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Shocking sentence from ZM (5yrs+)

January 21, 2010

Yesterday night after ZM had brushed his teeth and changed into his pajamas, he came into our room where I was in front of the computer. He suddenly said some weird stuffs to me.

He said: Mummy, please don’t die first. I don’t want you to die so early. You can only die after I die!

I got a shock of my life when I heard him saying this. But I calm myself and asked him why did he said like that. He said he miss me very much and would not want to see me die. I quickly comfort him that I will not die before him and will see him through his growing years. I reminded him about his grandparents who are still around and big we are now! This calmed him down and he relaxed.

My…. oh…. my……Is my son thinking too much? I know he is very attached to me, but saying things like this is scaring me, as he thinks too much!


My boy is on stage!!

November 23, 2009

ZM used to be a very shy boy. And actually he still is a shy boy. But on 14 November 2009, he performed on stage for his Speech and Drama class! They have been practising for a few weeks already for this performance. The title of his group was Paradesia which was all about seaside.

For his performance, I had to buy him a set of Hawaiian (beach wear) clothes. Actually he only needs the pants but due to his small size, there isn’t any pants suitable for him, so I ended up buying the whole set. Boys are supposed to be barechested and barefooted. A lei was provided for each students in his group. He is one of the youngest among his friends in his group. So, I did not expect much from him too. All I asked for is for him to enjoy himself and increase his self -esteem.

He did enjoyed himself very much! At least he did not have any stage fright! ZD and myself was there to support him as hubby was away for work. I brought along my camera to capture his stage performance. I can’t say that he performed well, but at least he has given his best. I am proud of him! He kept watching his video over and over again at home.

Last week was the final week of his class. I asked him if he wanted to continue with this program and he said YES! To think back the first few weeks when I enrolled him in this program, he cried badly. I guess, he now knows that this program is really fun and whatmore, no homeworks are given! I gladly paid his fees for next year and hope that he will become a confident young boy.

ZM the dish washer

October 19, 2009

I have been trying to train my kids to be help out the daily house chores. All these while, I have been getting ZM to wash the small and little things which are none greasy like his cups or plates. Recently, I have upgraded him to wash the greasy dishes. He has been doing good, I can say.

He eats slowly during mealtime at times and he would be the last person to leave the table. This makes a good opportunity for me to get him to wash his own dishes. As most of the dishes by other family members has been washed, the only dishes left are his own and only a few others. I showed him the way to deal with detergent soap.

He seems to be doing good so far by not breaking any dishes yet. And I could not push him always to wash as it might backfire and he will never do the dishes. I am going slowly as I am exposing him to house chores. So far, he can help me to hang clothes, fold clothes, mop the floor and wash the dishes now. I will try to introduce more slowly……. I just don’t want him to turn up like his father who never lifted a finger as my MIL has very traditional rules that only girls must do house chores….. 🙂


August 12, 2009

ZM is really a grown up boy now. He knows how to take care of other people’s feeling. The other day while having dinner with my parents, again the 2 boys made me a little angry. Half way throughout the dinner, ZM shared some of his food with me. First thought that comes to my mind was that he does not want to eat it and gave it to me. But I asked him why is he sharing his food with me. He said “Mommy, I wanted you to be happier since you were so angry just now.” Aww….. I was so touched. I told him that I was no longer angry.

Some times when I get angry over ZD, ZM would come to me and said “Mommy, calm down, calm down………” Hahaha…. he is imitating me now…… I used it on him too. He would advice me not to get angry with ZD and slowly teach him instead of punishing him……. what a boy!

He is turning 5 years old next month, but yet I feel is he much older, in another word, mature. I guess being the elder child, it comes with responsibility and it makes you grow up faster. Compared with his brother, he is the better child. But nonetheless, I love both of them dearly.

ZM’s hurt

August 6, 2009

Yesterday morning as usual, I brought my kids to playground before ZM goes to school. We went to a new playground where a neighbour rear some ducks. ZM was so excited and happy. He kept running around and laughing. Suddenly while running, he tripped and fell.

