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February 26, 2009

My kids love lions…… Not only they like to visit the Zoo to see for themselves the real lions, but they just love those CNY lion dances! At home, they have 2 small lions with a small drum. All the boys at home just love to pretend dancing and imitating lion dance movements.
Each day while ZM is still in school, ZD will definitely bring out the lion dance competition VCD and request me to switch on the computer while he inserts the VCD into the CDROM. If I hide the VCD, he will get very mad and throw tantrums. When a lion performs a stunt, he never fails to clap his hands for approval and support.
I thought CNY is over and the lion dance craze will be over but they do have a favorite spot for these lions in their heart. ZM will play with the lions head before he goes to school and at night after his dinner.
I wonder if they still have the likings to lions when they grow up. ZM has told me before that he wanted to learn and join those lion dance troupes. Let me come back to this post in 10 years time.


ZD compared to ZM

February 20, 2009

My hubby and I felt the same with ZD. We both realized ZD is a little different from ZM at his age now. ZM was more matured and responsible compared to ZD now. We find that ZD is so baby-like, so small…….. I told hubby that maybe since ZM is the eldest and I have trained him to care for his brother and ZD is the youngest, thus being pampered and spared all the responsibility.
I think I should do something now or else we will really have a spoiled brat in my family. He will be attending kindergarten next year. I hope he will be trained and really to attend school.

Primary School

February 17, 2009

ZM is 5 years old this year. We intended to enrol him in Chinese primary school when he turns 7 years old. That means that we need to watch out when the forms are out in order for enrolment. Normally, the application forms will be out in March every year and we must collect the forms when our child is at 5 years old. The results will only be out the next year to confirm we get to send out child into our intended school or not.

There are a few schools near our house. We are almost certain that we wanted to get out son into one of them as the reputation is quite good. But it seems that the schools is quite strict and requires a lot from the children. I do not know if my son can cope or not. ZM is not that enthusiastic about studies, from what I see. So, by enrolling him a school that expecting a lot from a child, I really do not know will he be able to cope. It is either he will buck up or crumble down with stress.

I am from Sekolah Kebangsaan previously. So, I could not coach him in his homework. I don’t think daddy will be able to coach him when he gets back from work. So, I am really concern. Children nowadays do have a lot of homework especially those from Chinese school. I do hope ZM will able to cope with it.


February 13, 2009

ZM had this for about 3 months now. It all started in November 2008. We notice that ZM, who is fully potty trained, will poo in his brief. Not much, just a little. We were concerned, but as it does not occur everyday, we monitor his progress. We wonder why does he do it?

Recently it became worse. I started to think if there are any thing that could trigger such problem such as stress or new changes that are introduce to him. But there are none that I can think of. I began to worry. I started searching the Internet for solution. At last, I found a parent with a similar problem. At last, I found a name for my son’s problem. It’s call Encopresis.

Encopresis is an illness of severe constipation. Patients with this problem normally have gone through a period of painful constipation previously and would not want to poo due to the pain. This caused lots of hard poo accumulating in his long intestine. His reflex would no longer send signal to his brain to tell him to use a washroom when poo comes out. Since there are lots of poo in his intestine, some soft poo could go through his intestine and comes out easily and stains his brief without him knowing it at all. Normally it is other people who notice the bad smell and inform him. This illness occurs more frequently with boys.

I have asked him many times if he does it on purpose before I found out this problem. He says he does not do it on purpose and he does not know when the accidents happened.I asked him if his poo was hard and he told me sometimes yes. I believed him. But I got very frustrated when his accidents happened. I did not blame him or scolded him as I know it is not intentional.

The day after I found out the name of his problem, I went to visit his doctor and told her that ZM is having this problem. She inspect ZM’s tummy and told us that ZM does not have much hard poo in his intestine and she will prescribe some Senokot for him. She also advise us to encourage ZM to use the washroom often and try to poo. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits would also help and not to mention drinking lots of water too.

