so happy……… feel like flying!!! I am glad that he is a matured boy unlike his cousin who is always day dreaming of becoming a princess and always dreaming of marrying my son. She always like to play pretend. Her pretend world is always the married land where she likes to ask my son marry her. She will pretend to be wearing a bridal gown and getting married. She will also ask my son to sleep besides her(to immitate adults that sleeps together in a bed)!!!

Sometimes I am proud of my son as I think he is more matured than this cousin of him. But on the other hand, I am amused by what he says at times…… I will definitely cherish what he told me that he only wanted to marry me! 🙂


ZM’s first party in school

May 23, 2008

Today, 23rd May 2008 is the first party in school for ZM. Its his midterm and teachers day party. His school send us a notice 2 weeks ago to inform us on this matter. He was excited when heard of this news. We were wondering what can we bring to school for all the kids to share.

One day when shopping in Tesco, I got the idea to get those cone shape jelly for the kids and dad agreed. So, we bought a big packet for ZM. He was so happy and kept telling us that he wanted to bring the packet to school and share with his friends.

Few days ago, i kept reminding him of the party and made him to promise that he will be a good boy and stay healthy always. He happily agreed.

Then finally, the day came. I woke him up as usual and it was pretty easy to wake him him compared to normal days. He told us the day before that he need not bring bag and tumble and are allowed to wear anything he wants on Friday. So, after getting ready, we were ready to go.

When he comes back from school, he brought along a bag filled with goodies. He was also in a good mood! He told me that he enjoyed himself very much in school today. He also said that he was very happy today to have a party in school with his friends.

Well, this is another milestone for my ZM boy. He sure is growing up and I do hope he will have more happy days ahead.

Sunshine Toast

May 14, 2008

Recently I have made my sons breakfast more interesting. It used to be very boring as the menu is not that extensive. But now, I have expended it to include more variety so that my sons can enjoy different food with different taste and different nutrition.

I like to visit bookstores to browse book. One of the type of book that I browse are those children breakfast recipe book. I found one recipe to be interesting to try and it does look yummy. Its call ‘sunshine toast’ but it can be called other named such as ‘sunny toast’. It is actually very easy to prepare and I bet all kids will love it. All you need are a small teaspoon of butter/margerine, a slice of bread, an egg and a frying pan. First, use s cookie cutter (I used a cup) to cut out a circle in the center of the bread. Then heat up to pan and put the butter in. Then put the bread with a hole in the center into the pan. Turn the bread after a while and toast the other side (I only toast one side). Break the egg into a bowl and pour it in the center of the ‘hole’. Let the egg white set while the york still runny and you may switch off the stove. Voila, its done!

Very simple and easy! ZM loves it very much and always request me to make him this breakfast. I will get him a cup of milk to go with this breakfast. Hmmm…. will surely make him more good breakfast!

A booster seat, at last

May 4, 2008

At last, I have bought a booster seat. I got it at Babyland in SS2 yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, we all went to Toys’r’us and Parkson Grand in The Mall. We wanted to check out Planete Enfant but it seems to be closed. We also checked out Sogo Departmental store.

But, in the end, I have chosen to buy from Babyland. The booster seat cost us RM263.20 after a 20% discount. Its from Graco brand. This brand is reliable as it does have a wide range of other car seats and booster seats. Although not as famous as Recarro, but still reputable. I dont think I can afford Recarro as it all cost way above RM1,000.00 which is definitely out of my budget!

I will definitely get my hubby to fix it today as we only got it yesterday night after our dinner. We intend to fix this new seat for ZD and ZM will get his old booster seat back. I have prepared him earlier that the new seat ‘might’ have to be given to ZD as it might him better. He says its ok. But when I ask him again when we are at Babyland, he seems a bit apprehended. I understand, which kid would want a second hand seat and when the new seat goes to another person. He reluctantly says ok and I can see through his eyes that he is sad. When I asked him a few times if he is alright in giving the new seat to ZD, he still says its ok. To reward him, we went for an ice cream treat. He seems better but not 100%. Then, when we are back in out car, he said he is still hungry. I suggest getting something from a bakery. I let him choose what he want and he chose a mexico bun. He was so happy now and he started eating the bun in the car while sharing with his brother. Both of them are so happy, eating and laughing on out way back. When he is done with his bun, he whisper to my ear, ‘I am feeling better now!’. Wow! I raise my eyebrow! So easy to satisfy my son! Now I know, he is still human although he is young. I will need to take care of his feelings too.

I am glad that I have bought the seat and ZM is very understanding. I do hope ZD will be as understanding as ZM.


Boaster seat

May 2, 2008

I am now looking for a boaster seat for ZM. I used to have one, but I have passed it to ZD since his car seat has to be returned to its owner. I have been searching for one these few days. I have been to few shops that specialized in baby products. But those boaster seats are really expensive (to me)! The cheapest I saw was RM400. There are those that are above RM1,000, which is way above my budget.


I found one in Babyland in SS2 and they are having a sale right now. The seat is priced at RM329.90 and there is 20% discount. If I still could not find any other seat that is priced lower and in a good quality, I will head to Babyland and grab that seat.


I am a mother who is very concern with health and safety. I will never compromise on their health and safety at all time. I could not understand some parents that do not enforce car seat on their children. Who has never seen children standing in a moving car? I have seen many times. I shake my head each time I see such incident. There is a mother that I know personally who have 2 kids. Each day, she needs to bring her kids to her mother’s house as she works and bring them back at night.  She will place her 2 kids at the back while she drives. Her son (less than 2 years old) will happily climb to the front seat and stand while her mother is driving! Sometimes, while standing, he will be holding onto her mother’s arm while she is still driving!!!! Tell me someone, isn’t this a dangerous act?? I really do not understand her. I am at lost when I see such dangerous incident.


For me, I make sure my kids are properly strapped in my car whenever my hubby is driving. ZD will always remind me to buckle him properly whenever he gets into his seat. Nowadays, he will also remind all of us to lock our door whenever the get into our seat. I don’t think I will have any problems in June’08 when it is a compulsory for all of us to buckle up at the back of a car.