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Teddy Bears for Sale

June 29, 2009

My aunt opens a florist shop. She asked me to sell off some of her teddy bear stocks as she brings in new stocks very often. All these cute teddy bears are brand new and never been used. All are very cute and deserves a good owner. Frankly speaking, I like them all and how I wish I can have it all but hubby said I am too old for these. All these are very suitable as gifts for all occasions be it for husband, child, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend or just friends.


1. Mashimaro  – RM33.00


I have 2 units of these. This is just so cute as the eyes are closed. It’s also come wrapped in a transparent wrapper with a ribbon. You can just get this and send as gift and need not bother about wrapping it.


2. Creamy Bear – RM46.00


This is a 17” cream colour teddy bear. Its so soft that you would want to cuddle it to sleep and bring it everywhere you go. Girls especially would love to have this teddy, myself included.


Heart Shape Cushion – RM20.00


This is a small cushion which for me I would want to put it into my car. The colour is vibrant and enchanting.


Mr. Brown – RM20.00


This is a sweet 11” brown bear which is cute and cuddly.


Beary Bear – RM15.00


This 17cm bear is cream in color and very cute.


Sweetly Bear – RM10.00


This is a 6” brown bear. Although small, but enough to lighten up someone’s day.


Bring all these teddy home!!! Give them a loving owner. Hurry!!


Books To Sell

June 29, 2009

Hah, here I am again selling my stuffs! Here are some books that I need to sell off but are still in brand new or good condition! Hurry, grab it before anybody else take it!!!


1. Child’s Play – RM28.00


I bought this book recently in a hurry and only notice it recently that it is suitable for children age 1-3 years old only. Since my kids are over this age, the best thing I can do is to sell it to other mothers who might be interested. This book is about games to play with children based on Montessori activities. It is a good book for mothers to bond with their child, engaging the child with suitable games for their growth.


2. Flower Arranging – RM20.00


I bought this book when I was bored not too long ago. But now, since I have found a job, I don’t think I can involve myself in flower arrangement. So, decided to let it go also. I have only read once and not even finish reading this book. I have also wrapped this book. The book is still in a very good condition and can be considered brand new.

3.  Baby Sign Language – RM50


I bought this book because I wanted to teach my son some sign language. This book is very good as the author explains how to teach in a simple manner and method. This book is still in a very good condition just like new.

4. What To Expect When You’re Expecting – RM30


This was what I relied on when I was pregnant. This was my first book and my reference. It has most situation covered. A good book to have when you are expecting. This book is wrapped and still in good condition.

5. The Lost Pet book wrapped. RM3.oo


6. A Clean House for Mole and Mouse. Wrapped. RM5.00


7. Splish Splash. Wrapped. A fun hard covered book for baby during shower. RM5.00


8. The Teddy Bears Have A Dream. Wrapped. Hard covered book for toddlers. RM3.00


9. The Big Farm Friends-Sheeps. Not wrapped do to odd shape,but still in a very good condition. Hard covered with big pictures. Suitable for babies and toddlers. RM6.00



June 27, 2009

Yesterday morning I was in Jalan Kia Peng for an interview. In the middle of filling the application form, I received a phone call from someone I don’t know calling me to attend an interview in the afternoon. I was surprised as I did not applied for the position but instead they found me. I agreed instantly for an interview this afternoon as I do not want to miss any chance of getting a job.

At 2.30pm I arrived at the office in for the 3pm appointment. I was given a copy of The Star to pass my time but I did not have to wait long. A lady appeared not long after that. Its funny that I was not even required to fill in an application form unlike all the other interviews that I have been. Anyway, the interview was really long. I was there until 5.30pm. This was the longest interview that I have been. In between the interview, I was also subjected to a phsycology test.

The lady spoke 90% of our conversation. She explains her expectations (which is really high) and what she had done all these while. She also explains her working preferences and requirments. I can sense fear in myself already. She seems to be a super woman which has high expectation of herself and her staffs.

I passed the phsycology test and she agreed to take me in too. No wander I don’t need to fill any application form as she can decide straight away to hire you or not by talking to you. Scary. I don’t know why I am not feeling happy after getting a job but instead I am worried if I can meet her high expectation. I have been at home these few years to care for my kids and have been out of touch with the world and now I am going to go back. I really have to put lots of effort and work exceptionally hard to prove to her that I am worth hiring.

