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Job Hunting

April 30, 2009

I am now on the lookout for other jobs. The current job that I have is not really good. I have worked on it but I could not claim the expenses that I have incurred and my candidates do not get picked for whatever reasons. Not too mentioned that I don’t have a salary at all. The commission rate is also very low. I don’t think this job is worth doing. The only benefit of this job is flexibility as it is a freelance job.

My work experience is nothing to shout about. So, it will be difficult for me to find a job especially I have stopped working as I raise my kids these few years. The job market is so small that for a job offered, there will be thousands of applicants. There was once I tried to apply for a job through an online jobsite. It can show how you fare compared to other candidates who are applying for the same post. I can see that there are few hundreds who have higher qualifications than me and another few hundreds more with the same qualification as mine. The site can also let me know how many times my resume was viewed by the potential employer which is pathetically once.

I must get a job quick. I can no longer survive going on like this. I don’t mine a small job as long as the pay is good and I must be able to support my family. We have lots of debt and our car really is in a bad shape.


I am sick too……

April 27, 2009

Hahaha…… I got infected from ZD!!!! It was last friday (24/4/09) where we had lunch together. I was working in Mid Valley in the morning and went to fetch ZM after school together with hubby and ZD. All of us had lunch together near ZM’s school.

ZD was not eating. He does not want to eat at all. He had a plate of rice in front of him but he hardly touch it. I tried feeding him but he hardly eats it. I gave up. He must not have his appetite back. I saw the plate of rice. I was brought up not to waste food. So, I ended up finishing his plate of rice.

A few hours later, I don’t feel good. My tummy felt bloated and I felt nausea. Later, I had diarrhea too. I told hubby that I am really sick and asked him to get me porridge for dinner. Later, I really vomitted my lunch. I rested a while and thought that I better visit a doctor before it got worse. As I explained to the doctor, he suspected that either I had food poisoning or bacterial infection. I told him that ZD had it 2 days ago. He asked me if we had shared utensil or food and at that point of time, I told him I had his lunch! That was it. I was INFECTED!!

He gave me medicine and now only i realised my mistake of eating ZD’s food. I thought that after a few days, ZD is completely cured. It never occured to me that I can be infected. ZD’s doctor also warned me that this infection not only will infect children but adults too! I did not heed her advice!

I was completely knocked out for 2 days. I had a good rest and my appetite does not come back easily just like ZD. I am better  today. Hopefully I don’t repeat the same mistake again.

ZD is sick

April 23, 2009

Yesterday at 5pm in the afternoon, ZD started to vomit. He vomited all his lunch. Throughout the next 3 ½ hours, he kept vomiting for more than 10 times! Even when he took a sip of water, he still vomits it out. It was so pitiful f him. He even vomits in the car. We went to see his doctor straight away. There must be something wrong with him as he looked so pale and not responsive.

When we reached the clinic, there are 4 patients ahead of us. I thought our turn will be quick. But it seems that all the patients ahead of us took a very long time in the consultation room. My poor boy was puking in the clinic badly.

At last, it was our turn. Our doctor greeted us and ZD. ZD did not reply and the doctor also notice something is wrong with him as usually ZD would be so active. After understanding ZD’s condition, she quickly administers a jab to stop the vomiting. Surprisingly, ZD did not cry. Maybe he was too tired to cry or he was being brave, I don’t know. She also gave us some suppository just in case the vomiting persisted. She also said that the vomiting was due to bacterial infection. She said his body is trying to get rid of the bacteria by vomiting and later he might experience diarrhea.

We bought him some bread from the bakery but he did not want to eat it. I asked if he is hungry and he said yes. But he does not want to eat bread but he wanted to eat oats. So, we quickly drive home after paying for the medicine. He was too tired and slept in the car.

At home, I got him a bowl of oats. He took half a bowl and stopped. A few minutes later, he puked. He is sleepy. I changed him into pyjamas and brought him to sleep. He vomited 2 times again. At 3.30am, I felt him feverish and took him downstairs to give him some paracetamol. He them sleep until morning.
Now, he seems ok. I will monitor him closely. It’s really a pitiful sight of him vomiting. His stomach is so empty but yet he vomited so badly. Poor boy, hopefully he gets well faster.


April 17, 2009

A few weeks back, since I got a freelance job, I have set up an account with Facebook. I have known Facebook for quite some time, but did not bother to register. But after getting a job and this job requires me to have a wide network, I told myseft that I must register myself.

On the day I register, I have found old collegues which I have not met for a long time. Then subsequently, more and more old collegues were found. I even found my old boss! It felt so good to be able to find old friends. It really been a long break for me since I last work. So, when I found my friends, I feel like a kid again! I am happy! One of my friend is getting married this year end and he is inviting me to his wedding dinner! I can’t wait for that day as I can see all my friends again.

