New schooling term

The new year has begun. ZM has started schooling again. The most unfortunate thing is that he still cries when we leave him at his school gate. He is already 5 years old and in his second year in school but he still have separation enxiety. I really do not know how to help him to overcome this problem. I told him that he will be rewarded if he does not cry in school, and he nodded his head everytime i said this. But whenever he reaches school, he will cry and does not want to get out of our car. His teachers would have to pull him out of our car!

I don’t think any kids will cry when they enter the second year of his schooling years, right? Especially the same school with the same friends and teachers! ZM is really an introvert boy who dares to do nothing. He is never brave and does not like to try new things. I wonder what can I do to help him?


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