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Current Situation

July 29, 2012

Its been more than 1 year since I updated my post. I have been really busy….. work and family…….. not to mentioned I am no longer young……. hehehehe…:)

I am still working with the same company which I joined after staying at home bringing up my kids. Life at office is not really rosy… but at least I am working to support my family. Money is never enough…. not enough to survive…. my lunch in office has to be either oats or left over food from yesterday’s dinner as gotto save as much as possible. Once in a while, will allow myself to buy lunch from┬ácafeteria but try to stay within RM5 budget. People thinks that I am trying to diet, but by actual fact is I am trying to save money.

Work in office is tough with a boss who I think is very lousy. She does not distribute work evenly. Some who works hard, will get more work. And those who is not so good, will get less work…. Is this fair? Some of colleagues get to sleep, read newspaper or magazine, go missing in action, smoking and chat or watch youtube all during office hours….. I do see my boss reprimanding them, maybe she does it during appraisal time. But I think she should reprimand them in public so that no one do it.

I have decided to look for another job so that I can have an increase in my salary. Its been months I search through job portals but not many jobs are suitable for me. Probably I am too old now….. but will keep on trying… hopefully I can get a job which pays more, near to home and less stressful. I am praying hard daily for this wish to come true……