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Baby and toddler items for sale

December 27, 2008

Since I do not intend to have any more kids, I have a few items to let go. Its mainly books and toys. Most of them are suitable for babies and toddler from birth up. I am letting it go cheaply. Whoever wants to grab them got to do it fast as there is only 1 for each item. All of the items are in very good condition as I really take good care of them. All books are wrapped except those cloth books and the “The Big Farm Friends-Sheep” book due to the odd shape of the book. Here are the items.


This post will remain on top of my blog until all items are cleared. 🙂




1. Kick and Play Piano by Fisher Price SOLD

Still in a very good condition and like new. Can be strapped to babby cot or put it on the bed. Comes with the original box.RM50.00

Kick and Play Piano


2. Playpen and it comes with mattress. SOLD

When baby gets older, you may lower it and let baby play in it. Its easily folder in minutes and compact in size Rarely used and still in a very good condition like new. It has a big pocket at the side for storing- RM180.00



3. The Lost Pet book wrapped. RM3.oo


4. Gymboree Toddler Play. SOLD

Wrapped and full with interesting activities. All activities are used in Gymboree classes as I have been to their classes. Still in very good condition, like new.RM20.00


5. A Clean House for Mole and Mouse. Wrapped. RM5.00

A Clean House for Mole and Mouse

6. Splish Splash. Wrapped. A fun hard covered book for baby during shower. RM5.00

Splish Splash

7. The Teddy Bears Have A Dream. Wrapped. Hard covered book for toddlers. RM3.00

The Teddy Bear has a dream

8. Nutritious Food for Baby and Toddlers. SOLD

Not wrapped and torn a little on the back cover but mended and still in very good condition . Suitable for weaning babies and up. Written in English and Chinese.RM8.00

Babby and Toddler Food

9. The Big Farm Friends-Sheeps. Not wrapped do to odd shape,but still in a very good condition. Hard covered with big pictures. Suitable for babies and toddlers. RM6.00

The  Farm Friends

10. Sesame Street Shape Sorter. SOLD

Still in new condition, like new. Suitable for age 1 and up. RM18.00

 Sesame Street Shape Sorter

11. Bumble Bee. SOLD

A very cute and interesting toy. Suitable for 6months onwards. Babies can move the bee forward and backward and the bee will emit light and cute sounds and music. RM20.00

Bumble Bee

12. Blue Truck. Suitable for boy toddler. Still in very good condition. RM 12.oo


13. First Things First cloth bookSOLD

The book has a handle for babies and toddler to carry and it is zipped up. Once unzipped, the book is uncovered. Still in a very good condition, like new. RM8.00

First Things First

14. Monkey See Monkey Zoo cloth book from Lamaze. SOLD

Suitable from birth and up. Still in a very good condition, like new. RM20.00

Monkey See Monkey Zoo

All these items are still in very good condition. My kids treat their belongings very well. Do give me a call to me at 012-6651036 if you have any questions or would like to get them. But I do hope you may come to collect it yourself as I do not have any transport to send it to you. I stay in Kepong.

This post will remain on top of my blog until all items are cleared. 🙂


Christmas card

December 18, 2008

Christmas is coming to town………. Since I am into making art and craft nowadays, I have decided to make Christmas card for all the kids in my house. ZM will be the main helper as I notice he lacks fine motor skills. He needs to play more with scissors, or Playdoh or make more art and craft so that his fingers will be more efficient.

I have surf the net to gather some ideas for my project. I have decided to have a Santa’s face on the first page and a Christmas tree on the inside. Santa’s beard will be made from cotton and his hat will be made from red art paper. The Christmas tree will be drawn and painted on white art paper and glued into the card. I will also put some silver dust on the tree. Recently I have bought a star craft punch and this will get the the perfect star for my tree. I will try to get ZM to write the greetings into the card if I can manage to train him to write properly as his writing is really not presentable.

I have actually started on this project and completed the Santa’s face. The next step is to cut the Christmas tree and glue it to the card. Will see later if the outcome will be as expected or not.