There are still many areas that I have yet to explore in Facebook. But I have started to play a game in it. Its quite addictive. The game is called Farm Town whereby you are given a plot of land to plow and harvest and also to plant trees and not to mention you are also able to rear animals. It got me to log in daily to tend to my farm.

Lets see who more that I can find in Facebook. So far, I have yet to find any friends from my school, be it Primary, Secondary or even University. All that I have found are from 1 company that I work in. And most of them or should I say 99% of them are from IT department! Hahaha……..


April 14, 2009

I have started my freelance work. Boy, I am busy. Sometimes I have to go out to conduct interviews with suitable candidates. Without a car, I am really paralyzed. Well actually I don’t drive because I am too scared to drive although I do have a driving license. I have never driven before after I got my driving license which was way back in my University days. Every year, I will renew my license but never dare to drive. My hubby has always persuaded me to drive but I never got the courage to drive. But I know one day, I will be sitting behind the steering wheel.

Back to my topic, I have conducted interviews with candidates at various locations. I find this very refreshing as I have always stayed at home to care for my kids. I felt so different when I go to work. So far, I am happy with my work except that my salary is solely dependent on me if I can get business for my company. Even then, my salary is very low. Anyway, I had to work no matter how as I really need the money but I cannot go out to work fulltime now.

My kids are coping well and my hubby is supportive. Sometimes he helps me to care for our kids while I go out. He also acts as my driver to destinations that cannot be reached by trains and lrt. I do not want to be dependent to my hubby as I will disrupt his working schedule although he does not mind at all. I am lucky in the sense that my family supports me. I felt so blessed.

All this while, I know that one day I will go back to work. I planned that I will go back to work when ZD starts his kindergarten. Then I do not have to care for them for the day. But now, getting a freelance job before ZD goes to kindergarten is like getting a big surprise on a boring day.

Hubby was sick (Part II)

April 5, 2009

That was Sunday. Now it is already the next Sunday. He is still sick with on and off fever and his eyes are so red like a demon. Really, no kidding! He did pay a visit to a doctor again and the doctor said he bloo vessels in his eyes were broken. His whole body aches and he had red spots on his body. Doctor also suspects dengue and told him to come back on another 2 days if he does not get better for a blood test.

But now he feels better and don’t feel like taking  blood test. He said it might not be dengue as he said if he had dengue, he will not feel better and energetic (he had dengue before). I will sure monitor his progress and lets see how. Hopefully he gets better and nothing serious. It sure gives me a big scare.

Hubby was sick (Part 1)

April 5, 2009

My hubby is sick now. He rarely get sick. Even if he is down with a fever, he would recover in a day. But this time, its so different. It all started on Sunday afternoon. He took a  late lunch at approximately 2.30pm. At around 3.30pm, he complained diziness and vomited. As time goes by, he vomited even more and even throw out everything that he ate and more! He complained that everything is spinning and he looked so pale. At last, we agreed to see a doctor.

He could not even got up and we decided that we had to send him to a hospital and get admitted to emergency wad. He wa in a very bad shape. I have never seen him like this in my life. When we reached Sungai Buloh Hospital, the attendance quickly brought him a wheelchair as he could not even walk. A doctor incharged attends to him and I registered him at the counter. Once I am done, I went back to him. He vomited again and I saw a nurse took his blood sample. He was put in a drip and told to rest. I checked with the doctor what was wrong with my hubby and told him my concern about dengue.

The doctor dismiss my concern as he said dengue must start with fever and he had none. He said let him rest for 2-3hours and we shall see how he goes.  So, I left the emergency room to wait for him outside. Once in a while, I do peep on him and found him to be asleep. After 3 hours, I went to him. He seems better than when he was admitted. But he was still not in a good shape. I saw many red spots appeared on his face and neck. I told the doctor. He said it could due to be allergy to those medicine and gave him a medicine to check if he is really an allergy. He was told to rest more first. The doctor is sure that he did not have food poisoning or dengue. He said my hubby might have vertigo based on his symptoms. He advise my hubby should he get another round of bad dizziness, he should go straight to see an ENT doctor.

A little while later, I saw my hubby walking out of  the emergency room. He said he is ready to be discharged. The doctor seems to be ready to discharged my hubby. I got him his medicine and went home. Got him some bread and a cup of hot milo. He ate them and took medicine and went straight to bed.

New Job

April 3, 2009

The economy is really bad. It has affected my family. I have started to tighten my belt and try to save as much as possible. But its still not enough. I have found a freelance job. I am now a recruitment specialist whereby I try to match jobseekers to the registered positions available in my company. My company has hired approximately 50 recruitment specialists. So, I am competing against so many people in order to get paid. I know this is not an easy job. But, it allows me freedom to still care for my kids. Now, I really need to manage my time. Anybody out there looking for a job? Let me know yeah! Wish me luck! 🙂