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Chicken pox… again

August 26, 2008

Now, ZD got chicken pox too! Good, I should say, it’s better for them to get it while they are young and small. I first spotted some blisters on Saturday 23/08/08 morning when I showered him. Quickly, I got hubby to bring him to clinic to confirm that it is indeed chicken pox. True enough, it is chicken pox!


I told hubby that he should buy a packet of coconut water for his son as coconut water is cooling, according to my MIL. The coconut must also not contain coconut flesh as those with flesh are not so cooling. So, one must only choose a coconut without flesh. Don’t worry, its easy for those who sell them to know as you just need to tell them that your kid had chicken pox.


I notice that both ZM and ZD do not have many blisters all over their body. Probably it’s due to the fact that both had already been jab at the age of 1 years old. Compared to their cousins who are also having chicken pox now, my kids really do have lesser blisters and the blisters are smaller in size. ZD has approximately only 10 blisters on his entire body. ZM also recover faster and the blisters also dry up faster.


I do encourage all mothers to get the jabs for their babies. Chicken pox is really contagious but harmless. With the jab, your kids recover faster too.


Chicken Pox

August 21, 2008

Its school holiday!!!! And you know what? What a coincidence that ZM got chicken pox!! He got it from his cousin. He is lucky that he got it during holidays……  Actually he had been jab at the age of 1 years old. But he is unlucky that he got it now. His pediatrician said normally 90% of those how has got the jab will not get it and he is one of the lucky 10%. My MIL and SILs are laughing at him as they say he has a weak immune system that is why he got it. No other children at home got it except him.


When I got it last time, it started with a mild fever. But with ZM, the blister started popping out without fever. He does not itch much too. He does not have many blisters too, probably because he has been jab.


ZD is still playing happily with his brother. I was hoping that he will get it too as it is easier if both of it get it as the same time. My MIL imposed a strict diet to ZM such as cannot eat chicken, egg, peanuts, beans and etc…. So, I rather have them both down with this at the same time.


ZM seems happy to have chicken pox. He kept asking me to apply more calamine lotion on his blisters and make it look bigger (just like his cousin who has a kiasu mom who does not want to scars on her daughter’s body). He thought it looks cool to have chicken pox! He announces to everyone that he has chicken pox in a happy mood! Weird boy, hor………


Tickle….tickle… here I come….

August 6, 2008

I don’t know about other people, but I LOVE to tickle my kids! It made them laugh so loud and hard! Both of them are afraid of tickle and made me wanted to tickle so badly. I don’t know if by tickling them is bad to them, but I could not help myself! I love to hear them laughing. Their laughter are so real unlike adults, when they laugh, you could hear its so fake.


Sometimes, whenever we have nothing to do, I would just grab them to the bed and tickle them until they say stop! I am so cruel! But I really could not stop myself. Even sometimes I tickle my hubby who is also afraid of tickle. Frankly speaking, I am also afraid of tickle. But he is such a gentleman, he would not tickle me out of suddenly and will only tickle me when I provoke (tickle) him! Hahaha….. bad of me, right!