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Just an update….

August 16, 2014

It’s been a very long time since. I last posted….. Working life have been very hectic. Juggling between working and mother’s role isn’t really easy. Got to choose between money or time spend with kids…. Tough decision.

But God have been very kind to me. I am very grateful to him who have helped me to cope with my life.  

Kids are growing up. My elder son is now 10 years of age while younger son is now 8 years old. Time really fly. As they grow, I am getting older. Don’t think I have done much in life. Money is still an issue though not as bad as previously. I am still trying my very best to save for my kids’ education fund. As for my retirement fund, it is growing very slowly as I really don’t earn much. I really wonder when I am at the retirement age, will I have sufficient funds to finance myself.

Anyway, I am living day by day… Hopefully my life will get better soon.