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Free Dining at Marche

July 31, 2008

Well….. not actually free….. but almost free. You see, early this month, I have won a contest that was organized by RedFM (a radio station).


At that time, they were running a contest on Marche and listeners are required to answer a simple question through SMS. The correct 9th and 18th SMS through will walk away with a RM100 preloaded prepaid card which to be utilised on 26th July 2008 together with the RedFM crew and other winners. I have tried my luck 3 days before managing to win. I was the 18th SMS through.


I was very happy when the DJ (Terry) announced the result of the day. I am sure lucky to have won. So, I have decided to bring my family along to pig out at Marche. So, on that Saturday, all of us happily find our way to The Curve to have a good lunch. When we arrived, we saw another family there waiting to outside as the RedFM crew was not there yet. Phew, I am glad that I am not the only one bringing my family along. Of course I am not to go there alone as I don’t think I can finish using the RM100 on one sitting as the rule is that I must utilize the RM100 on the day itself. And moreover, I would like my family to join in the fun!


At last, the RedFM crew has arrived and all winners were ushered into a section where all can mingle around. Shazmin the DJ was there too! Boy, I am lucky as I have never seen her in person before. We chatted for a while. Then we went to choose a round table instead of the long table as I know my hubby is very shy and does not talk much and moreover my 2 young kids are around.


We then started to attack the food counter to get what we want to eat. ZM said he wants some pizza and both of us went to order one. We then went to order swiss rosti, lamb shank stew, chicken sausage and a glass of dragon fruit juice. Mid way eating, a crew did come around congratulating us for winning and even a reporter from The Star came to interview us! Then, we went to grab a bowl of mushroom soup, a glass of ice blended chocolate hazelnut, a slice of chocolate cake and a piece of scone. Mmmmmm….. the food was good…..


Before we could finish our food, the RedFM crew got to leave. I wanted to take a picture of Shazmin! So, I quickly run out with them. All of them are posing with the cows on front of the restaurant. And I quickly took out my camera. I manage to snap a picture of the whole crew and later a crew also kind enough to help me snap a picture of me, ZM with Shazmin together with the rest of the crew!


Once we are done, we proceed to the cashier. In total, we had consumed approximately RM130.00 worth of food. So, we have to top up RM50 to our prepaid card. What a nice meal. All of us are so happy that day. ZM refers Marcher as the restaurant with 2 cows as I told him the restaurant has 2 cows on front of it. So, when he goes home, he told everyone, he dines at the 2 cows!


Durians… oh… durians

July 29, 2008

Yay!!!!!!!! The durian season is back! All 4 of us love durians including ZD! Yeah, he is small, but he loves durians. Whenever its durian season, you can definitely find durians in our house.


Adults will definitely eat the most. I will give only 1 piece to each of them. After eating their portion, they will come to us adults for more. We would gladly share with them. But I don’t let them eat too much as one gets very hot after eating it and my kids does not like to drink water.


Some say durians can increase breast milk production. I don’t feel any difference. But I do use this excuse to eat more! Hahaha….  Happy eating durians!

Big Ambition

July 26, 2008


Drama King

July 24, 2008

ZD is going to be 2 years old in August. But he is such a cry baby since birth until now! I thought his crying days should be over when he reaches 1 year old but to my dismay, he still cries few times a day for the slightest issue. He is a very hot-tempered boy which I guess inherited from me. So, whenever he does not get what he wants, he will be rough and if he still could not get it, he will start to wail. I think he cries more than a baby.


He has green vein between his eyes high above his nose. May old folks have told me that such babies will always like to make fuss. Yeah, true indeed and this fuss making baby is really irritates most of the time. Old folks say the green vein will go away when the baby gets older. I wonder when. Its still very obvious to me.


Now I call ZD the drama king. He cries easily and can stop instantly whenever he gets something he wants! I think when he grows up, I can suggest him to join TVB in Hong Kong as he can act so well especially in crying scenes. Hmmm…. Maybe I should encourage him to venture to Korea instead as Korean soap opera has lots of crying scenes, right?


July 23, 2008

I remembered when I was young, my sisters and I will play a game with each other. This game has no name. All we do is we impose a password to each other whenever other party wanted to enter a corner or room. We would lock the door and whenever someone wants to enter, we would ask for the password. Whoever wanted to enter, she would have to think a possible answer which could be the password. Whenever she could not guess, we would give some clue in order for the person to guess correctly. Once she had guess correctly, then the door would be opened.