So far, since taking the medicine daily, he does not have any accidents anymore. I hope he will be cured of this problem as fast as possible and his bowel movement will be regulated again.

The end of my breastfeeding journey

February 12, 2009

Its finally over. My breastfeeding journey is really over. I have been breastfeeding ZD for 2 1/2 years now. It all came to an end when I was admitted to hospital (read my previous post). After I came back, he never did asked me for milk. As if nothing happened. It all ended just like that.

I have tried asking him to suck one afternoon just before his nap. He tried to suck. I asked him, “got milk or not?” He said, “got” but he suck harder. Then I asked him again, ” No milk, is it?” He said, “yeah, no milk, milk”. I expected that answer with a sad note.

When he was born, I told myself that I shall breastfeed him for as long as he wants. I also wanted to reach the WHO’s Breastfeeding Gold Standard whereby mothers are encouraged to breastfeed up to 2 years old and beyond. When he reaches 2 years old, I told myself that he shall have all the breastmilk that he wants and I will definitely feed him. I did not know it all ended so soon. I really cherish those breastfeeding moments. Its so special and magical! If I ever get pregnant again, I definitely breastfeed my baby for a longer period. I will definitely miss breastfeeding.

As for ZM, I only have breastfed him for 1 1/2 years as I stopped when I got pregnant with ZD. I regreted that. I should not have stopped and continue to feed him during my pregnancy like many mothers out there. Anyhow, I did manage to expressed my milk for him after ZD was born.

Now, both of them are drinking formula milk. No more big boobs now. And now, I can buy new normal bra and no longer wear nursing bra! 🙂

Fully potty trained

February 11, 2009

All the while, ZM has been potty trained during the day. But during the night, we always have to wake him up for a trip to the washroom as accidents do happen sometimes. So, during this CNY, we decided that we shall try to skip the washroom trip for him to see if he is really ready to hold his bladder until the next morning.

To our delight, ZM did manage to hold his bladder and no accidents have happened! We were very happy to announce that ZM is a big boy now! All we need to do is to limit his water intake during the everning and night. We also make sure that he have a few trips to washroom before going to bed.

Yippee……….. !!! One down and one more left.  ZD is still on diaper during the night. He is definitely not ready for a diaper free night yet. Gotta wait longer…….

Happy Belated Chinese New Year!!

February 7, 2009

Yeah, I know its late to wish all of you. All due to my operation that happened before CNY. After the operation, I went to my mom’s place to rest. In her house, there was no internet connection at all. So no posting. During CNY, I was too busy until now.

I practically did not follow any “pantang” at all as my MIL said no need. So, practically I ate everything except prawn, seafood yam and peanut. So, no “yee sang” for me this year as it is loaded with peanuts. Did you guys enjoy your CNY?

My kids enjoy CNY very much. They love to eat lots of junk food as I am a bit lenient during this time. What they love most is the lion dance. They would light up when they hear the drum beat and gets daddy to bring them to watch the lion dance. At home, we had 2 small lion heads and a small drum. So, all the children  (6 in total) had a wonderful time imitating lion dance.


While having lunch with my MIL’s mother on the 2nd day of CNY, these lion dance came and perform to the delight of my 2 kids. They had a good time watching and catching them up close and personal.


These are my 2 kids pretending they are the lion and peeling mandarin oranges. As I forbade them from eating too much, they always ask adults whoever wants to eat oranges, they will gladly put on the lion’s head and peel the oranges.

Happy belated Chinese New Year!!!! 🙂

Had an Operation

February 7, 2009

Yes, I took a very long break since before Chinese New Year until now. Well, it was not an intented one.

 Actually, something happened to me. I was hospitalised. It was all very sudden. It all started on the 10th January 2009 very early morning when I was doing my house chores and my hubby and kids were still sleeping. I felt pain in my tummy and went to my bedroom to rest. Then my pain became more intense and woke my hubby up. He asked if I want some medicine and I took some painkiller. But the pain did not subside at all. Later, my hubby asked if I would like to see a doctor as he sees me in such a bad shape. I agreed and he drove me to a government hospital.

