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A very stubborn boy

September 24, 2008

I do not know what I did, but I really do have a very stubborn boy. My 2 years old ZD is really stubborn. When he says he does not want to do something, he will stick to it no matter I scold him, cane him, bribe him, send him to a corner or what-so-ever. He will just say no and cry the loudest cry you’ve ever heard! When he does not want to do something, no body can force him to. Sometimes all I want him to do is just to pee before his nap or just drink some water, but this can bring hurricane to my house!

I am really at lost on how to bring up this child. His tantrums are really bad, and I really do mean bad. When I was small, my mom was a babysitter and I have seen and understand children very well. I have never seen such a stubborn child before.

Is there any mothers out there have such kids? How do you manage such kids? What is the correct way to bring them up? How can we guide them? Any advise?


Tainted Milk in China

September 23, 2008

I am very disturbed by the recent news of those babies that are affected by those melamine tainted milk in China. Those babies and children are so innocent and yet they are sick because of some unscrupulous people. Me, as a mother does not want to see my child sick, what more developing kidney stones by just drinking milk.

I am thankful that my kids are breastfed and I am still breastfeeding my second kid. I think breast milk is the best milk a mother could give. If only more mothers would breastfeed their kids, I think this world would more healthier kids.

Back to those tainted milk, I do hope the athorities would nab those responsible and restore the quality of products of China. Lately, there are so many complains of CHina made products that now I have doubts when buying goods made from China. I will definitely not buy any food from China but its quite difficult not to buy toys from China as the big brands have factories in China. I guess we should all take precaution so that our kids health are not affected.

Potty trained….. for the day

September 18, 2008

At last, I managed to potty train ZD during day time. But he still needs the nappy when he naps twice a day. He also tend to forget to inform me when he is doing his favorite things such as eating, playing or at shopping malls. Normally I will let him have his pants on during the day and puts on a nappy when he naps. If we are going out for a shopping trip,  I will definitely put on  a diaper.

So far during the day, he can tell me he wants to pee and takes of his pants and sit on the potty. This is considered an achivement as I have been trying to potty train him since he was  1 1/2 years old. Compared to ZM is considered slow. ZM was diaperless since he was 1 1/2 years old and even diaperless at night since 2 years old.

Well, I can accept that every individual is different. It just mean that I still have to shop for diapers for quite some time. I will slowly train him to inform me if he wants to pee when we go out for short trips such as buying  groceries. I do hope he can be diaperless the whole day and night soon!


September 17, 2008

Every year, in the month of September, everyone in my family is happy. It is my elder sister, younger sister and my birthday! Then comes ZM and he was also born in September! As for ZD, his due date was also in September, but he was too eager to see this world and mommy, so he was born in late August. If not,  we will have 5 birthdays in a month!

Normally, my dad will call for a dinner to celebrate our birthdays. Easier and cheaper. Or else, we would be eating birthday cakes every other days!. So, for this year, it would be this Saturday. TIme has been set at 6.30pm but the venue is not confirm as dad is looking for it. He says that since it is the 8th month in Chinese calendar, many couples are getting married, so restaurants are fully booked.

My kids love birthday celebration. Who doesn’t? They are looking forward for this Saturday………. 🙂


September 10, 2008


Terrible Two

September 8, 2008

This phase is really terrible. I mean terrible to me and to ZD.  I am not sure about other moms out there, but for me, I really hope it will go real soon. I had to scream at ZD almost everyday. His behavior is unbearable.  I remember ZM had this phase too, but it’s more bearable but still I can still recognize its his “terrible two” phase.


ZD likes to irritate me a lot. He understands me and does the opposite things. He whines whenever we don’t give into his demands. He is so stubborn most of the time. Whenever he wants something, he must have it or he will throw a huge tantrum. Just like the other day, when I was at my moms place. All of us went out for a breakfast at a shop. All was well until I finish my bowl of noodles. I saw ZD eating his noodles with difficulty, so I offered to feed him. He does not like my idea and would prefer to eat himself. But all my family members have finished their noodles and the shop is crowded with more customers coming in. So, I took his bowl and he starts to wail as loud as he can! To my horror, everyone in the shop started to stare at us. I quickly bring him out of his high chair, but he hang on so tight to his chair and would not let go! I have no choice and force him to get him out and bring him out of the shop. Everyone kept watching both of us even though we were out of the shop. ZD kept screaming and wailing as loud as he can for quite some time! It was until about 15 minutes later, he slowly stop crying. It was so horrible!


He just likes to test my patience most of the time. Whenever he is in a good mood, he will follow your instructions. But whenever he is not in a good mood, all hell break loose. I really do not know how to handle him and pray that this phase will go away soon.

Poor boys…..

September 2, 2008

Its all due to the chicken pox that they have. My MIL has strict orders that they could not eat certain food. Which are: chicken, eggs, beans, yam, peanuts, durians, black soy souce and some seafood. With all these restrictions, its almost nothing that they can eat! So, most of the time, I need to cook simple porridge for them. Its ok for ZD as he is used to eat porridge, but its not so good for ZM. ZM don’t like to eat porridge since he was 2 years old because ZM was cared by her last time and she cook the same porridge for him everyday and every meal! Even I will be bored of it! So, since then  ZM would not eat porridge. Only recently, I started to introduce poridge for him and he accepts it. But he will not touch porridge other porridge.

So, there are not much choice when it comes to food. What more ZM’s favourite food is chicken rice! He also bring his own food for his snack time in school. I have told his teachers that he needs to refrain from eathing his canteens’ food for a period. His teacher (teacher Liza) was surprise that such such practise is still practice!

Haha……. what to do?