The other day, ZM was in our bedroom while daddy was in bathroom taking a shower which is outside of our room. I was downstairs folding clothes. When I was done, I came up wanting to keep all those clothes. I found the door locked. I asked ZM to unlock for me. There was no sound from inside. I called out again to ZM but again no sound could be heard. Suddenly, I remembered the other day, ZM told me if I wanted to enter my room, I would have to say “………” (a word from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) but fortunately that day, he did not lock properly and I manage to enter without having to mentioned the word. So, coming back to my story, I mentioned the special word and voila, the door is opened for me! Hah! I was right! Then, daddy wanted to come in after his shower. ZM lock the door again and requested for the password. Daddy mentioned the word and ZM opened the door.


I was surprised that ZM is so creative to impose password for us to enter. He even imposes the password to ZD whenever he wanted to enter our room! Its so amusing to hear ZD mentioning the word as his pronunciation is way out! Hahaha…..


I have not taught ZM this at all. I wonder where did he got the idea from. Anyway, I say this is creative. Don’t you think so!

ZM’s first Sports Day

July 22, 2008

The Sports Day was held last Sunday. ZM was very excited prior to Sunday and he looks forward for this event. Each day I will remind him of the event that is going to take place on 20th July 2008 and his eyes will light up. This is his first Sports Day.

On that special day, as usual I will wake him up. It was pretty waking him up compared to normal days. He quickly get himself ready for as in super quick in brushing his teeth, eating his beakfast and shower. Once we are all done, we then got into our car and daddy drove us all (daddy, mommy, ZM and ZD) to the venue. When we are there, many families were already registering their kids for the day. During registration, ZM was given 2 stickers as he will participate in 2 events (Bob the Builder and Chicken Little), 2 coupons for redemption later, a fan and an itinery of the day.

We mingle around and ZM went around searching for his teachers to say hi. When he sees a teacher, he goes up to her but he says nothing! He just stand in front of her and hope the teacher would notice him! My son is still that shy! Then he goes and find his classmates and I try to get some photos of them together. At around 8am plus, the Sports Day started.

All kids are supposed to be stationed at the registration station according to the houses they belong (Green, Red, Yellow and Blue). They then did a March Pass to assemble in the centre of the field. Then a boy (I think he should be 6 years old) have been given the honour to read out the Sports Day oath. Then followed by all the students singing Malaysiaku Gemilang. Then each house will perform their house’s song to the audience. ZM got the honoured to be part of the team that perform.

After that, all the 15 events for the students begin to commence. ZM participated in event 6 and 9. So he station himself at the registration booth waiting for his teachers to call. In event 6 (Bob the Builder), he is the final member in the team of 5 kids. All team members are given big boxes (blocks) and they are supposed to stack it up. The last member to stack it will need to run to the finishing line. Zm almost got gold if not of the fallen block and he needs to go back and stack it again. At last, his team got bronze for this event. In even 9 (Chicken Little), again ZM got to be the final member and got to run to the finishing line again. Each kid was tied with a tissue box at the back of them with holes on top and bottom of the box. They are supposed to run to the centre and a parent will put a ping pong ball into the top hole. The kid them need to shake their body in order for the ball to fall out though the bottom of the box hole. The last member (ZM) will tem need to bring a designated box and run to the finishing line. Again, his team won a bronze medal for this event.

After all the 15 events, its time for some games for family. We did not participate as they need 4 in a family. ZD is way too small to participate. Next, its the prize giving ceremony. The principal gave all all the medals for the winners. The overall house that won for the day was Yellow House! Using the coupon, ZM redeemed to cups of ice cream and a goodie bag.

We went for lunch after that and went straight home for a shower and a good nap. Boy, what a day. The kids were so tired and took a long nap. It was almost dinner time when I woke them up. We had dinner with FIL and went to a park after that. ZM was so happy today as he was laughing all the way when he was playing on the swing. Even the parent of the child that sit on the next swing was smiling at this happy kid of mine.

ZM really enjoyed himself very much today. I really got to thank his school for preparing everything. The teachers were so dedicated and creative. The Sports Day was organised so good that everyone enjoyed themself in the field. Monday will be a holiday and school resumes on Tuesday.