Now, I need to think about my kids especially ZM. The only choice I have is to put him in Day Care in his school which he dislike to very much. He tried daycare before when I was hospitalised early this year and he cried daily. Now I really do not know how am I going to break this news to him. As for ZD, I had to park him with my MIL as I do not have other choice. If I have the money, I would rather enrolled him into a kindergarten so that he can socialise with friends. But too bad, I can’t afford it financially.

Grown up

June 24, 2009

Yesterday night, I asked hubby to get my boys to sleep as both of them are too engross watching Peter Pan on Astro. Daddy wasn’t helpful and I was not in a good mood. At last, it was me who had to get my kids to bedroom. In the bedroom, hubby was there and I took the opportunity to scold him for not being helpful. Hubby merely smile and said nothing, probably dare not talk back at this fierce tigeress.

Later, when hubby was downstairs, ZM came to me and said

ZM: Mummy, calm down…….. don’t get angry and sad……calm down…….

Me: Ooo……

ZM: Let me give you a big hug….. and you will feel better…..

I was so surprised! My son is really a big boy now. I used to say these to him when he gets mad and angry. Now, he uses it on me. I felt so much better and my feelings were so warm. I guess i never realise my sons have grown up.

Yesterday again during dinner time, his cousin gave him a packet of snack. I reminded him to say thank you and he said to me

ZM: Mommy, you don’t have to remind me, I will say thank you.

I told myself that I shall not treat him as a toddler any longer. I need to realise that he is a grown up boy now. I am so proud of him…….

White hair

June 16, 2009

Arghhhh!!!!!!!! I found a strain of white hair!!!!!! Help me!!!! Hey, I am only turning 33 this September. Why so early???? I am so sad……. sob….sob……

I thought I would not have white hair until I reach the age of 50. But it seems that my entire life from now onwards will be different. I still could not accept that I have white hair….. Will I resort to colour my hair soon? How soon? I don’t like to apply chemicals on my hair as my hair is so delicate. I have never perm or colour or even do treatment at all……

Oh my……. ageing is catching up…. I gotta realise it….. I am old….. You know what? when I told my son that i found a strain of white hair, guess what he said? “Mommy, are you old?” Sob…. sob…..


June 4, 2009

ZD will be 3 years old this coming August. He is good at imagination lately. I have told my kids they were born on which year in the Chinese Zodiac sign. So, ZD knows that he was born in the Year of Dog. So, these days, he pretends he is is a dog and goes around on his fours. He will happily comes to you and tells you that he is a dog. If you respond to him, he will be very happy. If you refer him as a dog and request him to do anything, he will happily obliged.

ZM is going to be 5 years old this September. He too tells me that he is a monkey (he was born in the Year of Monkey). Sometimes he will even talk monkey language (babbles)! He would also request for banana and peanuts from us! As if he really is a monkey! I would always play along with him.

I believe these are children’s imagination at work. I encourage them to use their creativity and imagination. I use it too when I wake them up in the morning. They would respond better especially with ZM. Hopefully they will use their imagination and creativity more often.

Hugs and Kisses

June 3, 2009

Both my sons would give my hubby and me hugs and kisses when we tuck them to sleep. It is a routine for them for quite some time already. I guess it all started from me as I taught them to greet us “Good Night” daily and later added a few more words such as “See You Tomorrow”, “Sweet Dreams” and “I Love You”. So, both my sons would say these to us both and added with a goodnight kiss.

Lately, ZM got more creative. Besides these night greetings, he would give me more than one kiss. Normally he would kiss me once on the cheek, but nowadays, he would kiss both my cheeks, forehead, chin, mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. Wow! And he would do that every night! And he would say all the greetings as many times as he kiss me! He seems to be enjoying this routine and he must greet and kiss me  before he goes to bed. I guess this is his way of saying “I Love You” to me.

And I am enjoying it too! 🙂

Free again!!!

June 2, 2009

Yahoo!!!!! I manage to resign from my freelance post. Whew…… what a relieve. Or else, it would be like having a rock on my shoulders as I am no longer interested to work for them as freelancer as it was too frustrating. As I do not have interest, I rather inform them early so that they would not expect me to submit my work and I don’t have to worry that i must submit my work up. 🙂