He hurt his knees and elbow. He was crying softly and in pain. I brought him home and he told me that he don’t want to go to school. I asked him why and he said that he is afraid that his friends will laugh at him. I assured him that no one will laugh at him. He is so sad that he does not wish to let anyone sees him in this state. Once we reached home, I quickly remove his uniform and wash him from top to bottom. After that, I applied dettol on his wound. He still was relunctant to go to school. At last, I gave him a sweet to get him to get into his dad’s car.

He had tears in his eyes and wanted me to tag along but I could not as I will know if I were to tag, he will sure to cry a bucket when he reaches school. Poor boy. When he came back, he has bandages on his would curtesy of his class teacher. He was better but he walks with a limp. Not that his would is that serious, but just wanted attention. I played along and help him to shower and no revision for the night. Hope he gets better fast!

Grown up

June 24, 2009

Yesterday night, I asked hubby to get my boys to sleep as both of them are too engross watching Peter Pan on Astro. Daddy wasn’t helpful and I was not in a good mood. At last, it was me who had to get my kids to bedroom. In the bedroom, hubby was there and I took the opportunity to scold him for not being helpful. Hubby merely smile and said nothing, probably dare not talk back at this fierce tigeress.

Later, when hubby was downstairs, ZM came to me and said

ZM: Mummy, calm down…….. don’t get angry and sad……calm down…….

Me: Ooo……

ZM: Let me give you a big hug….. and you will feel better…..

I was so surprised! My son is really a big boy now. I used to say these to him when he gets mad and angry. Now, he uses it on me. I felt so much better and my feelings were so warm. I guess i never realise my sons have grown up.

Yesterday again during dinner time, his cousin gave him a packet of snack. I reminded him to say thank you and he said to me

ZM: Mommy, you don’t have to remind me, I will say thank you.

I told myself that I shall not treat him as a toddler any longer. I need to realise that he is a grown up boy now. I am so proud of him…….


June 4, 2009

ZD will be 3 years old this coming August. He is good at imagination lately. I have told my kids they were born on which year in the Chinese Zodiac sign. So, ZD knows that he was born in the Year of Dog. So, these days, he pretends he is is a dog and goes around on his fours. He will happily comes to you and tells you that he is a dog. If you respond to him, he will be very happy. If you refer him as a dog and request him to do anything, he will happily obliged.

ZM is going to be 5 years old this September. He too tells me that he is a monkey (he was born in the Year of Monkey). Sometimes he will even talk monkey language (babbles)! He would also request for banana and peanuts from us! As if he really is a monkey! I would always play along with him.

I believe these are children’s imagination at work. I encourage them to use their creativity and imagination. I use it too when I wake them up in the morning. They would respond better especially with ZM. Hopefully they will use their imagination and creativity more often.

Hugs and Kisses

June 3, 2009

Both my sons would give my hubby and me hugs and kisses when we tuck them to sleep. It is a routine for them for quite some time already. I guess it all started from me as I taught them to greet us “Good Night” daily and later added a few more words such as “See You Tomorrow”, “Sweet Dreams” and “I Love You”. So, both my sons would say these to us both and added with a goodnight kiss.

Lately, ZM got more creative. Besides these night greetings, he would give me more than one kiss. Normally he would kiss me once on the cheek, but nowadays, he would kiss both my cheeks, forehead, chin, mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. Wow! And he would do that every night! And he would say all the greetings as many times as he kiss me! He seems to be enjoying this routine and he must greet and kiss me  before he goes to bed. I guess this is his way of saying “I Love You” to me.

And I am enjoying it too! 🙂

ZD is sick

April 23, 2009

Yesterday at 5pm in the afternoon, ZD started to vomit. He vomited all his lunch. Throughout the next 3 ½ hours, he kept vomiting for more than 10 times! Even when he took a sip of water, he still vomits it out. It was so pitiful f him. He even vomits in the car. We went to see his doctor straight away. There must be something wrong with him as he looked so pale and not responsive.

