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Travelling and outstation trips

October 19, 2014

I am not feeling happy. Actually I am sad and disappointed. my I laws are kind enough to bring my sons for a holiday trip. This left my hubby and myself free for 2 days. I was so happy at this golden opportunity to have ‘couple’ time and proposed that we can go on a trip too. I really like going on trips although to places that we already visited before. But he turned me down straight away. He said since nobody is at home, we can occupy the house.

i felt like crying out loud! My life is so boring all this while!!! My life is only spend at office and at home!! I don’t get to go out at all!! My job requires me to sit at my place all the time. Once work is over, I go home to my house which I am also not happy. 7 days a week and continue for years…. I am really bored…. I need to get out…. I am going crazy…..

I really like traveling. I really envy people who gets to travel. I could not travel as my salary could only allow me to pay for all my family’s expenses. Even that, it’s not sufficient. I have to save and save in order to spend. Sometimes, I have some extra money after paying all my expenses and children’s fees but could not go traveling as hubby has to work. I dare not go alone to avoid problems as solo travelers. I do not like to invite troubles and later cause troubles for family members.

Actually with my salary, I can afford to buy a small compact car. Then, I can go out and hang out with friends or send my children for classes or even go back to my parents place. But, If I really do buy a car, I will no longer able to pay all my expenses and cover all my children’s schooling fees. Sometimes I really wish that I am richer. At least I can cover all expenses, save some money for rainy days and can also afford travelling, my life will be happier.

Back to my topic on traveling…. Few years back, I had wanted to visit Bangkok… But after calculating the cost for 2 persons, I have dropped the idea. I could not afford that big amount of money. My sister told me to just go and don’t think too much of money. But how could I? If I were to go, I will not able to pay for my son’s insurance, school fees, books, uniform and etc…. I was so heartbroken… I do have plenty of places that I wanted to visit.. But don’t think I can visit them. I guess I just have to satisfy myself by looking at photos and browsing the net..

Feeling very sad now… Will be crying myself to sleep tonight….. 😦