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October 30, 2009

Since Holloween is coming,  I have shown my 2 boys photos of carved pumpkins. They kind of  like it and I suggested that we carve one out. They were very happy and wanted to go pumpkin hunting. Last weekend, we went to KLCC to do some shopping for hubby. We took the opportunity to visit Cold Storage for pumpkins. Too bad, they only have less than 5 pumpkins and they were very expensive! I guess  its because its an imported product, it carries a high price.

So, we decided to get ourself a local pumpkin instead. I told hubby that Jusco has a lots of pumpkin but he decided against going to Jusco as the traffic jam is bad and getting a parking lot at that hour is difficult. So, in the end, we decided to vist Tesco instead. We went there and did some grocery shopping and at last, finding the suitable pumpkin. Tesco really does not have that much of pumpkin to choose, but at least better than Cold Storage.


ZM and I choose the right local pumpkin and we were very satisfied with the price! It cost us less than RM3 for the pumpkin! What a bargain! All of us left Tesco with a satisfied smile. At least better than getting the imported pumpkin, although the colour of local pumpkin is not really that nice.


We did not start carving until yesterday night. Hubby did the carving. ZM and ZD helped to scoop ou the seeds. They had fun. In the end, we lid a candle in the pumpkin after the carving was done. They were happy!!!! Yeah!


ZM the dish washer

October 19, 2009

I have been trying to train my kids to be help out the daily house chores. All these while, I have been getting ZM to wash the small and little things which are none greasy like his cups or plates. Recently, I have upgraded him to wash the greasy dishes. He has been doing good, I can say.

He eats slowly during mealtime at times and he would be the last person to leave the table. This makes a good opportunity for me to get him to wash his own dishes. As most of the dishes by other family members has been washed, the only dishes left are his own and only a few others. I showed him the way to deal with detergent soap.

He seems to be doing good so far by not breaking any dishes yet. And I could not push him always to wash as it might backfire and he will never do the dishes. I am going slowly as I am exposing him to house chores. So far, he can help me to hang clothes, fold clothes, mop the floor and wash the dishes now. I will try to introduce more slowly……. I just don’t want him to turn up like his father who never lifted a finger as my MIL has very traditional rules that only girls must do house chores….. 🙂

Just an update after a real long break

October 15, 2009

Its been a very very long time I did not update this blog of mine. Yes,  I have found a new job. Its again in recruitment line and I get to work from home too. This comes with a disadvantage too! The salary is pathetic too! Anyhow, I felt grateful as I get to to work. I plan to go back to full time working in a proper office next year when ZD goes to school. I sure indeed need the money to put them in school. Hopefully I can get a proper job by then.

Each day now, I have been search the newspaper and internet for jobs that might be suitable for me. But unfortunately, there are really not much position for me. As I am already that old and my working experience are not great, I don’t have a nich market to target. All I hope for is to get a job and support my family.

Another reason why I did not blog is that I am hooked with Facebook. I kept playing games in FB. It is addictive! Each day, I would spend some time going into FB to play. Hehehe….. bad mommy….

ZM and ZD are fine……. Both are still as naughty as ever, ZD being the more naughty and cheekier than his brother. Nowadays, bedtime are getting more difficult. Usually, they will have a story before lights are off. Normally, after the story, they would quitely go to sleep. Nowadays, after the stories, they would chat and disturb each other and would not sleep. Hubby and and have to practically scold them to get them back to sleep.