When we reached the clinic, there are 4 patients ahead of us. I thought our turn will be quick. But it seems that all the patients ahead of us took a very long time in the consultation room. My poor boy was puking in the clinic badly.

At last, it was our turn. Our doctor greeted us and ZD. ZD did not reply and the doctor also notice something is wrong with him as usually ZD would be so active. After understanding ZD’s condition, she quickly administers a jab to stop the vomiting. Surprisingly, ZD did not cry. Maybe he was too tired to cry or he was being brave, I don’t know. She also gave us some suppository just in case the vomiting persisted. She also said that the vomiting was due to bacterial infection. She said his body is trying to get rid of the bacteria by vomiting and later he might experience diarrhea.

We bought him some bread from the bakery but he did not want to eat it. I asked if he is hungry and he said yes. But he does not want to eat bread but he wanted to eat oats. So, we quickly drive home after paying for the medicine. He was too tired and slept in the car.

At home, I got him a bowl of oats. He took half a bowl and stopped. A few minutes later, he puked. He is sleepy. I changed him into pyjamas and brought him to sleep. He vomited 2 times again. At 3.30am, I felt him feverish and took him downstairs to give him some paracetamol. He them sleep until morning.
Now, he seems ok. I will monitor him closely. It’s really a pitiful sight of him vomiting. His stomach is so empty but yet he vomited so badly. Poor boy, hopefully he gets well faster.

Speech and drama class

March 31, 2009

I have heard about Speech and Drama classes quite some time ago. It was during an event organized by a kids center. The owner of Master Franchise of Malaysia’s Helen O’Grady gave a talk to introduce what her center is all about. It seems that it can do wonders to boast kids self esteem and self confidence. At that time, my kids were still small and I put this topic aside until recently.

ZM is really a timid and shy boy. He is very afraid to socialize and make friends and mix around or even to try new things. He still cries when we send him to school! I am really at lost on how to help him. My hubby and I have discussed this matter many times as to how can we help him to gain confidence in life. At last, my hubby proposed to send him to speech and drama class. I then quickly look up the net and check out the various speech and drama classes available. I have brought ZM for a trial at a centre at Bandar Sri Damansara as it advertised that the teacher is from Helen O’Grady and moreover the fees are cheaper than Helen O’Grady. When I reached there, I have spoken with the teacher and it seems that she is not from Helen O’Grady and her syllabus is very different. The way she conducted the class also was different from what I have expected. Then after the class, I manage to speak to one of the mother who also put her daughter on trial that day. It seems that she had a son who has gone for the real Helen O’Grady and she said this class is definitely not by Helen O’Grady. She will not put her daughter in this class as it also does not meet her expectation.

The next week, I brought ZM to TTDI for a trial of the real Helen O’Grady. He only have 15minutes in the class as trial. What he did was just to sit in a corner and observed. He did not even participate. At home, I asked him which class did he prefer and he answered the ‘fake’ Helen O’Grady. He said the real one is too scary and the teacher is too loud.

My hubby and I discussed again and decided to send him to the real Helen O’Grady although it’s further and more expensive. But we thought that it might be able to help him. I told ZM of our decision and he was not happy with it. He cried in the car when we drove him for his first day. He did not want to go down from the car and I had to drag him out. He cried and wail on the pathway to his center. He would not stop crying and I had to carry him up to the centre with people starring at us. When we reached the centre, he got out of control and could not stop crying. He looked for the washroom as he said he wanted to vomit. A nice boy showed us the way to washroom and on the way out, the teacher saw him and quickly holds his hand and lead him to her class while I exited myself although he cries for me. I went to the management office to pay my fees and the principal advised me against looking for him through the window or else he will cry even louder. After paying fees, I read newspaper on the sofa while waiting for the class to be over. A mother sat beside me and told me that ZM was enjoying himself in the class. We chatted for a while and the class was dismissed. ZM came out smiling sheepishly and went to play at the play area. He told me he like the class.

But come next week, I wonder if he still remembers that he like the class. I do hope so. Or else, its another struggle to get him to attend this speech and drama class. I really hope that he can outgrow his timid and shy behavior and gain some self confidence.