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August 12, 2009

ZM is really a grown up boy now. He knows how to take care of other people’s feeling. The other day while having dinner with my parents, again the 2 boys made me a little angry. Half way throughout the dinner, ZM shared some of his food with me. First thought that comes to my mind was that he does not want to eat it and gave it to me. But I asked him why is he sharing his food with me. He said “Mommy, I wanted you to be happier since you were so angry just now.” Aww….. I was so touched. I told him that I was no longer angry.

Some times when I get angry over ZD, ZM would come to me and said “Mommy, calm down, calm down………” Hahaha…. he is imitating me now…… I used it on him too. He would advice me not to get angry with ZD and slowly teach him instead of punishing him……. what a boy!

He is turning 5 years old next month, but yet I feel is he much older, in another word, mature. I guess being the elder child, it comes with responsibility and it makes you grow up faster. Compared with his brother, he is the better child. But nonetheless, I love both of them dearly.



August 10, 2009

Last Saturday after ZM’s Speech and Drama class, we went to a nearby park for a picnic. I have heard of this park a few times already but never had to chance to visit. We have actually planned to visit this park quite some time ago, but due to the Influenza A H1N1 virus, we have postpone it until now.


A tortoise on getting a sun tan.

 This park has many monkeys and they are not afraid of people, I’ve heard. But the day that we went, I only saw a few. Probably its a little hot and there is a fuction on going. But there are plenty of tortoise and fishes in the lake. We brought along some bread to feed them. Tortoise being tortoise, are really slow. When ZM and ZD threw bread into the lake, the fishes snaps it up before the tortoise could go near it. Most of the time, it was the fishes who gets the bread. No wonder the size of the fishes are bigger while the tortoise are still small in size. ZM and ZD had a pool of fun feeding the fishes and tortoises until the bread are insufficient! I guess we need to bring more bread the next visit to this park.

A monley looking for food

A monley looking for food

Feeding the fishes and tortoises

Feeding the fishes and tortoises

Once finish feeding, we headed to to a small stream down the park. The stream is really small and shallow. There are already a few families there. We quickly find a good spot and bring out our fishing nets. We brought 3 nets and 2 containers to put the fishes into. Other families have already having fun fishing. We wasted no time and go into the stream. Hubby showed the way and taught ZM and ZD how to catch those fishes. Boy, those fishes are really smart and fast! They ran away so fast before we could catch them! I had a try and it was difficult! We tried different method to catch them and most of the time, it was hubby who manage catch fishes. But anyhow, ZM and ZD did had lots of fun!

Trying to catch those smart fishes

Trying to catch those smart fishes


My boys in full concentration

My boys in full concentration

Time flies and it was almost 1.30pm. We had to stop them from fishing. I am hungry. We brought sandwishes, choclate and Yakult. The boys then had a change of clothes as they were wet when fishing. They are so eager to come back again. I am in favor of coming back too! This park is fun. I have also brought along a pair binoculars and a magnifying glass. But have yet got the time to use them. The boys had also forgotten about them as it was ZM’s idea to bring it along. I guess this would be our next trip’s agenda.

ZM’s hurt

August 6, 2009

Yesterday morning as usual, I brought my kids to playground before ZM goes to school. We went to a new playground where a neighbour rear some ducks. ZM was so excited and happy. He kept running around and laughing. Suddenly while running, he tripped and fell.

He hurt his knees and elbow. He was crying softly and in pain. I brought him home and he told me that he don’t want to go to school. I asked him why and he said that he is afraid that his friends will laugh at him. I assured him that no one will laugh at him. He is so sad that he does not wish to let anyone sees him in this state. Once we reached home, I quickly remove his uniform and wash him from top to bottom. After that, I applied dettol on his wound. He still was relunctant to go to school. At last, I gave him a sweet to get him to get into his dad’s car.

He had tears in his eyes and wanted me to tag along but I could not as I will know if I were to tag, he will sure to cry a bucket when he reaches school. Poor boy. When he came back, he has bandages on his would curtesy of his class teacher. He was better but he walks with a limp. Not that his would is that serious, but just wanted attention. I played along and help him to shower and no revision for the night. Hope he gets better fast!

Hubby’s health

August 5, 2009

On last Sunday, there was a blood donation event near my house. Hubby went there as he always wanted to donate his blood. Actually he had donated blood long time ago and he wanted to do it again but there always excuses from him to donate. So, this time, he really made up his mind to go.

Unfortunately, we came back without donating his blood. I asked him why. He said that the nurse good his blood pressure and it was high. So, he cannot donate his blood. He took this news seriously. Since that moment, he had started to take his health more seriously. He had decided to start to exercise again. Yesterday, he went to Jaya Jusco to search for sports shoes. As for me, I have search the Internet for more information so that I can advice him on his lifestyle and diet. I have already told him to reduce his intake of sugar and salt. He must also take more calcium, magnisium and potassium. He must also take low-fat dairy products. By sleeping early also would do him good. I have also seen a website that says that by practising slow breathing, it can control high blood pressure.

This morning, he really woke up earlier to exercise. I am so proud of him. He really take his health seriously this time. I do hope his blood pressure will go down. Our kids are still young and needs us both. Both of us still have a long way to go. I also must do something about my health too.