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Toddler items to sell (II)

May 31, 2009

I still have things to sell, mainly toys . My 2 kids are big now and there are a few toys that they find it no longer challenging. So, I would like to sell it of cheaply. All the toys are still in good condition as I really took care of it well and encourage my kids to treat their toys with respect. They do keep their toys after playing so that it will last longer. Here they are:

Thomas the Train Shape Sorter – RM33.00  SOLD

This toy is suitable for child age 1 and above. It has 7 big shapes in bright colors to attract children. Thomas can even move on his wheels. Children will have fun playing this toy for a long time as it is fun and interesting.


Drum – RM18.00

This drum is suitable for children age 1 and above. It is actually Tesco in-house brand toy but the quality is good and durable. It has 2 buttons by the side where children can press for different songs and different tunes. You may even twist the drum for a faster beat. This drum also emits interesting lights to delight the kids. My kids’ had loads of fun playing with this toy; even my 5 year old son likes it. It uses AA batteries.


Remote Control Car- RM12.00

This is another Tesco in-house brand toy and again very durable and long lasting. This car has 2 control buttons which are ‘forward’ and ‘turn’. The 2 headlamp in front of the car can move and emits light when the car moves. Very suitable as the first remote control car for the young toddler. It operates on AA batteries.


Airport Construction – RM55.00 SOLD

This toy is suitable for child age 3 years and above. It contains 33 pieces of good wooden blocks for children to build on their imagination. They will have loads of fun playing with this toy.


House Tray Puzzle- RM10.00

This toy is suitable for children age 1 and above. It also uses big good wooden blocks for the small kids to grab. But unfortunately one of the small pieces of the puzzle is missing. The missing piece is not important as the house still can be built.


Do let me know which item that you want, yeah!


Dating again….

May 12, 2009

Last Saturday (9/05/09), we had lunch with my parents and sisters to celebrate Mother’s Day. After lunch, dad suggested we go to the nearby hypermarket as they have to do some groceries shopping. So all of us went there and my kids were happily following my dad and sister. My husband and I stroll around while waiting for them to finish their shopping as we had nothing to buy.

When they are done, it is already quite late as ZD has been yawning in the hypermarket. I wanted to bring them home so that ZD could take his afternoon nap. But I casually asked ZM if he wanted to follow my sister home and play. I told him that I will pick him up tonight and surprisingly he said yes. I asked him again to confirm and I told him that I will not be following him and he understood me well. Then I told ZD that he shall follow his brother to my dad’s house and he happily obliged.

So, my hubby and I quickly made plans to catch a movie as we last catch a movie was years ago. We head to Berjaya Times Square for the nearest cinema. We wanted to Angels and Demons but it was not release yet. Then we decided to watch Star Trek at 4.30pm. As it was not time yet, we went for a stroll at nearby shopping complexes such as Sungei Wang, BB Plaza and even Pavilion as my hubby has yet to step foot in it. When it was time for the movie, we bought popcorn and water for our movie. I chose to watch movies at GSC cinemas because of their popcorn. But the popcorn that we bought was lousy! But the movie was good. It’s different from the past Star Trek that I watch previously which was very dry. This time, it injected more humor and more interesting.

After the movie, we decided to have McDonalds as we can eat in our car while heading to fetch our kids. It was already 8pm when we arrived at my dad’s house. But at least my kids have fun there. When the kids reach home, they are exhausted and we put them to bed early. Well, this is the very first time we had a few hours away from our kids to go dating. We never had the chance for dating since the birth of my sons. So, I really enjoyed these few hours, spending time with my hubby holding hands again just like before marriage. Sunday (10/05/09) is our 6th wedding anniversary and this is the best present that I ever received. I hope I will have more time with my hubby again in the future.

Could not quit…….

May 8, 2009

I have met with my superior this morning to let him know of my intention to quit. Unfortunately, he won’t allow me to quit. We met for an hour. I told him of my frustrations of doing this job, the problems that I am facing and the limitation of doing this freelance position. He said this is the first time the company is embarking on this project and there are problems. He promised to improve on all the problems and try to help me as much as possible. He just won’t let me quit!

I told him I will try for another month but he insisted me to work for another 3 months. He said I am one of the best ones he had and he would want me continue with my work. Hai………. Sigh…….. I thought I could rest now, but……

Anybody hiring see lai……

May 6, 2009

I got very frustrated with my job. I have inform my superior of my intention to quit. It just isn’t working for me. I can’t work efficiently and effectively without the prompt support from my head office. My superior wants to meet me this Friday (8/5/09) morning to discuss about my intention to quit. I don’t think I will change my mind and I don’t think the company can improve in helping recuitment specialist like me.