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First trip to cinema

June 28, 2008

I have described to ZM about cinema before. He has the idea of what is cinema and wanted to go and watch movies. Previously, there aren’t any movies that is suitable to ZM, so I told him to wait until there is a suitable movie. At last, Kung Fu Panda made its debut at local cinema. The fist show was during the mid-term holidays but I did not brought him then as I know there will be a long queue for the tickets. So, I have waited until last week to bring him to the cinema.

I did not inform him beforehand that we are going to the cinema as I know he will be very happy and excited. Once we were at the cinema, he lighted up and knew instantly that we are at the cinema and requested if he could watch a movie in a cinema. Daddy is kind enough to queue and bought 2 tickets for me and ZM (dad has to take care of ZD).

ZM was so happy and excited. He was jumping around and wanted to go into the hall straightaway. In the cinema hall, I told him what to expect-dark, loud surround system, very big screen and not to make to much noise.

At last, the movie starts. Throughout the movie, I notice he does not feel comfortable. I asked him if he want to use the restroom and he said yes. Once out of the hall, he almost cried and told me he does not want to go into the hall again. His reason- its too loud for his liking. But I told him that the movie is ending son and persuaded him to finish the movie first. I asked him if he wanted some popcorn and he answered yes. So, we went back to the hall and finish the movie.

After the movie, I asked him how he felt and would he go to cinema again. He said he does not want to go to cinema again as it was to loud. I also think that I have chosen the wrong movie as his first encounter with cinema as he does not like those fighting parts. He is the type of boy that does not like violent. Each time he watches some violent shows, he gets very upset.

I guess, we will not be going to cinema in the near future. Will have to wait until he gets a little bit older. Probably will have to wait until ZD is old enough and we will go as a family to watch our next movie. A very long wait I presume.



June 27, 2008

My younger son, ZD is pretty agressive compared to my elder son, ZM. ZD will be almost 2 years old in August. He likes to fight with ZM. If ZM does not give him, ZD will hit him like no tomorrow. ZD will always like to do things his way. Whenever he wants anything, he will try his very best to get it. If he does not get it, he will cry and whine forever. He will also hit whoever that does not give him things that he wants.

How am I suppose to get him to be less agressive? He is so unlike ZM. I have already tell him in a nice manner and even scold him. But he does not get the message. He is also a mischevious boy. Whenever he is not naughty, he will do things that could make you laugh. At times, he is also very cute.

I just hope that I can bring him up well. I believe that a mother is the most important person to mold the characteristic of a child.

Flash Cards

June 25, 2008

I have not been posting lately. Yeah, I am kind of busy. I do have things to blog but it just need my time to pen it down. Anyway, here is one.

Lately, I realised I notice that ZM is memorising when I get him to read his books. I also notice most, if not all children at this age memorise whenever they are taught to read a simple book. His teachers have simple books for them to read. I suppose they read it aloud in class. Whenever I get him to read to me, he would have to see what are the accompanying pictures then only read the sentence. When I cover the pictures, he asked me to remove my hands as he could not ‘read’!

So, I told myself that I should teach ZM to read. I know I have those art blocks that are only used(ZM paints) on one side and yet to know what to do with it. Now, I know how I can used it without wasting it. This is one way that I teach my children about recycling. I cut it out into rectangles and write words with marker to make flash cards. Now I only started with words that are found in his books. I have started with English and Mandarin. He is able to read now when I flash those cards for him. Although I have started only with few words, I intend to expand his vocabulary slowly.

I hope he can read properly soon and start to read simple story books later. I am sure it can cultivate good reading habit when he grows up.


June 3, 2008

That day, I was chating with ZM on the topic of China’s earthquake. He understood what is earthquake and how the people in China suffers as I have always tells him what I read in newspaper and see on tv. So, I asked him if he is willing to part with his money in his coin box. He has a coin box which he stores all coins that daddy gave him as a lesson in managing money. Surprisingly he said yes! I was surprised that he is willing to part with his money. He wanted to help those in need. I am indeed proud of his generosity. I will definitely cultivate more of such good values to him and ZD. All these while, I have occasionally discuss with ZM how fortunate he is compared to orphanages, disabled people and old folks. I guess he must have gotten my point. I am beaming in pride now.