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Current Situation

July 29, 2012

Its been more than 1 year since I updated my post. I have been really busy….. work and family…….. not to mentioned I am no longer young……. hehehehe…:)

I am still working with the same company which I joined after staying at home bringing up my kids. Life at office is not really rosy… but at least I am working to support my family. Money is never enough…. not enough to survive…. my lunch in office has to be either oats or left over food from yesterday’s dinner as gotto save as much as possible. Once in a while, will allow myself to buy lunch from cafeteria but try to stay within RM5 budget. People thinks that I am trying to diet, but by actual fact is I am trying to save money.

Work in office is tough with a boss who I think is very lousy. She does not distribute work evenly. Some who works hard, will get more work. And those who is not so good, will get less work…. Is this fair? Some of colleagues get to sleep, read newspaper or magazine, go missing in action, smoking and chat or watch youtube all during office hours….. I do see my boss reprimanding them, maybe she does it during appraisal time. But I think she should reprimand them in public so that no one do it.

I have decided to look for another job so that I can have an increase in my salary. Its been months I search through job portals but not many jobs are suitable for me. Probably I am too old now….. but will keep on trying… hopefully I can get a job which pays more, near to home and less stressful. I am praying hard daily for this wish to come true……


Busy life

June 19, 2011

I have started working full time again after many years of being a Staying At Home Mom. Its hard, really, going back to working world. But I do not have a choice. We are really financially poor.

Its been more than a year since I have started work. Its kinda nice , as you get to have lunch with other people, work, get paid at the end of the month and etc….. Having own money means that you get to buy whatever you want, get to eat out more, treated myself to thai massage twice too! 🙂

But all these have put a toll on my kids too. I think they are being neglected. I no longer spend time with them as my work takes me away from them most of the time. I come home quite late. And sometimes, when I come home, they are already asleep. 😦

Their studies are my concern too. Since I am not around to monitor them, they spend most of their spare time watching tv. I really dislike it so much. But what can I do? Told them many times to try to spend more time on homework, reading, outdoor activity or art and craft, but they ignored me.

Saturday and Sundays are spend with family. If not, i would rather sleep…. my favorite pastime. How I wish I can have more time for my kids and at the same time, money still comes in every month end……… 🙂

Hurray!!!!!I got it!

January 15, 2010

Hurray! I manage to get that job!!! 🙂

In the morning, I had to go to the HR department to get a letter to perform the medical check. Then, I have to go to the clinic which is not at the same building as the HR department. Luckily hubby was around to chauffeur me.  The medical checkup was fast. Luckily I manage to pass all the test, which are: Physical Examination, Drug Test, Chest X-Ray and Colour-Blindness Test. The doctor was a lady and she was a really nice and gentle lady. My medical report was then presented to me.

After the checkup, I have to go back to HR department to hand them my report. Then only my offer letter can be release to me. Oh, how happy I am when I get to hold the offer letter. Its been quite some time I have entered a large organisation. The HR staff then proceeded to explain to me all the terms and condition. After that, she introduced me to all the HR staffs to me!

Together with my offer letter is a letter for me to open an account for my salary. I wasted no time and went to open an account after having lunch with hubby.

Woohoo! 🙂

Happy Day

January 13, 2010

Yesterday, I got a call from PM, which I was waiting since last week. It was a call that I was looking forward for. Yes, I am changing my career. I have always wanted to get hold of a permanent full time job for a very long time already.

Since ZM and ZD has already started schooling this year, I am free at last. I have planned this for a long time. They are both put into full day program in school so that I can go to work.

As currently I am only working from home, my income is so unstable and low. I could not go on like this anymore as I really need the money. The fees for both of them are so high and  plus ZM is enrolled in Speech and Drama Class. Each month, the expenses for the kids are so high!

At last, PM called and said that I manage to get the job. But I need to go through a medical checkup which is scheduled tomorrow. If I pass the checkup, then only the offer letter will be issued. Hope that I can pass with flying colours! 🙂

I am bored…..

July 29, 2009

I am really bored sitting at home. I really need to find a job as soon as possible. But I understand that with such economy, companies are being very careful in spending. They will not spend unnecessarily. But I will not give up. I am on my computer searching for jobs the whole day. Hopefully I can get a job quick.

Genting Highlands

July 23, 2009

Hubby knows that I am stress out recently. So, he took me up to Genting Highlands just for a few hours. He told me just after sending ZM to school. I agreed instantly. We drove up straight to Genting Highlands after our breakfast at a coffeeshop.

When we reached there, the fog was thick. It was really cooling unlike the last time we went there few last year. As I was ill prepared for this trip, I was only wearing a short sleave blouse. It was really cool but I welcome the coolnest. It was a contrast to the weather in KL which was hot and humid.

We parked our car at the outdoor carpark and took a stroll everywhere. Not much changes, I can say. But, its good enough for me. We walk everywhere, indoor and outdoor. Some of the games are not functioning as it is under maintenance. Tourist are everywhere and locals are there too.