Loss of appetite

July 14, 2008

My sons have always been the skinny type. Everyone that sees them will always comment that they look like drug addicts. When ZM was small, he used to have a good appetite. But when he grows up, it seems like he has loss his appetite. Nowadays, he eats very little and needs coaxing to finish his main meals. He is fine when i comes to fruits and snacks. I know….. its usual for toddlers to act in such a manner.

But as a mother, who is not worried? I do try to vary the types of food they eat. I prepare different types of  breakfast each morning as ZM will get bored of eating the same thing each day. Lunch is usually from outside and dinner is by my MIL.

He is underweight and so is ZD. But so far ZD is still have good appetite. I can consider ZD as greedy as he likes to ask food from whomever is eating! I do hope  he will not be like ZM and reduce his food intake later.

Sigh…… motherhood is sure full of challenges…… Isn’t it?

Cut down on buffet trips

July 13, 2008

Since the fuel price hike, we have cut down on eating out. We try to eat at home most of the time and I also try to plan our journey during the weekend so that we don’t drive out that often. We do miss eating out as both my hubby and I like to eat as we share this common interest.

Last time, we like to eat buffet once in a while as both of us like to try many food and buffet serves us right as we can tast many types of food at one sitting and need not travel. So, we often plan to checkout any buffet promotion in newspapers or at our credit card catalogue which sometimes have discounts on certain hotels for buffet dinner. We also find reasons such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter’s Day, Christmas’ Day and etc to eat buffet.

But nowadays, I do not dare to plan for such buffet trips anymore as the price has gone up and we can eat lots of more food with the type of money we pay for the buffet. Probably we still can go our for our buffet trip on our birthdays (hubby and I) as we also need to pamper ourselves once in a while.

The last time we had buffet at a hotel was during hubby’s birthday in March this year. We had lots of fun as this is also the first time we brought along ZD together with ZM. Both of them enjoyed themselves very much eating and eating. They like the chocolate fondue corner the best as they get to dip strawberries into the 3 types of chocolate fondue that was displayed there. All of us came out with full tummies as we ate so much. Eating really brings us happy memories as all of us like to eat.

I think the next trip of buffet could be on my birthday in September if nothing happens. All of us do look forward for such eating trips. What about you?

ZM got bullied

July 4, 2008

That day just before dinner, all kids at home (ZM, ZD, and their cousins) were playing in the yard. I was in the kitchen, preparing their dinner with MIL and SIL. Suddenly, ZM came running in and crying. I asked him why he was crying and he said he was beaten.

He said 3 of his cousins (a 6years old, a 4 years old and one 2 years old, all belongs to my SILS) beat him continously with a clothes hanger! I checked and asked him where they beat him. He said he was beated everywhere over his body. I saw red marks on his cheeks and hands. He said his cousins even beat his head! I was so angry and sad. I asked him why did they beat him and he said one of his cousin was trying to snatch his bicycle but he does not allow them to. So, he got beaten. I believed in him as he does not tell such lies yet. Moreover, when he came running in, I saw the 2 years old holding a clothes hanger and chasing him and say “ta ta” (beat beat)!

I do not understand why these cousin of him could be so cruel. Then, the adults at home were also not sympathetic towards my son! None of them even asked what and how was my son. They just kept quite. I am really sad and cried. I told my hubby. By the time he got to know the truth, he got very furious, but those cousins have gone home. Or else, he will sure scold them.

Every now and then, I kept telling ZM that he should not be such a softy. He is the type of boy that does not usually retaliate when being hit and let other people to hit him. I told him many times to defend himself when he is being hit. But, he is just like me, our response is very slow. I really do not know how to teach him to protect himself and not easily be bullied.

This is not the first time he is being bullied. I do not know why ZM is always the target. But this is the most severe case. I am really scared from now on whenever they play together. Whenever his cousins are in good mood, they can play like good friends and share everything. When these cousin are not in good mood, they can talk bad about you and not play with you. Even if they play with you, they will play cheat and sideline you.

Now, I am so wary whenever they play together. They like to play in pack and group my sons as ‘baddy’. I have suggested to ZM if he wanted to take up taekwando classes but he does not like it as he sees it as violent. I am at loss  on how can I help him to toughen up. Any suggestion?