Early Christmas greetings from me to you! 🙂

First Baking Experience

December 16, 2008

I was at my mom’s place during the weekend. My mom asked my ZM over so that they can bake together. ZM agreed instantly. So, we went over o Friday and my sisters and mom went shopping at Sunway Piramid. We stayed overnight.

The next day after breakfast, ZM, ZD and my mom start with their project, baking cupcakes. My mom had measured all the ingredients before breakfast. All the little chefts had to do was to mix and add all the ingredients, put them into the cupcake mould and into the oven to bake. They had so much fun and and could not wait for the cupcakes to bake. Once its done, they are so eager to try it! Mmmmm….. it was good! ZM was so proud of himself and requested to bring home the cupcakes for his daddy and other family members to try.

When he reaches home, he quickly bring his cupcakes to his grandmother and showed her his labour of love! He kept eating all the cupcakes for breakfast, tea and supper. When his cupcakes were finished, he was so dissapointed and sad. I guess there will be another baking session soon! 🙂

Pita bread with ham and cheese

December 10, 2008

Last week, I bought a packet of pita bread for breakfast. There are 5 pieces of pita bread which we could not finish in one sitting. So, we could make 2 breakfast with it. The first round, I have made egg salad for the filling and for the second round, I had made them ham and cheese filling.

Actually I do not have any idea at first on what filling except egg salad. But after searching the internet, I got this simple and easy idea. It was quite late in the afternoon that I manage to get this idea, and I quickly rush to get the ingredients needed as I want to make them the next day.

So, I headed to Carrefour to grab ham, potato and tomatoes. This filling is very easy to make. First, I peel and cut the potato into cubes and steam it in rice cooker. In the mean time, cut ham into tiny squares and cut tomatoes too. Once the potatoes are ready, put the ham in the rice cooker and steam it. When it is hot enough, put 4 slices of cheese on top of the ham and switch of the rice cooker. Let the cheese melt on the ham. Once done, bring out the ham and cheese from rice cooker and put in a bowl. Mix them with the potato. If you find it too sticky, add in a few spoons of milk as what I did.

The filling is ready. Easy, huh? Yeah. So, when you are ready to eat, just put a slice of tomato into the pita pocket that have been halved. Then scoop some of the filling into the pocket. Yummy in my tummy! My sons love it very much. Even my hubby enjoyed it! He put heaps of filling in his pita pocket and add more filling as he eats!

The actual reacipe did not asked for potato and tomato. But since ham is not really healthy, I thought that I should add some healthy potatoes and tomatoes to make it a more balanced meal. The pita bread that I chose is also the wholemeal type which is the healthiest among all pita.

So, do give it a try. Its really nice and easy to prepare.

A trip to airport

December 9, 2008

On Sunday, 7th Decembe r 2008, we all went to KLIA. No, not to send somebody off to somewhere or picking up somebody from the airport. We went there just to see aeroplane. Weird, huh?

Well, it was ZM’s idea as he has been very interested in aeroplanes as he always sees them whenever he is at home or in our car. I told him aeroplanes are very huge actually but he does not seems to think that way as the ones that he saw was so tiny up in the sky. So, daddy promised to bring him to airport once he is free.

So, Sunday was a perfect day and off we went. We drove all the way to KLIA as it was raining. At first, we wanted to use to ERL, but daddy suggested that we drive so that after the trip, we can drive to Putrajaya for a visit. It was already late morning when we started our journey. I breastfed ZD in the car and he fell asleep. It rain throughout our journey.

When we arrived, we went straight for lunch at KFC. After meal, the kids had some fun first at the children play area just besides KFC. We can also see aeroplanes taking off  from there. When the kids were having fun, daddy quickly dash off th find the best place to watch aeroplane at a closer view. And sure he found it not far from KFC.