Hubby suggested that we sit down and have coffee. We chose Coffee Bean and we headed there. I then proceed to grab magazines from the rack while hubby ordered our drink. Mind you, we chose Ice Blended instead of hot drinks. There is a kick for drinking cold drinks in a cold climate. Hubby suggested we sit outside and enjoy the wind and coldness. Boy was it cold! I was shivering while sipping my Mocha Ice Blended while reading a magazine. But I enjoyed it very much!

Once done, we need to head back down to KL as I have an interview appointment to attend at 2.00pm. I felt so dissapointed. But I would like to thank my hubby for such a fantastic impromptu suggestion. Mucks…….. 🙂


July 21, 2009

I have worked for 1 week and I have quite my job. Surprised, huh? Well, the job was really demanding. My boss expected me to fly whereby I was just trying to adapt to the work. This job is very different from my pass job although it is within the same industry. My boss did not give me time to learn and expected me to excel and deliver what was given to me. The pressure was too great. I have tried my very best but how can I perform when I have yet to learn? 

Now, I am unemployed and depressed. I really need a job to support my family badly. Here I am, blogging and not earning money but everything needs money. I really do wish I have a job now. Someone please help me.


June 27, 2009

Yesterday morning I was in Jalan Kia Peng for an interview. In the middle of filling the application form, I received a phone call from someone I don’t know calling me to attend an interview in the afternoon. I was surprised as I did not applied for the position but instead they found me. I agreed instantly for an interview this afternoon as I do not want to miss any chance of getting a job.

At 2.30pm I arrived at the office in for the 3pm appointment. I was given a copy of The Star to pass my time but I did not have to wait long. A lady appeared not long after that. Its funny that I was not even required to fill in an application form unlike all the other interviews that I have been. Anyway, the interview was really long. I was there until 5.30pm. This was the longest interview that I have been. In between the interview, I was also subjected to a phsycology test.

The lady spoke 90% of our conversation. She explains her expectations (which is really high) and what she had done all these while. She also explains her working preferences and requirments. I can sense fear in myself already. She seems to be a super woman which has high expectation of herself and her staffs.

I passed the phsycology test and she agreed to take me in too. No wander I don’t need to fill any application form as she can decide straight away to hire you or not by talking to you. Scary. I don’t know why I am not feeling happy after getting a job but instead I am worried if I can meet her high expectation. I have been at home these few years to care for my kids and have been out of touch with the world and now I am going to go back. I really have to put lots of effort and work exceptionally hard to prove to her that I am worth hiring.

Now, I need to think about my kids especially ZM. The only choice I have is to put him in Day Care in his school which he dislike to very much. He tried daycare before when I was hospitalised early this year and he cried daily. Now I really do not know how am I going to break this news to him. As for ZD, I had to park him with my MIL as I do not have other choice. If I have the money, I would rather enrolled him into a kindergarten so that he can socialise with friends. But too bad, I can’t afford it financially.

Grown up

June 24, 2009

Yesterday night, I asked hubby to get my boys to sleep as both of them are too engross watching Peter Pan on Astro. Daddy wasn’t helpful and I was not in a good mood. At last, it was me who had to get my kids to bedroom. In the bedroom, hubby was there and I took the opportunity to scold him for not being helpful. Hubby merely smile and said nothing, probably dare not talk back at this fierce tigeress.

Later, when hubby was downstairs, ZM came to me and said

ZM: Mummy, calm down…….. don’t get angry and sad……calm down…….

Me: Ooo……

ZM: Let me give you a big hug….. and you will feel better…..

I was so surprised! My son is really a big boy now. I used to say these to him when he gets mad and angry. Now, he uses it on me. I felt so much better and my feelings were so warm. I guess i never realise my sons have grown up.

Yesterday again during dinner time, his cousin gave him a packet of snack. I reminded him to say thank you and he said to me

ZM: Mommy, you don’t have to remind me, I will say thank you.

I told myself that I shall not treat him as a toddler any longer. I need to realise that he is a grown up boy now. I am so proud of him…….

Hugs and Kisses

June 3, 2009

Both my sons would give my hubby and me hugs and kisses when we tuck them to sleep. It is a routine for them for quite some time already. I guess it all started from me as I taught them to greet us “Good Night” daily and later added a few more words such as “See You Tomorrow”, “Sweet Dreams” and “I Love You”. So, both my sons would say these to us both and added with a goodnight kiss.

Lately, ZM got more creative. Besides these night greetings, he would give me more than one kiss. Normally he would kiss me once on the cheek, but nowadays, he would kiss both my cheeks, forehead, chin, mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. Wow! And he would do that every night! And he would say all the greetings as many times as he kiss me! He seems to be enjoying this routine and he must greet and kiss me  before he goes to bed. I guess this is his way of saying “I Love You” to me.

And I am enjoying it too! 🙂