 We went straight to the emergency ward and I was quickly given a bed to rest. A doctor-in-charged there asked what happened and gave me some painkiller to relieve me. He quickly arranged me to a gynae to check what was wrong. I was brought to the gynae ward with a wheelchair. There, the gynae decided that I was to be admitted to hospital and told me to tell my hubby the news.

 I was promptly arranged to be admitted to ward and all procedures are made. I was again wheeled to the ward and was given a bed in a room with another patient. My hubby went home and pack a few things for me. My pain has subsided a little but towards the afternoon and thoughout the night, I was in such a pain that I had to ask for painkiller after every few hours. Sometimes I am given paraceptamol and sometimes I was given pethedine jab.

 As it was a weekend, not many doctors are on duty and only 1 Operation Teater (OT) room is open for work. So, I was left unattended for a day as I grapple with my pain in and out of the day. At last, on Sunday night, a doctor was summoned as I was really in pain. I was scanned and was told that there are something behind my uterus that are suspicious. The doctor (Dr. Hoe)suspected I might be having 2 huge cysts. I was then refered to his superior for another scan to confirm his findings. His superior (Dr Azlin) also suspected the same thing but she said I needed to undergo an operation to really check what was inside me.

 The next morning, I was wheel into the scanning room again and be scan again by another doctor (Dr. Sarah). She told me again that she saw 2 huge things in there and she needs to perform a keyhole operation to check what is the exact problem. If she sees a need, she would then have to cut me up to remove anything that is not right. She then summoned everyone that they should arrange me for an immediate operation. She said she would have to cut some queue in order for her to operate on me as she knows that the OT room has been booked for another surgery this morning.

 Then the nurses quickly rush out to prepare and I was given the operation gown immediately. I asked the nurse what time would be my operation, but they say they don’t know. So, all I did was to wait. At last, at around 1.30pm, a nurse brought a bed near me and told me that it is the time for my operation. I was surprisingly not afaid and was brought to the OT room where I was due to the be operated upon. I was given general anaestatia and I was knocked out.

 Later, when I was still dreaming, I heard someone calling me to wake up. I was woken up in my dream to be told that I was out of operation. I felt very cold and pain. The nurse asked me if I am in pain and I said yes I am and I am also very cold as I was shivering while telling her. She then put something in between my legs and that is to warm me up. She said if I am still experiencing pain, I would not able to go back to my ward. Unless I am having less pain, then only they can me release to my ward. I was not really in pain actually, but more of cold. I am just waiting to be warmed up by the warmer that she gave me just now. Once I am out of my cold, then I told her that my pain has subsided and she called my ward nurse to bring me back to my ward. It was then 5.45pm.


I was waiting for my hubby to come but he did not. I guess that he had left before I was back to my bed. So, I called him at 8.30pm to get him to buy dinner for me. He came with fried rice with ginger slices.  The next morning, Dr Sarah came to explained what happened in the OT room. She said that firstly, she did a keyhole surgery to checked what really was that 2 big lump in me. What she saw was an ectopic pregnancy and a big cyst in my ovary that has eaten my entire ovary. So, she had no choice but to cut me up and remove my left fallopian tube and ovary. A specialist was also called in to assist as my bladder was attached to my organs.

I was not supposed to eat after the operation, but I told her had dinner after the operation. She was shocked and told me not to eat anything so solid yet and go slow with my diet. She said I should start by eating bread and milo and gradually to to porridge and later rice. She also instructed the nurses to remove my urine bag and drip as I have already started to eat. Later, I have started to come down from my bed and use the washroom.

The next day, another dr came and told me that I can be discharged this afternoon as I look healthy and there are no complications from my surgery.  I am glad and told my hubby. After paying the bills, I can go home at approximately 4.30pm.