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I am bored…..

July 29, 2009

I am really bored sitting at home. I really need to find a job as soon as possible. But I understand that with such economy, companies are being very careful in spending. They will not spend unnecessarily. But I will not give up. I am on my computer searching for jobs the whole day. Hopefully I can get a job quick.


Morning walk

July 28, 2009

Since I am not working nowadays, I am quite free in the morning. After ZM and ZD had their breakfast, its still quite early before ZM leaves so school. So, I have brought them to a playground at the back of our house. ZM was already in his uniform and I have told them that they could not play but only see and observe the suroundings. Since the Influenza A H1N1 flu got worse, I have forbade them from playing in the playground, except to cycle or walk.

Actually I have brought ZM there yesterday too as he was early too. He enjoyed it too as he can see many aunties doing line dancing and people exercising. Today, we manage to catch some teenagers playing basketball at the court. Just like yesterday, we saw a school bus driver park his bus at the side of the park and exercise. After he  finished, he drove his bus away, to work again perhaps.

ZD too was enjoying himself as he dance to the line dance music. He talks quite a lot and I thought to myself that I should spend more them with them now since I am not working. Later, when I go to work, I don’t think I have such luxury anymore. ZM too talk a lot and I like his company too. I notice that he has gotten matured over the years. How time flies. He does not need me to nag at times. I just felt so blessed. Sometimes when I reminds him to do something, he told me: Mommy, you don’t have to remind me anymore, I will do it myself! I am impressed!

Anyway, hubby was ready and drove his car to the park to pick ZM up to school. ZD and I took a long detour back to our home. I like to chat with ZD as he is still very innocent and cute.  He talks throughout the walk and I will sure miss it when he grows up.

I will try to bring them for a morning walk whenever time permits. I want to spend more time with them before they grow up before my eyes. Both of them are my most precious assets now and forever.

Influenza A H1N1

July 24, 2009

Recently due to the pandemic of Influenza A H1N1, we have not been going out during weekends. Normally we would go to some malls or have lunch or dinner outside. But not anymore recently. We try to stay indoor most of the time. We are also trying to save some petrol money.

So, both of my kids would spend their time in front of the TV. Yeah, I know its not good. But we do some other activities too such as board games or go to the payground to cycle. ZM since early this year has manage to cycle without the extra 2 wheels at the back. We started to teach him last year and he mastered it early this year. We intend to train ZD this year. Hopefully he can master it too like his brother.

Actually we wanted to bring the kids to TTDI park as hubby and ZM has been there before. ZM said that he saw many monkeys there and there is a small stream whereby kids can catch fishes too. This seems interesting to me and I am eager to bring ZD there too. We will see when is the right time and bring the kids there. Hubby even bought 2 small fishing net for them to have fun there.

Now, I just hope this pandemic will go away soon. I pray for all the people in the world can get well and no more fatality.

Genting Highlands

July 23, 2009

Hubby knows that I am stress out recently. So, he took me up to Genting Highlands just for a few hours. He told me just after sending ZM to school. I agreed instantly. We drove up straight to Genting Highlands after our breakfast at a coffeeshop.

When we reached there, the fog was thick. It was really cooling unlike the last time we went there few last year. As I was ill prepared for this trip, I was only wearing a short sleave blouse. It was really cool but I welcome the coolnest. It was a contrast to the weather in KL which was hot and humid.

We parked our car at the outdoor carpark and took a stroll everywhere. Not much changes, I can say. But, its good enough for me. We walk everywhere, indoor and outdoor. Some of the games are not functioning as it is under maintenance. Tourist are everywhere and locals are there too.

Hubby suggested that we sit down and have coffee. We chose Coffee Bean and we headed there. I then proceed to grab magazines from the rack while hubby ordered our drink. Mind you, we chose Ice Blended instead of hot drinks. There is a kick for drinking cold drinks in a cold climate. Hubby suggested we sit outside and enjoy the wind and coldness. Boy was it cold! I was shivering while sipping my Mocha Ice Blended while reading a magazine. But I enjoyed it very much!

Once done, we need to head back down to KL as I have an interview appointment to attend at 2.00pm. I felt so dissapointed. But I would like to thank my hubby for such a fantastic impromptu suggestion. Mucks…….. 🙂


July 21, 2009

I have worked for 1 week and I have quite my job. Surprised, huh? Well, the job was really demanding. My boss expected me to fly whereby I was just trying to adapt to the work. This job is very different from my pass job although it is within the same industry. My boss did not give me time to learn and expected me to excel and deliver what was given to me. The pressure was too great. I have tried my very best but how can I perform when I have yet to learn? 

Now, I am unemployed and depressed. I really need a job to support my family badly. Here I am, blogging and not earning money but everything needs money. I really do wish I have a job now. Someone please help me.

Countdown begins……….

July 10, 2009

Today is Friday. Its 3 days more when I will be starting a new life. I will start to work full time on Monday onwards. Frankly speaking, I am scared and worried. I am scared and worried how I can adapt to working life again after a long break. It took me quite some time to persuade myself to work again. But I really do not have much choice as I am really broke. I have used up all my savings. I am not sure how we can survive any longer. Hubby’s income has been affected badly since last year. We have been living on our savings for quite some time already.

If I don’t come out again, I think we could not even afford to pay ZM’s school fees. Our debts are so high and its seems so difficult to repay them. At least if I work now, I can pay ZM’s fees and hopefully by next year, I can help to settle our debts. ZD will be starting school next year too, so money is very important now. We have been living carefully now.

 Back to my work, I hope I can meet my boss’ expectation. I appreciate that she is willing to take me in but she does expect me to perform my best. The stress level will be very high for me in this company. But I have to bear with it and hopefully I can perform up to mark. I promise myself that I will work hard and gain financial freedom. It is so important as I need the dough for my sons. They are growing up and I have yet to save up for their education fees.

I am praying everyday so that I can achieve my financial freedom and work successfully. I also wants to succeed to be a good mother. I don’t know how am i going to do this. But I do hope I can manage. Please pray for me and wish me luck.