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ZM likes cooking and baking

November 27, 2008

Yeah, he does, whenever he plays with Playdoh, he will always prepare me something related to food, be it pizza, spagetti, rice, noodles or others. He gets very excited when we visits my mom and she starts to bake. He will accompany her in her kitchen and observe her and learn. Just last week, we were at my moms place and my mom persuade him to come more often so that they both can bake strawberry cupcakes and marble cake! ZM then reminded me to bring him to my mom’s place this Sunday so that he can bake with my mom!

I wonder if he will still interested to cook and bake when he grows up? One thing I can be sure is that this interest does not come from his daddy as his daddy does not have such interest. Hahaha….


ZD’s speech development has improved

November 19, 2008

Yes, he has indeed. He has made steady progress in his speech development. I was worried the last time as he was quite slow compared to his cousin. But now, I do not doubt his ability anymore. He is able to speak in simple sentences now. He like to add words like: you know, lah, meh, right? at the end of sentences. Sometimes I am also amused by his conversation. Example: I was opening the door to go out. He was just behind be wearing his shoes. He will say: Mommy, don’t run away, ok? Then stranger will catch you, you know?

Another example: We just had lunch together with daddy. I quickly went up to a bookstore to see if there are any books for ZM. ZD was still with daddy. When we meet up, it time for us to head home. I brought ZD to pee first before he goes into our car. He does not want to pee. I ask him if he is sure that he does not want to pee and he answered yes. Then, he said to me: Just now daddy brought me to pee, right?

He likes to imitate adults talking especially mine. So, I guess I got to be extra careful in what I say.

Art Workshop

November 12, 2008

ZM attends children art classes in school. It is offered by an art school whereby a teacher will come once a week to teach the children. I find this art class is quite unique in a sense that they do not teach you to draw or colour beautifully but instead try to bring out the creativity in every kid.

I am impressed with the art director as he explains to us parents on how important is art to children. He showed up how important creativity can do to a child. He also said that parents shound understand their children and one way to do it is by analysing their art work. By looking art their artwork, we should be able to know what our child is thinking.

Previously, he has organised a talk in school whereby parents were invited to our child’s school to receive our child’s evaluation report. He explained to us how they evaluate each child and what our child are doing in art class.

Last Sunday, 9 November 2008, they organised a workshop for parents understand further in this children art. It was held at Crystal Crown Hotel at 9am. I attended this workshop with hubby as I find children art is important and I want to involve hubby in this. Lucky me to bring him along as the speaker speaks in Mandarin and English and most of the slide presentation was in Mandarin.

In this workshop, he continue to enphasis on the importance of art and taught us how to decipher our children’s art pieces. We were ask to build a colour chart using the basic colours to understand how different colours came up. We were also asked to draw, yes DRAW a picture of “Our Lovely Family” on a piece of paper and all parents are supposed to pass it up. The speaker then analys piece by piece of our ‘master piece’. How embarasing for all of us when he saw our drawings and said he said it looks like drawings by 6 years old children! Hahaha……..

ZM’s art teacher was there and I took the chance to ask her about ZM in class. She said he has improvements from the day 1 he join. According to her, at first ZM can only doodle, but now, he can draw (although not so nice) now, but its considered an an achievement. She also said that ZM likes to colour which I found to strange as he hates colouring at home. His speaker said its normal as the environment is different n school and at home.

I walk away from the workshop with more insight of children art and will encourage my kids to get involve in creativity. It will definitely help them when they grow up.

Art & Craft

November 11, 2008

I have thought that this coming holidays, I will have a theme for my kids. It would be ART & CRAFT!. Recently, I have been surfing some sites for simple crafts that are suitable for young kids. I would also like to visit a near art shop to stock up some art stuffs so that we can work during the holidays. I think this would be a good idea as it would be fun.

When I was checking my mal just now, I received an email about an idea on christmas craft. it look very simple and interesting and not too mention its easy! I think I must really stock up my materials so that we can start. I am also hoping that my MIL will soon buy eggs as I am hoping to steal her egg carton! Hahaha……

School Holidays are coming…..

November 3, 2008

School holidays will begin on 15 November 2008. I have allowed ZM to attend the holiday workshop conducted by his school on the first week of holidays. He had actually attended 1 holiday workshop previously during one of the holidays. He is now looking forward for it as there will be an outing again which he enjoys it very much.

After the workshop, I have the intention to bring my kids back to my mom’s place for a few days. Let them spend some time with their grandparents. My parents adore them very much. My sister had applied for 2 days of leave to spend time with my sons. So, can go jalan-jalan again.

After that, nothing much have been planned. We did not organised any outstation trips as we do not have any budget now. Going out for holidays are very costly nowadays. We have to save as much as possible. My kids will probably spend the whole day with me. I will occupy them with lots of activity such as painting, art and craft, reading, games and not to forget to bring them out to the park to run, blow bubbles and play at the playground.

Watching vcd’s are also one of their favourite. I have Barney, Bob the Builder, Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, Postman Pat, Spot and Paddington Bear vcds for them. I bet they will bug me to let them watch all the time.