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My boy is on stage!!

November 23, 2009

ZM used to be a very shy boy. And actually he still is a shy boy. But on 14 November 2009, he performed on stage for his Speech and Drama class! They have been practising for a few weeks already for this performance. The title of his group was Paradesia which was all about seaside.

For his performance, I had to buy him a set of Hawaiian (beach wear) clothes. Actually he only needs the pants but due to his small size, there isn’t any pants suitable for him, so I ended up buying the whole set. Boys are supposed to be barechested and barefooted. A lei was provided for each students in his group. He is one of the youngest among his friends in his group. So, I did not expect much from him too. All I asked for is for him to enjoy himself and increase his self -esteem.

He did enjoyed himself very much! At least he did not have any stage fright! ZD and myself was there to support him as hubby was away for work. I brought along my camera to capture his stage performance. I can’t say that he performed well, but at least he has given his best. I am proud of him! He kept watching his video over and over again at home.

Last week was the final week of his class. I asked him if he wanted to continue with this program and he said YES! To think back the first few weeks when I enrolled him in this program, he cried badly. I guess, he now knows that this program is really fun and whatmore, no homeworks are given! I gladly paid his fees for next year and hope that he will become a confident young boy.


Nice Hubby

November 21, 2009

Yesterday, I was too lazy and does not have any mood to work. It was only approximately 9.45am. I called hubby and told him that. He said: ok, anywhere do you wish to go? Hahaha…. he is so understanding…. then I kept thinking if I have anywhere to go. After a while, i could not think of a place to go. So, I gave up and got back to work.

Shortly, I received a SMS from hubby. Guess what he said? “Want to eat klang bak kut teh?” What? I said! I called him quickly and asked if he is serius. He said he is absolutely serius. He said it is not a really long journey. I said YES immediately.

He came back and pick me and ZD at 11.30am. We went to klang with ZD taking short nap in the car. He woke up just in time to savour our delicious lunch.  We ordered a claypot of pai kuat bakkut teh, a plate of steam beancurd and yau tiu with a pot of hot chinese tea. It cost us approximately RM35 for all we had. What a wonderful lunch! After lunch, hubby suggested to try the famous cendol too.  I agree although I could not eat it as I am still coughing. We found the shop and ordered a bowl of cendol and a plate of rojak.

After our food journey, its time for us to go back. I believe we will have more of these food journey! 🙂