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Speech and drama class

March 31, 2009

I have heard about Speech and Drama classes quite some time ago. It was during an event organized by a kids center. The owner of Master Franchise of Malaysia’s Helen O’Grady gave a talk to introduce what her center is all about. It seems that it can do wonders to boast kids self esteem and self confidence. At that time, my kids were still small and I put this topic aside until recently.

ZM is really a timid and shy boy. He is very afraid to socialize and make friends and mix around or even to try new things. He still cries when we send him to school! I am really at lost on how to help him. My hubby and I have discussed this matter many times as to how can we help him to gain confidence in life. At last, my hubby proposed to send him to speech and drama class. I then quickly look up the net and check out the various speech and drama classes available. I have brought ZM for a trial at a centre at Bandar Sri Damansara as it advertised that the teacher is from Helen O’Grady and moreover the fees are cheaper than Helen O’Grady. When I reached there, I have spoken with the teacher and it seems that she is not from Helen O’Grady and her syllabus is very different. The way she conducted the class also was different from what I have expected. Then after the class, I manage to speak to one of the mother who also put her daughter on trial that day. It seems that she had a son who has gone for the real Helen O’Grady and she said this class is definitely not by Helen O’Grady. She will not put her daughter in this class as it also does not meet her expectation.

The next week, I brought ZM to TTDI for a trial of the real Helen O’Grady. He only have 15minutes in the class as trial. What he did was just to sit in a corner and observed. He did not even participate. At home, I asked him which class did he prefer and he answered the ‘fake’ Helen O’Grady. He said the real one is too scary and the teacher is too loud.

My hubby and I discussed again and decided to send him to the real Helen O’Grady although it’s further and more expensive. But we thought that it might be able to help him. I told ZM of our decision and he was not happy with it. He cried in the car when we drove him for his first day. He did not want to go down from the car and I had to drag him out. He cried and wail on the pathway to his center. He would not stop crying and I had to carry him up to the centre with people starring at us. When we reached the centre, he got out of control and could not stop crying. He looked for the washroom as he said he wanted to vomit. A nice boy showed us the way to washroom and on the way out, the teacher saw him and quickly holds his hand and lead him to her class while I exited myself although he cries for me. I went to the management office to pay my fees and the principal advised me against looking for him through the window or else he will cry even louder. After paying fees, I read newspaper on the sofa while waiting for the class to be over. A mother sat beside me and told me that ZM was enjoying himself in the class. We chatted for a while and the class was dismissed. ZM came out smiling sheepishly and went to play at the play area. He told me he like the class.

But come next week, I wonder if he still remembers that he like the class. I do hope so. Or else, its another struggle to get him to attend this speech and drama class. I really hope that he can outgrow his timid and shy behavior and gain some self confidence.


Grumbling post…….

March 24, 2009

I have tried to teach ZD numbers (1-3) only for a couple of weeks now. But it seems that he still could not recognize these 3 numbers! I have also tried to teach him alphabets (A-C) only and yet he could not recognize it! Come on, how could someone could not recognize it? Its only 3 alphabets/numbers? It seems that he could not register it in his brain. But he is able to count 1-10 without knowing what it is.

Am I too early to introduce him alphabets and numbers? I don’t think so. Is he not ready? I am not sure. He is going to school next year. I thought I can prepare him a little bit earlier so that he will have some confidence. I have also started ZM these at this age. He was able to recognize A-Z and 1-10.

Maybe I should try again later. But I am sure disappointed. There are many kids are already able to recognize alphabets and numbers. Wish me luck.


March 18, 2009

Its school holidays now. ZM is so happy as he has more time to play throughout the day! He has said that he wanted to play the whole day from morning until night. Now, without having to do his homework, he is a very very happy boy.

Both of them are currently watching Barney VCD. Occasionally, they would request for tidbits like raisins (like now) to munch during TV watching. They sure know how to enjoy themselves. I know by the end of this VCD, they would request for another VCD, but I will decline and would rather they play with toys instead of sitting too long in front on the TV. They could always watch another time.

Since ZM started school this year, he has started to have homework compared to last year, whereby he does not have any at all. I know he felt very overwhelm by this. He does not like to do homework at all and it takes hours for him to complete his simple homework. When he does not have any homework for a particular day, he would be very happy. I hope he could adjust to having homework daily and completes in a faster time. This way, he will have more time to play.


March 16, 2009

Nowadays, ZD is into puzzles. He have a few sets of puzzles bought by us for ZM when he was small. He can manage those 8 and 16 pieces puzzles without any difficulty. He is now playing with a set with 30 pieces with my help and he is also playing with another set with 48 pieces also with my help.

He enjoys playing whith them very much that each day must be filled with at least 1 set of puzzles. I bought ZM many pieces of puzzles last time and he too enjoyed playing puzzle. But nowadays, ZM’s interest have changed. I hope ZD will keep pratising this skill. So far, he is quite patient while playing the puzzles but sometimes he just give me a piece of the puzzle and ask me to help him. 🙂

ZM’s Homework

March 11, 2009

Each day, ZM comes back from school with homework. I would need to guide him in his work. But each day, I really get very mad and angry at him. I know I am not patient enough with him, but he is so lazy and does not concentrate at all. He gives me the sour face when I want him to do his work. He rather plays with his brother or toys. I know this is normal, but I envy those children that could finish their homework before playing or concentrate in their work. I need to yell and scold lots of time before he starts his homework.
I know some children who really finish their homework once they get back from school and would not play until they finish their work. They also would not need any supervision and can work by themselves unless they really do not know how to do it. How I wish my son is like that. Moreover, his handwriting is so sloppy that you can’t really read it!
He is also a very forgetful person when it comes to homework. The words that he had learned to write now would be forgotten tonight! How do you expect him to know words? I try to give him revision every night but yet he can still forget how to write those words! I also tried starting him with spelling simple words, but his brain just would not register those words! I am at lost!
I do not expect him to be the brightest student in class. But all I need is to make sure he is not the last in class! Is this too much to expect? His school is the most lenient school that I chose for him. His school does not give exams at all to their students. Their homework is very little and what they teach is very basic. Have I made a wrong decision in putting him in this school? At first, I thought that by putting him in a school that does emphasis too much on academic result would make them less stressful. But now, I regret that making this choice. What am I going to do?
I don’t think by changing school would do him good. He still cries at times when we send him to school. He does not adapt to new environment easily. This choice may backfire and make him worse. If he stays in his school now, I think I have to bear with his lousy attitude and buck him up. But how? I tried to scold less as I know this would pull his self esteem down if I scold that much. But what choice do I have? I am so mad now…….

Sigh…… my kids…. (ranting)

March 2, 2009

I was looking at my kids photos when they were babies. They look so adorable and cute! How I wish I could turn back the clock and go back in time when they are small and innocent. When they were small, it was so much easier to care for them.

Now, when they are bigger, they give me headache! They are so rude, talk without manners, shout and fight, do not listen to instructions and easily influenced to do bad things. Maybe I am not a good mother. I think I am not a good mother. My kids are really naughty. I really do not know how to bring them up. I always get very angry at them. I try not to scold them every time they are naughty and talk to them. But they just never listen. It really makes me mad. How other mothers manage their kids?

To me, it seems that other kids are better than mine. I am not trying to compare, but I could not help it. My kids are really driving me crazy. How come other kids don’t behave as bad as mine? How can I manage my kids to be better kids? To me, the most easiest time I have is when they are asleep.