Hurray!!!!!I got it!

Hurray! I manage to get that job!!! 🙂

In the morning, I had to go to the HR department to get a letter to perform the medical check. Then, I have to go to the clinic which is not at the same building as the HR department. Luckily hubby was around to chauffeur me.  The medical checkup was fast. Luckily I manage to pass all the test, which are: Physical Examination, Drug Test, Chest X-Ray and Colour-Blindness Test. The doctor was a lady and she was a really nice and gentle lady. My medical report was then presented to me.

After the checkup, I have to go back to HR department to hand them my report. Then only my offer letter can be release to me. Oh, how happy I am when I get to hold the offer letter. Its been quite some time I have entered a large organisation. The HR staff then proceeded to explain to me all the terms and condition. After that, she introduced me to all the HR staffs to me!

Together with my offer letter is a letter for me to open an account for my salary. I wasted no time and went to open an account after having lunch with hubby.

Woohoo! 🙂


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