After washing the kids hands and feets, we went to the place that daddy mentioned. Boy, we sure did saw many aeroplanes! Most of them are our own MAS Boeing 737 and we saw one bigger one park there. I don’t know what type of plane but it could be an aerobus. It was really huge! We also saw many other countries’ aeroplane and also our own Air Asia aeroplanes. I explain many things to my kids such as the cleaner needs to clean the aeroplane after all the passanger left the plane. There is also a “Sky Chef” truck which unloads all the used utensils and cutlery down from the plane.

They were so fasinated with the aeroplane until they would not go home! They had actually spend quite some time looking at the plane. Too bad, we had to leave. ZM was so sad that he would not want to leave the airport until daddy told him that we are going for a boat ride. Then only he finally agreed. We plan to go to Putrajaya for the cruise.

It was still raining when we left airport. We headed for Putrajaya and located where is the river boat cruise. I nurse ZD again and he fell asleep again. We finally found where the cruise is after asking for direction. We parked our car and walk over to the ticket counter. It was still raining at that time. We could not get any tickets for the ride unless we wait for more than 1 hour for the available boat. We decided not to wait as it is still raining.  Anyway, the ticket is priced at RM30.00 per person which is quite expensive too. So, we just walk around and snap some photos before leaving.

Then we headed to Petaling Street to eat “Claypot Lou Shee Fun”. After dinner, we took a stroll in Petaling Street which I have not been for a long time. It was pack with tourist! I had to carry ZD as I am afraid that he will be lost. Then it started to rain again and we headed for home.

Boy, it was so tiring, but interesting day.

Christmas Card

December 5, 2008

Christmas is coming. I think my brother inlaw is coming back from Singapore to visit us. Since ZM is old enough to appreciate art and craft, I suggested to him that we make Christmas cards for all the children in our house which totals up to 9 person including ZM and ZD. So, I said to him that we shall only make 7 cards, or else he will be grumbling of tiredness.

I have been searching the Internet for some ideas for the card as I am not the arty and creative type of person. At last, I found a site that gave us lots of simple craft ideas including Christmas ideas. I can’t wait to start. I planned to put a Santa’s face in front of the page, then folowed by shimering starts on the inside page and a Christmas tree on the next page. I will do the cutting as ZM’s cutting is still not perfect. He will help to decorate and glue the necessary part. I hope he can also do the writing but his writing is really “not presentable” but let see about it later.

I might start next week as I do not want to do it at the last minute. But sometimes ZM cannot keep secrets! I am afraid that he will tell everyone that he is making them a Christmas card as I wanted it to be a surprise. I also have not done my Christmas shopping for the kids. Will definitely find a time to do it next week too.

I think ZM and I have to do this when ZD takes a nap. Or else, I don’t think we can ever finish as ZD likes to participate. But instead of helping, he will mess up all the things! Yeah, he is still small. So, that is why gotta do it when he naps.

Will see if the finishing product is up to my expectation or not.

Responsible boy

December 2, 2008

I have started ZM to help me to mop the floor. I told him that he is a big boy now. He needs to help out in housework. He agreed and voluntered to mop the floor as he sees me doing it every morning. So, I gave him a room to get him started. I taught him the way to mop and he is doing it slowly. He would normally asked me to be near him when he mops. Although not that clean, I am real proud of him.

Today, he said he wanted to play with Thomas the Train set which I have put it aside for quite some time as ZD was small and will put those tiny parcels in his mouth. So, ZM saw it today and requested me to bring it out for him to play. Since ZD is older now and will not put things in his mouth, I agreed. I said please wait until I am free so that I can wipe it clean before they start to play as it has gathered dust as it was left idle for some time. Guess what, ZM offered to wipe it clean for me! I am surprised! I quickly agreed and praised him. I waited for ZD to take his nap and took out a rag and bring out all the parts for ZM. I taught him how to wipe clean and he quickly goes down to work. After finishing, he came to me and told me that he is going to wipe it all over again as he wants all the parts to be thoroughly clean! He is wiping now while I am typing this.

Boy, I am proud of him definitely. He is 4 years old and I hope to slowly teach him to be a responsible person by helping out with the house chores.